Abstracts. 11, 2013 year
Lyubimov V.V. (e-mail: lvv_store@mail.ru)

Proton magnetometers created in IZMIRAN

In 2014 the Pushkov Institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radio wave propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IZMIRAN) celebrates significant date 75 years from the date of the basis. For many years various groups of employees of IZMIRAN conducted active work on creation of new modern geophysical devices for the solution of scientific and special tasks. One of traditional activities for founders of the magnetometric equipment at institute is development of the new generation equipment, including on the proton sensors bases. The main results of this development for the last 25 years, since 1990 and to the present, and also groups of authors founders of devices, are presented in numerous publications. Developed in the conditions of IZMIRAN during this period of time proton magnetometers were created for carrying out scientific researches, both in laboratories, and for carrying out field and forwarding works in various conditions.

Keywords: magnetic observatory, magnetometers, magnetometrical devices, gradiometers, magnetometrical converters, proton magnetometer, magnetic field sensors, magnetic measurements, gradient magnetic field measurement in movement.

Gurevich M., Katkov A., Kudrjavsev O., Cheremohin A. (e-mail: gurevitch@inbox.ru)

Digital signal control generator for synthesator of AC voltage standard`s, which emploies Josephson junction array

Characteristics and design and scheme peculiarity for fast electronic measurement unit ( -13-01), 14-canal digital control signal generator, intend for sintezator of AC voltage standards, with frequensy 10-1000 Hz, which employes Josephson junction array, describes.

Keywords: standard, voltage, DC voltage standard, AC voltage standard, transfer standard, measurement transducer, thermal converter, thermal comparator, instrument, voltmeter, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range, Josephson junction array.

Alchagirov B.B., Alberdieva D.Kh., Gorchkhanov V.G., Fokin L.R., Arkhestov R.Kh., Kegadueva Z.A. (e-mail: alchg@kbsu.ru)

Two-capillary vacuum picnometer for precision measurements of density of liquid in broad temperature range

The two-capillary vacuum picnometer for the precision determination of the temperature dependence of the density of liquids, including hazardous ones for the environment, has been devised and tested. The measurements of density of mercury have confirmed the reliability of the new picnometer and the high accuracy of the results obtained by using it.

Keywords: picnometer, density, temperature, liquid, mercury.

Mordasov M.M., Savenkov A.P., Chechetov K.E. (e-mail: savencow@yandex.ru)

Non-contact gas jet method and apparatus for measurement of liquid viscosity

The paper presents the non-contact gas jet method of viscosity measurement. An apparatus according with the method is considered. The apparatus provides minimal affection of influence quantities at viscosity measurement result. As a most significant part of the apparatus, a scheme of electromechanic harmonic oscillator of gas consumption is given and described.

Keywords: air-dynamic influence, electromechanic oscillator, gas jet, harmonic oscillation, non-contact measurement, pneumatic oscillator, viscosity measurement.

Kondratenko V.S., Sakunenko U.I., Lu Hung-Tu, Naumov A.S. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

Frontal cooling system of the light-emitting diode instruments with the aid of the heat-radiating plastics

Work is dedicated to research and development of the new constructions of the frontal cooling the powerful light-emitting diode clusters with the use of heat-conducting plastics, which ensure decrease in sizes and mass of light-emitting diode instruments (lamps) 5-10 times.

Keywords: the light-emitting diodes (LED); frontal cooling; the heat-radiating plastic.

Bunin V.V., Ivchenko V.D. (e-mail: vadbun@mail.ru)

Method of particles size measuring by their orientation in the Tailor-Couette flow and its instrument realization

Using of hydrodynamic orientation of particles in a Tailor-Couette flow is a convenient, simple and accurate method for mesuring the sizes and concentration of particles in the original media without the procedure of additional sample preparation [1]. Lack of sample preparation is especially attractive in case of measuring the parameters of biological particles, especially of animal cells. These cells are sensitive to any variations of the parameters of supporting media. Replacement of media leads to a change in size and caused by osmotic processes and aggregation of cells. For inorganic particles using the same supporting media prevents agglomeration. Using photometric signal of their relaxation in the chaotic condition for calculation the particles sizes and concentration ensures a high accuracy of measurement and their statistical reliability.

Keywords: hydrodynamic orientation of the particles, flow Tailor-Couette, light scattering cross section.

Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Derivation of equation for expansion rate of gas for restriction by methods of mathematical modelling

This article is dedicated to the problem about derivation of equation for expansion rate for gas flow measuring by methods of variable differential pressure. Equation was received fore many kinds of restrictions by methods of mathematical modeling.

Keywords: expansion coefficient, gas, liquid, simulation.

Podvigalkin V.Ya., Ushakov N.M. (e-mail: podvigalkin@ya.ru)

Conditions of existence of superplasticity thresholds for polymer nanocomposite media at bonding process

The temperature range of possible molding powder compositions based on different carbon-chain polymers modified nanoparticles is experimentally established. The boundary conditions on the behavior of powder compositions under the influence of the bonding process designated as thresholds of superplasticity is defined. The starting temperature of the superplasticity threshold equal 100...110 C and the final threshold of one equal to 205...250 C.

Keywords: nanocomposite thick film, polymer bonding process, the threshold for plastic deformation, superplasticity, automation, temperature zones.

Zarenbin A.V., Kondratenko V.S., Simonov M.A. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

The results of analysis and measurement of the concentration of the sugar solid solution of low concentration of 5 % by fiber system

The work is dedicated to the research and development of new designs of fiber systems for accurate and reliable determination of the refractive index of the solution.

Keywords: fiber refractometer , refractive index, probe, the concentration of the sugary solution.

Gorbylev A., Grivastov D. (e-mail: anton.gorbylev@mail.ru)

Effective control of cells vertical temperature gradient while reproduction temperature of fixed points of metal freezing

This article is about description of the control algorithm of cells vertical temperature gradient in three-zone reproducibility furnaces of temperature fixed points of metal freezing.

Keywords: temperature standard, fixed point cells of metal freezing.

Chelpanov I.B., Kochetkov A.V. (e-mail: igorchelp@yandex.ru)

Introduction of amendments on zero shift at definition corners, speeds and coordinates

Standard and new algorithms of transformations of output signals of measuring instruments are considered at their calibration for determination of parameters of deterministic components (foremost constant) of errors, as random processes, including at the exits micromechanical sensors of angular speed and linear acceleration.

Keywords: constant errors, devices, calibration, sensors of angular speed, linear accelerometers.