Abstracts. 11, 2016 year
Pronyakin V.I. (e-mail: vip-u@yandex.ru)

BMSTU department Metrology and interchangeability is 85 years!

This article describes the stages in the development of the department Metrology and interchangeability of the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman (national Research University) under the leadership of the department heads and managers. Shown the scientific and educational activities of the department from 1931 to the present.

Keywords: university, department, head of department, scientific research activity, educational process.

Puzina A.A., Tumakova E.V., Syritsky A.B., Komshin A.S. (e-mail: nastypuzina@gmail.com)

Development of measurement control system of adhesive joints in mechanical engineering, taking into account the effect of surface roughness

Various methods of quality control of glue joints are considered. Electroresistive and electrocapacitor methods are proposed. The results of measuring the resistance and capacitance of the adhesive bonding of flat metal plates with forced formation of incomplete filling of glue joint were analysed. Calculation of internal tension plates is carried out. The analysis of influence of internal tension on durability of adhesive connection is carried out.

Keywords: glue joints, surface roughness, quality control, electroresistive method, electrocapacitor method.

Metelkina E.D. (e-mail: katyametelkina@bmstu.ru)

System of diagnosing of technical condition of an angular reducer

In the situation of change of the technical condition of flight vehicles caused by a physical deterioration and exhaustion of service life the question of ensuring required level of serviceability of the park and an aviation safety remains unresolved. The airline industry is promptly developing, new difficult designs are appeared, modern materials, including composite are applied, new types of engines are developed.
At the same time, assessment of technical condition, monitoring, diagnostics of complex technical systems is one of the main tasks of ensuring effective performance of objects of mechanical engineering, in construction, in power engineering and on transport.
Elements of running gears of all transport modes, including railway, aviation, require implementation of modern measuring technologies. Traditional orientation to average indicators of reliability and safety isn't sufficient at all. Reliable and objective assessment and the forecast of technical condition of each object taking into account his specific features is necessary.

Keywords: vibration diagnostics, phase-chronometric method, reducer, information and measuring system.

Potapov K.G. (e-mail: konst_g_p@mail.ru)

Phase-chronometric system hardware and structural implementation for machine tools of the turning group

This article describes phase-chronometric system hardware and structural implementation for machine tools of the turning group. Described the structural diagram of the block for determining time intervals and an algorithm for obtaining measurement information. Produced analysis of the primary device optimal choice.

Keywords: phase-chronometic system, time intervals, transducer, diagnostic system, machine-tool.

Skripka V.L. (e-mail: vit.skripcka@yandex.ru)

Correlation processing of signals reserve for increasing the accuracy of the weighing conveyor

Increase in production conditions weighing accuracy transported bulk material conveyor way is one of the key tasks in their dosing or custody. It is proposed to improve the accuracy on the basis of modern information technology to carry out the processing of interrelation of measuring signals from several conveyor scales. It is shown that regression algorithms for multi-channel correlation systems, due to their low sensitivity to the influence quantities, can greatly improve noise immunity measuring devices moving a bulk mass.

Keywords: multi-conveyor scales; particulate material; correlation system; noise immunity; the regression equation.

Bartosh V.S., Vlasov E.V., Lavrentyev M.M. (e-mail: vas@sl.iae.nsk.su)

3D multiplane displays for remote management ROV and manipulators

Describes how to create a three-dimensional visual comfortable multifocal display for manage of manipulators and remotely operated vehicle.

Keywords: robot, remotely operated vehicle, stimulus of accommodation and convergence of eye, multiplane 3D display, occlusion, comfortable visual perception.

Kyvyrzhik V.P., Nazarov V.N. (e-mail: nazarov@vniims.ru)

Development features of measurement methods of net mass of railway tanks

VNIIMS spent a series of works, namely experimental research to develop measurement methods of mass of oil, oil products and gas condensates while transportation on railway transport. These kind of works are important for the enterprises of oil refinery complex some of which were as customers of experimental research.
This article discusses the problems associated with metrological support of precision, in particular deficiencies used measurement methods.

Keywords: measurement methods, net mass, oil, railway transport.

Mulev M.Y., Sleptsov V.V. (e-mail: mulev.m@jumas.ru)

Functioning of small pressure mechanical manometers at minus temperatures

Experimental study of naphrameru with elastic sensing elements from beryllium bronze in ambient temperatures to 83 . experimental setup, methodology of research, based on readings of 6 kPa temperature, calculation of temperature coefficients.

Keywords: capsule manometer, elastic membrane, experimental installation, low temperatures, dependence of indications on temperature.

Yusupbekov N.R., Gulyamov Sh.M., Ergashev F.A., Rasuleva M.A. (e-mail: qwerty0409@mail.ru)

Methods of forecasting based procedures dynamic filtering

The questions concerning the process of forecasting the development of algorithms based on sequential dynamic filtering procedures. Made meaningful statement of the problem of forecasting the characteristics of stochastic process in terms of the statistical theory of optimal estimation. The problem of increasing the efficiency of the automated systems of operational dispatch control of complex chemical-technological processes that operate in real time on the basis of short-term forecasting algorithms facilities management parameters and dynamic multi-step filtration procedures.
It is proved that the task of the operational forecasting of the characteristics of chemical-engineering processes can be reduced to problems of linear filtering and extrapolation of random signals.
It is shown that in the case of a priori set of linear mathematical models of chemical-engineering processes and systems efficient in terms of accuracy of forecast estimates is the optimal adaptive Kalman filter type.

Keywords: Operational short-term forecasting, dynamic filtering, Kalman-Bucy filter, optimal control, stochastic processes, linear filtering, extrapolation short-term forecasting, predictive filter, the optimal prediction.