Abstracts. № 11, 2014 year
Alekseev V.V., Korolev P.G., Antonyuk E.M. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

85 years Department of information measuring systems and technologies, St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI)

The article is devoted to the anniversary of the Department of Information Measuring Systems and Technologies, St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI). The main results of the department in educational activities: training of bachelors and masters, training of highly qualified personnel, the results of the research work.

Keywords: information-measuring system, educational activities, training of highly qualified personnel, the research work.

Alekseev V.V., Korolev P.G., Konovalov V.S., Ivashchenko O.A. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

Information measurement systems monitoring the state of process

The principles of organization of IMS monitoring process, allowing to create a monitoring system of different technology processes. Software that implements the principle of hierarchical management of the means of measurement, and algorithmic support analysis and identification of emergency situations.

Keywords: information-measuring system, monitoring of the process, control measurements, measuring instruments, algorithmic support, emergency.

VV Alekseev, NV Orlova, AA Minina, NI Kurakina (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

Using geoinformation technologies in information-measuring system for monitoring

Geographic information technologies play an important role in creating the IIS of control the state of natural and man-made objects. The paper considers the Software for monitoring the status of ecological systems of natural objects, developing areas and transport systems implemented on the basis of geo-information technology.

Keywords: information-measuring system, GIS technology, monitoring of the ecological systems, developing areas, transportation systems.

Antonyuk E.M., Antonyuk P.E., Kolpakova I.S. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

Multichannel information-measurement systems with data compression

We consider information-measuring system with data compression, which reduce the amount of redundant measurement information that leads to an improvement of the metrological characteristics, a possible reduction of the required bandwidth of the communication channel and (or) the volume of the recording devices.

Keywords: information-measuring system, multi-channel system with data compression, adaptive systems.

Avdeev B., Zakemovskaya E., Pshenichnov D. (e-mail: iist@eltech.ru)

Two-stage adaptive commutation in information and measurement systems

Questions of increasing of an effectiveness of using of an adaptive commutation in information and measurement systems are considered in the article. Algorithms of a parametric control of a procedure of an adaptive commutation in order to achieve better or set characteristics of errors of approximation using irregular sampling are offered.

Keywords: information and measurement system, adaptive system, adaptive commutation.

Suloeva E.S., Tsvetkov E.I. (e-mail: suloewa@list.ru)

Procedures for decision on the results of binary and group comparisons

Decision-making procedures are classified according to the results of binary and group comparisons for different compositions of a priori knowledge. The possibility of the proposed algorithms are analyzed by numerical methods, the results of which confirm the results of theoretical calculations.

Keywords: measurement standard, comparison, systematic errors, random errors, type I and II errors.

Kondrat'ev E.M. (e-mail: ekon@rambler.ru)

The modern equipment of the dicing and the scribing process of semiconductor wafers

The modern equipment of the dicing and the scribing process of semiconductor wafers are considered. The main characteristics of this equipment are given. It is offered to use electrostatic fixing for replacement of vacuum fixing in this equipment.

Keywords: semiconductor wafer, dicing, scribing process, electrostatic fixing.

Grebennikova V.V., Bogdanov N.V., Ryabchikov M.Yu., Ryabchikova E.S. (e-mail: greb1981@mail.ru)

Overview of X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers for Ore Materials Properties Control

An overview of capabilities of X-ray fluorescence analyzers of different types distributed in the Russian market is presented in the paper in terms of organization of ore materials properties control. Advantages and disadvantages of stationary, streaming and portable type devices are demonstrated.

Keywords: X-ray fluorescence analyzer, mining, X-ray methods, metallurgy, burden materials, ores and concentrates.

M.S. Vorona, A.Yu. Onufrey (e-mail: weega@mail.ru)

Conditions of adaptation to fluctuating amplitude-phase distribution in radar stations with phased array antennas

Consider a complex algorithm to adapt to fluctuating amplitude and phase distribution in the radar station (RLS) with phased array antennas (PAA), which is based on the concept of fluctuating amplitude-phase distribution as a Fourier series. In this case, the number of measured parameters in the adaptation is not determined by the number of channels in the lattice, and the number of expansion terms taken into account in the approximation of the fluctuating amplitude and phase distribution.

Keywords: RLS with phased array antennas.