Abstracts. 12, 2016 year
Lyubimov V.V. (e-mail: lyutik13@mail.ru)

The three-component magnetic variation station

The three-component magnetic variation station (MVS) is designed for measuring increments make up the magnetic induction vector field of the Earth (variations) on a network of magnetic observatories. Application area of MVS - terrestrial magnetic, search, predictive, scientific research and special projects. The MVS can be used in conditions of nonperforming or rarely serviced items, as well as in observatory, laboratory and field environments.

Keywords: magnetic observatory, magnetic variation station, magnetometrical converters, quartz magnetic field sensors, magnetic measurements.

Sysoev E.V., Vykhristyuk I.A., Kulikov R.V., Shirokov V.V. (e-mail: evsml@mail.ru)

Double-channel interferometer for measuring the topography of moving surfaces

System of monitoring and measuring the topography of moving surfaces based on a white light double-channel interferometer is presented. It is shown that using of two channels for synchronous recording of antiphase interferogram dramatically improves the system performance and reduces vibration impact on measurement accuracy. It is experimentally shown that error of moving surface topography measurment can be achieved of less than 1 micrometer.

Keywords: white light interferometry, double-channel interferometer, relief measurement.

Bolshev K.N., Medvedev V.A., Ivanov V.A., Andreyev A.S. (e-mail: k.bolshev@mail.ru)

The submersible nitrogen cryostat for calibration of temperature sensors with operation range from 180 to 100

The article presents developed installation and an original computer program for incremental calibration of the temperature sensors. This installation provides automatic calibration of the sensors in the temperature range of ?180 to 100 C. The hardware part of the device consists of a cylindrical structure, known as the inverted Dewar, shape and size of which is designed to be placed in the neck of the standard 25-40 liter Dewar flask containing liquid nitrogen. The copper cell, in which the sensors to be calibrated and reference temperature sensors are placed, is located in the lower part of the inverted Dewar in the heating compartment filled with boiling nitrogen vapors. The automation of the installation was carried out with the use of computer measuring system Aksamit 6.25. Software application, which automatically controls the calibration process at a predetermined temperature range, at a predetermined pitch and criterion of the thermostatic status has been developed. The calibration can be performed starting from the minimum predetermined temperature range and vice versa.
The advantages of the designed cryostat are in its compactness, versatility, which allows either calibration of the various kinds of temperature sensors or the temperature dependence determination of the other types of sensors (humidity, strain, pressure, etc.) and the full automation of the process.

Keywords: cryostat, calibration, temperature sensor, automation, software.

Gostyukhin O.S., Berezhko I.A., Komshin A.S., Khlyamkov V.A. (e-mail: komshin_as@mail.ru)

Tests of a system excitement turboalternator together with phase-chronometric system

In article is shown the example of development and deployment information the phase-chronometric measurement systems parameters the functioning turbine units of thermal power plants for creation systems by preliminary treatment in the field of power. Realization of two-channel phase-chronometric measuring system on the basis of optoelectronic means on a turbine unit of the TVV-200-2-K-200-130 type is for the first time presented.

Keywords: measuring system, turbine unit, generator, preliminary treatment, phase-chronometric, power.

Gatiyatullin I.R., Pogodin M.V., Safiullin A.A., Khabibullin N.I. (e-mail: ildaryang@rambler.ru)

Influence of local resistance to the metrological characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeters

A review of the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic gas flowmeters. The results of the experiment to determine the metrological characteristics of the ultrasonic flowmeter with different combinations of straight sections of the measuring pipe and the local resistance.

Keywords: ultrasonic flow meter, straight section, local resistance, measurement error, measurement range.

Obuhov I.V., Kolenkin A.V., Minyazeva L.H. (e-mail: vip-u@yandex.ru)

Linear profile of surface as the random function with statonary increments

The results of the development of non-traditional metrology approach to the study of the surface profile details using the methods of the theory of random functions with stationary increments. Results data of experiments.

Keywords: coordinate measuring machines, profile of surface, random function with stationary increments, structural function.

Ummanova O.V. (e-mail: abrigo_negro@mail.ru)

The registration of defects simulating cracks in metal rods with the frequency method

This article describes the current response of frequency registration through the metal frame while creating defects in them, simulating the cracks. The dependence of the response signal from the crack size and the experimental results obtained in the framework of aluminum and copper are given.

Keywords: the registration of cracks, defects on the shafting, frequency method.

Ataeva A.I., Tukhvatullin A.R., Tukhvatullin R.R. (e-mail: alezzzka@yandex.ru)

Standards and state verification schedules for measuring instruments for liquid volume and mass of liquid, volumetric and mass liquid flow rate. Unification of state verification schedules.

The article features an analysis of State verification schedules, their advantages and limitations. It also proposes areas of improvement and unification of existing verification schedules.

Keywords: measurements, metrological support, flow rate, liquid, mass and volume, State primary and special standards, verification facilities, Rosstandart.

Gruzdev R. (e-mail: vniir14@mail.ru)

On the use of verification techniques for measuring instruments included in measuring systems for oil (oil products) quantity and quality parameters

The article focuses on the necessity of the application of verification techniques for measuring instruments included in type-approved measuring systems for oil (oil products) quantity and quality parameters, which were used during testing of the measurement systems and which differ from verification techniques specified in the type definitions of the measuring instruments.

Keywords: measurement system for quantity and quality characteristics of oil (oil products), measuring instrument, metrological support, type description, verification, verification technique.

Reut V.I., Ataeva A.I., Korneev R.A. (e-mail: reutvi@yandex.ru)

Metrological support of liquefied natural gas and other cryogenic liquids. Hydraulic circuit diagram of state primary standard of cryogenic liquid flow rate units

The article features an analysis of the condition of national metrological support of liquified natural gases and other cryogenic liquids, an analysis of hydraulic circuit diagrams of facilities, and an analysis of error sources in the uncertainty budget.

Keywords: liquefied gases, liquefied natural gases, cryogenic liquids, hydraulic circuit diagram, facility, isolated weight capacity, open weight capacity.

Yakovleva N.G. (e-mail: marketing@elpribor.ru)

It is better to choose a transmitter or digital device?

Technical policies of the electric grid complex of PJSC Rossetti includes activities in the field of metrology software, one of the priorities of which is the modernization of the measuring instruments in electrical networks. This article is should to help to orient in the choice of instruments, based on the requirements and budget.

Keywords: digital electrical measuring instruments, transmitters, measurement, display and transmission of data.