Abstracts. 11, 2011 year
Svinolupov J.G., Timoshenkov N.A., Konoshonkin A.V. (e-mail: sjg@manotom-tmz.ru)

Unusual (new) solution for signaling manometers

Application of a small magnetic encoders to design signaling manometers and the results are discussed in the article.

Keywords: magnetic encoder, limit value sensor, electric-contact pressure manometer, head gauge.

Pokusaev A. V., Katkov A.S. (e-mail: A.V.Pokusaev@vniim.ru)

Analysis of the level of accuracy modern measuring instruments of direct current in the range 110^16...30

The analysis of the level of accuracy of modern mass-produce direct current measuring instruments in the range of 11016...30 was carried out for comparison metrological characteristics of the instruments with of the existing standards base.

Keywords: standard of ampere, direct current.

Pokusaev A.V. (e-mail: A.V.Pokusaev@vniim.ru)

State secondary standard of direct current ampere range 110^15...110^9 (comparison standards) GVET 4-01-2010

For the first time in metrological practice was established standard that has metrological characteristics of stability at the level of fixed standards, and the weight and dimensions allow transport it to the site comparisons.

Keywords: secondary standard of ampere, direct current, high-resistance circuit.

Gudkov A.L., Katkov A.S., Kozlov A.I., Krasnopolin I.Ya., Samus A.N. (e-mail: gudkov@niifp.ru)

The programmable voltage standard SCIC and the development prospect of Josephson element base

For the first time the superconducting integrated circuit of the frequency-voltage converter on 1 V with number of Josephson junctions N = 8192 is considered. The circuit feature is only one power divider of external radiation and two superlong arrays of 4096 Josephson junctions Nb/?-Si/Nb SNS type in the circuit. Performance of basic elements of the circuit is shown at frequency band of external radiation of 70 GHz. The development prospect of Josephson element base for creation of circuits of the programmmable Josephson voltage standard is considered. It is shown, that the technology of formation of Josephson junctions Nb/?-Si/Nb is suitable for formation of more complex superconducting heterostructures and manufacturing on their basis the SCIC of different applications. Research of characteristics of stacks from two Josephson junctions made on the basis superconducting heterostructure Nb/?-Si/Nb/?-Si/Nb is performed.

Keywords: Josephson junction, superconducting integrated circuit (SCIC), frequency-voltage converter (FVC), superconducting heterostructure, interlayer, stack, Josephson junctions array, microwave slotted line, power divider.

Katkov A.S. (e-mail: a.s.katkov@vniim.ru)

Prospects of the use of Josephson effect in measuring AC voltage

The considered questions of the using the quantum Josephson effect for the reason of accuracy increasing of the measurements of the variable electric voltage in the field of low frequencies. An analysis of key factors influencing the AC voltage accuracy is performed.

Keywords: Josephson effect, voltage standard, AC voltage.

Gurevitch M., Cheremohin A. (e-mail: kvarz_asu@sinn.ru)

Application of thermal converters as transfer standards for measurement AC voltage and AC current under verification electronic instruments in metrology centers

This article dedicates to characteristics of electronic measurement units, thermal converters, which employs, as thermal comparator, for compare unknown AC voltage (current) and auxiliary certain DC voltage (current). Thermal converters intend for metrology centers to verification AC digital and analog voltmeters, current meters, calibrators, HF and LF signal sources, and other instruments in frequency ranges from 10 Hz to 200 MHz. Technical characteristics of new instruments, 9-25; 9-14; -35, which may substitute for thermal out of date units -6; -12; ; -1 and others, describes.

Keywords: transfer standards, thermal converter, thermal comparator, instrument, standard, voltmeter, measurement transducer, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range, current, voltage.

Barannik M.B., Barbarovich V.J., Dmitriev V.L., Kolobov V.V. (e-mail: maxbarien@mail.ru)

New laser cutting technology of sapphire wafers on crystals

In article describes the check arresters under a working condition on places of their operation. The opportunity of definition of deterioration of characteristics metal-oxide surge arresters without gaps already at early stages with the help of the device the SKAT-3 is shown. Operating experience of the device the SKAT-3 under a working condition in the Integrated power grid is generalized. Recommendations on effective operation of the device are given. The results of calibration of devices the SKAT-3 on method coordinated with FGUP D.I. Mendeleyev VNIIM is showing .

Keywords: metal-oxide surge arresters without gaps, metal-oxide resistor, leakage current, device, ITP-1, UKT-02, SKAT-3, operating experience, calibration.

Nedelko A.Yu. (e-mail: auned@yandex.ru)

The acquisition data system from digital temperature sensor

The present article concerns the description of the digital temperature sensors controllers. Describes the ability of service software for data acquisition system, as well as rules and principles the controllers network creation.

Keywords: controller, digital temperature sensor, data acquisition system, RS-485 network.

Bodrov V.N., Lebedev S.V. (e-mail: BodrovVN@mpei.ru)

Temperature measurement of heated bodies with monotonous spectral distribution of emissitivity

Method of increasing reliability of temperature measurement via spectrum measurement is described. The approach to temperature measurement, developed in MPEI, based on ratio pyrometry statistic processing, in some cases leads to sufficient results, when emissitivity is unknown. But when emissitivity has monotonous spectral distribution mentioned above method leads to big uncertainty of a measurement.

Keywords: pyrometry, thermodynamic temperature, heated body radiation spectra, statistic processing, emissitivity.

Tsvetkov E.I., Minina A.A. (e-mail: er-cvetkov@mail.ru)

Determination of impurities in water environment based on indirect measurement

The article presents analytic solution of two-dimensional diffusion equation of pollutance, the intensity of the source and coordinates, allowing to determine the source of pollution and its main characteristics.
Proposed an approach to indirect measurement of impurities source characteristics in the water body that provides the necessary reduction in measuring resources and provide monitoring of the required accuracy. Research Dependence of the accuracy determining position of the source, its intensity, as well as the accuracy of the concentrations of the factors determining the reliability of monitoring results are researched. The article presents results of quantitative analysis for specific input data.

Keywords: differential equation, intensity of the source, coefficients of diffusion, the equation of the measurements, errors, simulation.