Abstracts. 12, 2015 year
Shkabardnya M.S., Ishchenko A.M. (e-mail: ischenkoalla60@gmail.com)

To the history of formation and development of domestic instrument

The article describes the main stages of formation and development of domestic instrument, as an independent branch in the system of governance.
It is a key role in the field of instrument providing accelerated implementation in all the main sectors of the economy of advanced scientific and technological achievements of science and technology.

Keywords: measurement, control, instrumentation, control, automation, remote control, electrification, power, the People's Commissariat, the Economic Council.

Popov Yu.V., Fomin A.G. (e-mail: tov_popov@rambler.ru)

The kinds of gauges used for registration of a condition of an air vessel

In article it is devoted to gauges of the initial information which are established on air courts for registration of parameters of flight. Problems which are solved with the help of the registered parameters of flight are given. Classification of gauges by entrance size is submitted. Passive and generating gauges are considered. Gauges which are placed on a board of an air vessel, represent structurally veiled device and communication between entrance and target sizes are described by function of transformation. In article the technique of the control of reception of function of transformation and serviceability of gauges is offered. The given technique uses the generalized characteristic of the gauge. As the generalized characteristic of the gauge of the given type some average function of transformation of the big group of the same gauges which register parameter on the same air courts is accepted. With introduction onboard an air vessel of the informatively-computer system registrars are connected to streams of the information. Therefore to carry out the control of channels of registration of parameters of flight for registrars practically it be not became possible and development of a new quality monitoring of channels of registration is required.

Keywords: gauge, onboard device of registration, air a vessel, function of the transformation, generalized characteristic gauge.

Pirog V.P., Kuznetsov B.F., Nosenko L.F. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Research fill factor moisture coulometric cells

The aim of the research was to determine the duty cycle sorbent working channel coulometric electrolysis cell and issuing recommendations on the use of cells as part of hygrometers measurements of the volume fraction of moisture.

Keywords: coulometric hygrometer, electrolysis current, fill factor sorbent coulometer, incomplete absorption of moisture.

Gruzdev R.N. (e-mail: mail@vniir.com)

On the use of ultrasonic flowmeters as part of reserve measuring systems of systems for the measurement of quantity and quality parameters of oil and oil products

The article features a consideration of the viability of the use of ultrasonic flowmeters as part of reserve measuring systems of systems for the measurement of quantity and quality parameters of oil and oil products, and the key aspects of the metrological support of the specified ultrasonic flowmeters.

Keywords: measuring systems, reserve measuring systems, systems for the measurement of quantity and quality parameters of oil and oil products, metrological support, ultrasonic flowmeters, conversion factor, calibration rigs, the limits of permissible relative error, gross weight oil, net weight of the oil.

Ageev Y.D., Pavlovsky I.S., Nikitin A.L. (e-mail: weega@mail.ru)

Imitating modelling of the control device of movement on a single reversive lane

The article based on the study of an experiment in organizing reverse movement. A model was developed for movement control unit on a reversible lane, determine the composition of the device that implements the model. Work algorithms were developed of motion control devices units on a single reversible lane and formulate the problem of simulation of the device.

Keywords: imitating modeling (simulation), single reversible movement lane, vehicle traffic management.

Urakseev M.A., Nikolaev A.V. (e-mail: uma1941@mail.ru)

Information-measuring system of control gas-air medium in the cutting zone during machining

This paper deals with improving the efficiency of the metal cutting process based on using the non-contact control method of the resistance period of a cutting tool during machining. The author offers to use the method of gas-air medium in the cutting zone as the main method, having analyzed some existing methods of the control of the cutting tools state. A functional scheme of information-measuring system of controlling gas concentration in the cutting zone during machining is proposed.

Keywords: information-measuring system, acousto-optical converter, optical fiber.

Kondrat'ev E.M. (e-mail: ekon@rambler.ru)

Electrostatic chucks in microelectronics technology

The main types and well-known manufacturers of electrostatic chucks (ESCs) for microelectronics technology are considered. At present for machining of 12-inch plates of Si can be used domestic 320 mm planar electrostatic chucks (PESCs) with replaceable elastic polymeric film which are designed more than 25 years ago.

Keywords: semiconductor wafer, electrostatic chucks (ESKs), planar ESKs (PESKs), microelectronics technology.

Serenkov P.S. (e-mail: Pavel_Serenkov@mail.ru)

Improving the efficiency of inspection and testing by organizing the preliminary stage of the object expert analysis

The problem of increasing the efficiency of the control and test of objects characteristics is solved. Special class of controls and tests was determined. In the frame of this class two problems are consistently solved: 1) identification of the object state, 2) determination of the of the object value characteristics. The hidden methodical error component of measurement results was found. Cause these two problems are solved within one function the measurement of the object characteristics. As consequence the total measurement error is not providing even minimally acceptable level of confidence in the results of inspection or testing. The test model, characterized by the presence of the preliminary stage as express analysis was offered. The goal is improving the test efficiency. Methods of express analysis are implemented with using of the expert estimation methods. The formation of an expert system for forecasting of the tested object state is shown on the particular example. The modern advanced methods of data collection and analysis of expert information are used.

Keywords: the efficiency of the control and test, the methodical error component of measurement results, express-analysis as preliminary stage, the expert estimation methods.

Azimov R.K., Turayev Sh.A., Babayev G.G., Masharipov Sh.M. (e-mail: g-boboyev@yandex.ru)

Modern hygrometry conditions of agricultural materials

In article the state and application of hydrometers for research of electro-physical characteristics of damp materials in agro-industrial complex is considered modern. Analyzed metrological operational characteristics modern hydrometers of the agricultural materials applied to measurement of humidity.

Keywords: hygrometry, humidity, hydrometer, agricultural materials, metrological characteristics, electro-physical characteristics of materials.

Klyuev V.V., Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

Exhibitions Testing & Control 2015 and NDT Russia 2015

Surveillance and analytical article briefs about exhibitions Testing & Control 2015 and NDT Russia 2015, which were held simultaneously in the exhibition center Crocus from 27 to 29 October 2015 in Moscow (Russia). The exhibition presents two exhibitions were many kinds of test and test equipment as well as equipment, tools and equipment for NDT. Analytical review of the equipment presented at the stands of participants is carried out by functional groups.

Keywords: technical diagnostics, non-destructive testing, x-ray inspection, magnetic testing, eddy current testing, optical control, thermal control, radio-wave control, vibro diagnostic.