Abstracts. 11, 2015 year
Pronin V.V., Bazulin A.E., Tikhonov D.S., Shkatov P.N. (e-mail: pronin@echoplus.ru)

Construction of the inner surface profile of pipes by ultrasound method using digital focusing antenna technology

The modern problems of erosion-corrosion wear of nonequidistant pipe metal are considered in this article.
The developed technology of construction the bottom surface profile using digital antenna focusing technology is described. The simulations of the inspection scheme basic parameters of the technology is carried out by the method of ray tubes using the verified software CIVA.
Examples of application and results of the profile construction are given in the article. The development perspectives of technology are described.

Keywords: erosion-corrosion wear, digitally focused array, measuring of thickness of welded joint, measuring of thickness non-equidistant surfaces.

Majorov E.E., Mashek A.C., Udakhina S.V., Tsygankova G.A., Khaidarov G.G., Chernyak T.A. (e-mail: majorov_ee@mail.ru)

Development of computer interference control system of non-smooth surfaces

The article a computer system for interferometric measurement of non-smooth surfaces is presented. The basic metrological characteristics of the system: measurement range, the amplitude of the information signal are investigated. The factors affecting the measurement error of the system are shown.

Keywords: computer interferometric system, an information signal, speckle, micro lens.

Pavlova A., Sofiev A. (e-mail: nnapavlova90@mail.ru)

Standardization of technological objects multivariable control

The article describes the types of issues management technical systems multivariable control. The methods of the organization of complex technical systems. Indicate the main problems of using these methods. An algorithm for effective decentralized access to data.

Keywords: multiply the system objects, centralized, decentralized, switching device, organization, subsystem, system.

Mulev J.V., Muleva S.J., Sovlukov A.S. (e-mail: Mulev@mail.ru)

The device of electrophysical diagnostics of the condition of substances with high conductivity

The device for diagnostics of phase transitions, including two-phase currents of various substances with high conductivity is offered. Results of pilot studies on tap water are presented. The vesiculate mode of a current is simulated.

Keywords: dielectric constant, gas content, control, streams, current modes.

Mordasov M.M., Shishkina G.V. (e-mail: kafedra@uks.tstu.ru)

Hydrostatic control method liquid density

The hydrostatic method of measurement of relative density of liquid is offered and considered. The design and the principle of operation of the device realizing a method are described. Results of theoretical and pilot studies are given.

Keywords: hydrostatic method, density, device, control, relative density, liquid.

Yagudin I. (e-mail: darl9@rambler.ru)

The complex of new standards in the field of metrological support of measurements the amount of oil

This article presents a list of new emerging standards in the field of metrological support of measurements of quantity and properties of the oil, and the relevance of their development.

Keywords: interstate, national standard, measurement, oil, petroleum products, system measurements, measurement of oil.