Abstracts. 11, 2012 year
Bochkarev N.N., Kurochkin A.A. (e-mail: bonic@iao.ru)

Motion control of intratubal objects in gas pipelines using the vibrometer

Describes the principle of operation and the results of the test layout vibrometer that allows the posting on the outer surface of the pipeline to determine in real time to within a few meters of the location and speed of intratubal objects at distances of over 25 km. A comparative analysis of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of elastic waves recorded by the accelerometer on the surface of the security valve of the gas pipeline with a diameter of 720 mm when driving in a gas cleaning pigs, shell-pattern and navigation caliper.

Keywords: accelerometer, frequency spectrum, gas pipeline, intratubal object, speed, vibration, weld tabs.

Lyubimov V.V. (e-mail: lyubimov@izmiran.ru)

Magnetometers and gradiometers for scientific researches

At Pushkov Institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radio wave propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IZMIRAN) together with other organizations throughout last decade a number magnetometric devices for a gradient magnetic field measurement both in movement, and in a statics, in field conditions and for carrying out of researches in observatories is created. These devices have been made on the basis of quartz, proton and fluxgate magnetometrical converters. All created magnetometers and gradiometers have passed metrological checking and tests in magnetic observatory of IZMIRAN (an observatory Moscow) and were used on the various scientific expeditions organized as in Russia, and abroad.

Keywords: magnetic observatory, magnetometers, magnetometrical devices, gradiometers, magnetometrical converters, proton magnetometer, fluxgate magnetometer, magnetic field sensors, magnetic measurements, gradient magnetic field measurement in movement.

Mukhurov N.I. (e-mail: n.mukhurov@ifanbel.bas-net.by)

Electrostatic micro actuator

This paper describes the original constructive version electrostatic minimanipulators. The combined effect of the mechanical and electrical forces overcomes the resistance to reactance induced charges, sealing contacts, inertia and ensures immediate return to the starting position of the armature. Electrostatic minimanipulator can be used in systems: control, switching, communication, adjustment.

Keywords: MEMS, electrostatic, micromechanic, minimanipulator, design.

Slepsov V.V., Gordeyev J.V., Podbelsky .N. (e-mail: v_sleptsov@gmail.com)

Information-measuring and operating system of definition of teplofizichesky properties metal with use of spectral methods

It is shown that now accuracy and speed of reception, processing and reproduction of results, that is reception of exact indicators is necessary for definition improvement of quality termal properties metal melts in a mode of real time.
It is defined that such results are reached at the expense of application of the modern information-measuring and operating systems, allowing to carry out more and more fast and effective control of the processes proceeding in steel-smelting units, and also processes of processing of a steel in units of extraoven processing.
New methods and technical decisions of definition termal properties metal melts with use of spectral methods are offered in the contactless way.

Keywords: improvement of quality, information-measuring and operating systems, termal properties, a contactless way, metal melt, spectral methods.

Ivanov V.E., Chye En Un (e-mail: ivanov72@list.ru)

The hardware-software platform for building ism-band reconfigurable wireless sensor network

This article describes concept of building the hardware and software platform based on the low-speed wireless modules and controlled by a microcontroller. Modular principle of construction hardware and software makes it possible synthesize a wireless ISM-networks within a given architecture with maximum resource efficiency of the module and the lowest cost for the design.

Keywords: hardware and software platform, wireless ISM-networks.

Pyanov I.V. (e-mail: ivan-pyanov@yandex.ru)

The experimental system for research the process of propagation of ultrashort laser pulses through condensed scattering media

This paper describes an experimental system for research the process of propagation of ultrashort laser pulses through condensed scattering media. The mode of time-correlated single photon counting was described. The results of verifying experimental system were presented. Temporal distributions of ultrashort laser pulses passing through the homogeneous layer of model medium were registered with the help of an experimental system.

Keywords: femtosecond laser, microchannel photomultiplier, ultrashort laser pulse, registration of single photons, photometry, scientific-research equipment, temporal distribution, condensed scattering medium.

Aleshin V.P., Afanasiev V.O., Bobkov A.E., Bronetsky A.E., Klimenko A.S., Klimenko S.V., Kuliev V.M., Novgorodtsev D.D. (e-mail: aleshin_vl@mail.ru)

Instrument for training perception in the virtual space based on the adaptive optics

The paper presents the first results of the project, whose goal is to create an original device based on adaptive optics and a system of mathematical modeling of skier traffic and a system of realistic visual display of the situation on the route using virtual environment technology.

Keywords: adaptive optics, induced virtual environment, device for 3D perception, 3D stereo vision, binocular parallax, accommodation, ski simulator.

Chelpanov I.B., Kochetkov A.V. (e-mail: igorchelp@yandex.ru)

Methodical maintenance of application shock stands

The circle of questions of planning, the organization and carrying out of tests of shock stands is considered. In selection of initial materials the emphasis is laid on normative and technical documents, first of all the state standards, stating the general approaches and the positions which have received wide recognition, and also containing most laconic concrete recommendations.

Keywords: shock stands, tests, gages.

Svetushkov N.N., Ovsepyan S.V. (e-mail: svt.n.n@mail.ru)

Optimization of heat treatment processes for pieces of heat-resistant nickel alloys

The article describes a software environment designed to allow a calculation and control the accuracy of the calculations in the modeling of heat treatment processes pieces of nickel alloys, based on a new approach to the solution of unsteady heat conduction equations method of geometric integrals. There are calculations of the heat treatment in the form of blank disc. These results demonstrate the potential of the developed software for virtual experiments on heat-treated products of nickel alloys and optimize process conditions.

Keywords: software, visualization, heat treatment, numerical analysis, partial differential equations, integral equations, calculation accuracy.

Abrashkin J.F., Gorbunov I.A., Podolskiy Z.L., Petelina L.A. (e-mail: petelina2008@yandex.ru)

Ways of modernization of test facilities with bell gas gauging-tank

Article is devoted to modernization of test facilities with bell gas gauging-tank of the second category for the purpose of reduction of time of tests without deterioration of an error of installation on the volume and an expense, with use of the converter of linear movements and the computer.

Keywords: tests, test facilities.