Abstracts. 12, 2012 year
Zerni Yu.V., Vasilyev A.M., Jilin E.V., Ageev P.S., Rezko A.P. (e-mail: zerni_uv@mail.ru)

Development of the functional diagram of data-measuring and managing system of the coordinate-measuring machines

In the article an analysis of the structure of coordinate- measuring machines is performed, the values of the basic parameters of elements are determined, the technical specifications, imposed on the data-measuring and managing system are formulated.

Keywords: coordinate-measuring machine, technical parameters of system, data-measuring system.

Volkov V.Y., Kleimenov .., Sakharov B.V., Vikharev Y.., Burashev V.V., Shabalin P.A. (e-mail: volkovobolensk@mail.ru)

NMR relaxometer-analiser Proton 20M. Part 1.Quantitative analysis without the f-factor

The method for determining the initial amplitudes of the free induction decays components immediately after the 90-pulse by fitting the complete FID curve and calculate A0i at zero time is provided. On this basis, method for measuring the solids content of triglycerides by NMR that does not requires prior identification f-correction factor is developed and certified. These data were used to create state standard samples (GEO) mass fraction of solid triglycerides in fat, that approved by the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology. An computer program for the analyzer Proton 20M that allows to create the results in various industries was developed.

Keywords: TD-NMR, FID, transverse relaxation, fitting, SFC, triglycerides, GEO.

Lukashkin V.G., Gordeyeva G.V., Sulidi-Kondratyev D.. (e-mail: GordeevaGV@mosenergo.ru)

Assessment of noise parameters of radio-electronic devices

In this article the reasons and sources of emergence of noise in active and passive elements of electronic control and measuring means are considered. The key noise parameters of radio-electronic devices and modern methods of their assessment are given.

Keywords: radio-electronic noise, white noise, range of density of energy, factor of noise, noise temperature, thermal noise, shot noise, low-frequency noise.

Arendarenko A.A., Vigdorovich E.N., Sveshnikov Yr.N., Chiplenkov I.N. (e-mail: zerni_uv@mail.ru)

Technological infrastructure of manufacture and means of the control of properties nanogeterostructures on a basis GaN

In work is shown, that a basis at organization of industrial manufacture nanogeterostructures on a basis GaN for optoelektronics is the automated equipment, technological infrastructure and means of the control of properties.

Keywords: nanogeterostructure, GaN, -technology, MLE- technology, generator of nitrogen, layer resistance, diffraction, electroluminescence.

Kondratenko V.S., Borisovsky V.E., Naumov A.S., Sorokin A.V., Velichansky V.L., Sevostyanov D.I. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

The technology to create cells for miniaturized atomic clock

This paper is devoted to designing of the miniaturized glass cell for the atomic clock, and to the manufacturing technology of its. The technology includes the cutting of glass discs and glass cylindric tubes by laser controlled thermocracking method with the following laser welding of both. Cell samples with vacuum inside have made with high quality of optical windows.

Keywords: atomic standards of clocks, laser controlled thermocracking (LCT), laser CO2 glass welding, CO2 laser.

Pasechnik S.V., Shmeliova D.V., Semina O.A., Dubtsov A.V., Kandaurov D.V., Chigrinov V.G. (e-mail: s-p-a-s-m@mail.ru)

Modified method of determination of anisotropic shear viscosities of liquid crystals in a measuring cell with photoalignment surfaces

At present, LCD displays are used of the most modern devices. Their performance is one of the main requirements of the developers. The viscosity of liquid crystals determines the performance of LCD devices. The modification of the method for determination of the three anisotropic shear viscosity coefficients of liquid crystals, based on a study of a decaying flow in the LC samples oriented by photoalignment surfaces is described. Photoalignment technique for creating of measuring cell and polarized light for a reorientation of molecules of liquid crystal provide to obtain the three basic flow geometries and the values of the three of the shear viscosity coefficients. Due to the simplicity and low-volume (about 0.5 ml) samples of liquid crystals the proposed method can be applied for investigations of new liquid crystal materials.

Keywords: liquid crystal, photoalignment technique, shear viscosity.

Sonkin M.A., Yampolskiy V.Z. (e-mail: sonkin@tpu.ru)

Engineering parameters, hard- and software tools for integrated alerting systems

The basic properties of geographically distributed alerting systems, systems of monitoring and communications, engineering parameters, hard-and software tools for their development are considered in the article.

Keywords: alerting systems, systems of monitoring and communications, microprocessor controller, communications channels, data transmission.

Sonkin M.A., Pecherskaya E.I., Novikov S.A. (e-mail: sonkin@tpu.ru)

Engineering solutions for the development of the public warning systems based on the info-telecommunication complex P-166 ITC OS

The article gives consideration of a traditional series of warning equipment developed and approved for supply at different times and provides information on its purpose and key features. The functionality of the new generation hardware kit P-166 ITC OS is described in detail. A new vision is presented herein on the availability of the high end info-communication systems in the process of the warning systems creation.

Keywords: warning systems, power structures, communication channels.

Grinemayer V.V, Shamin A.A (e-mail: incom@cc.tpu.edu.ru)

Engineering tools P-166 ITS OS

The article introduces the background information of modern hard-and software, intended for alerting systems that can be used in military sector, at enterprises and in other places. Some advanced technical solutions are proposed towards the problems of alerting, the advantages of which in comparison with analogue ones include in the capability of supporting multichannel communications and in a balance between the expended functionality and simplicity in implementation.

Keywords: alerting, communication channel, digital channel, radio channel, television broadcasting interception, alerting signal, alerting and communication system.

Grinemayer V.V, Shamin A.A. (e-mail: incom@cc.tpu.edu.ru)

Monitoring towards health of an alerting system and controlling parameters of remote objects

The issues of monitoring regarding the state of alerting system components, including the distance control on the parameters of remote objects, are discussed here. The available information about the state of an alerting system allows to increase reliability by means of reducing error detection time and by determining the nature of an error that might occur in equipment and in communication channels. It also enables to minimize expenses required by system operation.

Keywords: regional automated system for centerlized emergency broadcasting, alerting, monitoring, state, sensors, communication channel, alerting and communication system.