Abstracts. № 12, 2014 year
Pirog V.P., Kuznecov B.F., Nosenko L.F. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Measurement microconcentrations oxygen and hydrogen at their joint presence in the analyzed gas

Methods of measurement microconcentrations oxygen with the use of a solid electrolyte and coulometric electrolytic cells in the presence of hydrogen in the sample gas.

Keywords: oxygen, hydrogen, a solid electrolyte cell, coulometric electrolytic cell.

Tcybulskii O.A. (e-mail: multimer@promservis.ru)

Pulse gas flow meter «Pramer-210 Ex»

The article describes a new method of gas flow rate measuring – pulse method. Using the Criterion for Generalized Evaluation of Wide-Range Instrument, based on Accuracy and Measurement Range, the Author shows correlation of measurement errors and measurement range in wide-range devices.
Also it is shown that pulse conversion allows to resolve the contradiction between accuracy and measurement range in gas meters. Characteristics of pulse flow meter tests, where the critical nozzle is used as a measure that ensures a combination of high accuracy and wide measurement range, are presented in the article.

Keywords: wide-range, conversion criterion, gas meter, the critical nozzle.

Vlasov E.V., Kovalev A.M. (e-mail: vlasov@tdisie.nsc.ru)

3D display with agreed stimulus of accomodation an convergence

We consider the 3D display with agreed stimulus of accommodation and convergence based on a combination of two two-dimensional images, spaced along the depth of the visual axis of the eye.

Keywords: 3D image, stimulus of accommodation and convergence of the eye, bifocal ocular.

Sysoev E.V., Vykhristuk I.A., Kulikov R.V., Potashnikov A.K., Stepnov L.M. (e-mail: chugui@tdisie.nsc.ru)

Automated system of surface quality inspection

The structure and functional abilities of digital optical system for surface quality inspection that allow measuring the defects with submicrometer resolution are presented. The principle of device operating is based on receiving and digital processing of interferograms. The technical specifications are shown and the possible fields of system application are considered.

Keywords: surface defects inspection, noncontact optical measurement, white light interferometer, profilometer, 3D reconstruction.

Palchikova I.G., Aleynikov A.F., Chuguy Yu.V., Vorobjov V.V., Jarushin T.V., Sartakov V.Yu., Makashov Yu.D., Smirnov E.S., Shvidkov A.N. (e-mail: palchikova@gmail.com)

Video analyzer of quantitative colour characteristics of samples

The portable mobile color analyzer of sample surfaces on the basis of a digital video recorder is developed. The specialized program computes and analyzes the color characteristics of the samples. It allows us to find the average values of the dominant wavelength and saturation, as well as standard deviation based on a sample of data for the selected area of the digital image.

Keywords: colorimeter, digital image, data processing, dominant wavelength, color saturation.

Al-Ademi Y.T.A., Davydov M.V., Nasonova NV., Pulko Т.А., Lynkov L.M. (e-mail: yahta66@yahoo.com)

Technique of estimationof pulsedmagneticfieldimpactupon the human organism tissues

A technique intended to estimate the pulsed magnetic field impact upon the human organism incitu using the imitators of the electrical parameters of biological tissues is suggested. Experimental measurements are taken and the impact parameters are estimated. The proposed technique can be applied to estimate the therapeutic magnetic field impact safety as well as to estimate/predict a medical-biological impact of the household and industrial sources of magnetic fields.

Keywords: pulsed magnetic field impact, biological tissues imitator.

Mishakin V.V., Gonchar A.V., Rudenko A.L. (e-mail: imndt31@mts-nn.ru)

Using of phase-chronometry method for HPP construction elements damage diagnostics

The influence of guide vane ring and blades damage on a HPP hydroturbine unit rotor chronogram was simulated. In the framework of complex diagnostics methodology, the possibility of combined phase-chronometry and non-destructive testing for structural elements state evaluation was demonstrated.

Keywords: phase-chronometry system, turbine wicket gate, non-destructive testing, operational reliability, diagnostics actual condition.