Abstracts. 12, 2011 year
Katankin R., Pokrovskiy A., Sorokin A., Terehin I., Formakidov A., Shitikov V. (e-mail: rakatankin@gmail.com)

Eddy current probes in metallurgy

The eddy-current probe is the instrument for the technological checking. Its application is ferrous metallurgy. There are the results of the investigation of the electromagnetic method of testing melt steel level in slabbing and blooming process. Recommendations are given on location of the sensor, explored influence such factor, as the temperature. Electromagnetic field in steel are investigated with software package ANSYS.

Keywords: eddy current probe, small section molds, molten metal.

Alchagirov B.B., Afaunova L.Kh., Arkhestov R.Kh., Kegadueva Z.A., Kokov Z.A., Nikonenko V.A. (e-mail: boris@alchagirov.ru)

Thermometer for the measurement of temperatures in the 195...400 K range

This work introduces the new thermometer developed for the measurement of temperatures in the 195 K to 400 K range. The thermometric liquid used in the new thermometer is the eutectic alloy of the Na-K-Cs system with the melting point of 195 K the alloy with the lowest known melting point. The results of the original study of thermophysical properties of the Na-K-Cs eutectic, as well as the survey of data available in literature, are presented. Our study proves the dependability of the new thermometer and acceptable fire-safety of the chosen thermometric liquid.

Keywords: thermometers, low temperatures, temperature reference points, eutectic alloys, melting and crystallization.

Belyaev Y.I., Grinyuk A.V. (e-mail: teplofon@bk.ru)

The scanning measuring instrument of a thermal capacity

This article describes the method of dependence measurement on temperature coefficient of specific thermal capacity. The scanning measuring instrument of a thermal capacity BIT-01S was developed on the basis of this method, which has high precision and high expressive of measurement. Measurement range of dependence on temperature coefficient of specific thermal capacity is 0,1...2,0 kJ/(kg) at temperature range from 50 to 50 ?C.

Keywords: thermal capacity, Peltier effect, the measuring instrument of a thermal capacity, dependence measurement on temperature coefficient of specific thermal capacity.

Anokhin A.S., Grebenshikov D.V., Chkhikvadze L.I. (e-mail: lordTrain@yandex.ru)

Compensatory pendulum accelerometer with impulse feedback

In this article we have examined compensatory pendulum accelerometer with impulse feedback. Here are the results of major errors measurements.

Keywords: compensatory pendulum accelerometer, impulse feedback, analog-to-digit converter.

Akhremenkov A.A., Stepanov E.N. (e-mail: andrei@eco.botik.ru)

Inderect measuring of liquid flow in water pipe

In this article consider ability to measure liquid flow in water pipe without flowmeter. The method based on measure duration of stay of liquid in water pipe that equal to delay in temperatures profiles.

Keywords: measure water flow, crosscorrelation function.

Alekseev V.V., Boronahin A.M., Kalyakin I.V., Konovalova V.S., Podgornaya L.N. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

Measurement of railroad track using a measuring system based on the base micromechanical accelerometer

The paper describes the structure of the measuring system built on the basis of micromechanical accelerometers and abnormal signal detection algorithm, providing registration and identification of defects in the rails and rail-th leaf. Is an example of the analysis of real measurement signal using the proposed algorithm, which revealed abnormal signals corresponding to various flaws railway.

Keywords: the wavelet transform, railroad, rail, defect.

Shilin A.N., Medvedev V.V. (e-mail: eltech@vstu.ru)

Automatic control system for laser hardening

The article considers automatic control system for laser hardening of the material. The main control algorithm based on the functional relation the hardened depth of the material from surface temperature distribution in the processing zone. The proposed approach allows to make control of laser hardening in real time.

Keywords: laser hardening, nondestructive inspection, infrared thermography, automatic control system.

Danilov A.A., Dolgushin S.A., Tereshchenko S.A. (e-mail: realswat@rambler.ru)

Stabilization of the measuring for scattering and absorption coefficients of the high scattering medium in photometric devices

The method for stabilization of the simultaneous determination of scattering and absorption coefficients of the homogeneous biological medium for photometric devices is offered. It is based on the increasing of numbers for values of the scattering layer thickness for which the radiation attenuation is measured. Absorption and scattering coefficients of the model medium have been determined from experimental data.

Keywords: photometry, scattering medium, absorption coefficient, scattering coefficient.

Babanin V.I., Ender A.Ya. (e-mail: andrei.ender@mail.ioffe.ru)

The definition of conductors heat parameters using transient electric characteristics after heating current switching off

When investigating the perspective high-temperature thermionic converters working in a collisionless mode, it is necessary to measure accurately the emitters temperature and net emissivity.To determine these parameters in the experimental model of a converter with wire emitter heated by a current, a new technique is advanced based on a measurement of the specific resistance of the wire during its cooling after heating current switch off. It is shown that such technique gives a possibility to obtain the dependences of emitters specific resistance and net emissivity on a temperature directly under working conditions of the converter. This technique can be used for study of electric and heat characteristics of conducting materials.

Keywords: thermionic converter, wire emitter, specific resistance, temperature, net emissivity.

Gumelyov V., Kartukov A., Lebedev T. (e-mail: kartalg@yandex.ru)

Using of storage test-batteries by checking technical condition of storage batteries

This article is a reference to familiarize practical skills of using storage test-batteries for those who checks technical condition of storage batteries.

Keywords: storage batteries, technical condition monitoring.

Borikov V.N., Baranov P.F., Mamaev A.I. (e-mail: borikov@camsam.tpu.ru)

A Soft and Hardware Complex for Research of Microplasma Oxidation Processes

A soft and hardware complex designed for recording and processing of instantaneous voltage and current of electrochemical system during high-energy pulse microplasma oxidation processes, plotting of volt-ampere characteristic in two- and three- dimensional representation and their investigation. The hardware part of the complex includes a computer, current and voltage probes, and multichannel analog-to-digital converter. The software part of the complex is used to record and save in all channels the full shape of signals with a preset sampling frequency of up to 1 GHz, graphic and mathematical processing of the received data. It differs from analogs in the capability of periodical saving the full shape of pulse voltage and current through the intervals setting by the experimenter, automatically plotting dynamic volt-ampere dependences in three-dimensional representation and processing of experimental data.

Keywords: soft and hardware complex, microplasma oxidation.

Beresnjak T.B., Moiseeva N.P. (e-mail: n.p.moiseeva@vniim.ru)

Certified program for thermometer and thermocouple calibration in calibration laboratories Termolab

The program was developed that allows making calculations of temperature from the measurement data of all types of resistance thermometers and thermocouples. The results are stored in the data base. A new algorithm is suggested for calculation of the individual calibration function of thermocouples type S and B. The program and the algorithm were certified at D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology and recommended for use in all calibration centers.

Keywords: resistance thermometers, thermocouples, program certification.