Abstracts. № 10, 2015 year
Kulikov A.V., Seredovich V.A. (e-mail: metrol@ssga.ru)

A laser interference comparator of the Siberian State University of Geosisystems and Teshnologies (SSUGT)

The Renishaw laser interferometer ML10 Gold Standard is used as a basis for developing modern measuring system ensuring uniformity of measurements in the industry to improve the accuracy of measurements, the efficiency and quality of surveying works.

Keywords: interference comparator, laser interferometer ML10 Gold Standard.

D. Boldasov, N. Lazarev, A. Syritsky (e-mail: syritsky@yandex.ru)

Phasechronometric system measurement device for turning process monitoring

In the article time intervals measuring device designed be means of modern computer elements and aimed for operating as a part of phasechronometric monitoring and diagnostics of cyclic machines and mechanisms system is described. Also device’s error calculation is given.

Keywords: time intervals measurement, monitoring, diagnostics, phasechronometric method.

Malanin V.P., Kikot V.V., Baranov A.S. (e-mail: ait@pnzgu.ru)

Design of an electronic transducer for dynamic pressure piezosensor

The possibilities of improving the accuracy of measurement of dynamic pressure piezosensor under conditions of unsteady fluid temperature are considered. The results of the simulation of thermal shock effects are resulted. The results of experiments on the dependence of output signal of the piezosensor from the temperature are considered. The block diagram of the secondary measuring converter with temperature error correction are describes.

Keywords: piezosensor, dynamic pressure, piezoelement, vibrocompensation, temperature error, membrane, thermal shock.

Popov Yu.V. (e-mail: tov_popov@rambler.ru)

System of protection of the information registered by the onboard device of registration

Article is devoted to protection of the information registered by the onboard device of registration at aviation incident. Rating values of external influencing factors for the protected onboard stores at which influence should keep, the registered information are given. In article four stages of development of system of protection of the information are considered. The statistical data on the basic destabilizing factors because of which there is a loss of the registered information are submitted.

Keywords: aviation incident, air a vessel, onboard device of the registration, protected onboard store, information.

Korolev P.G., Romantsova N.V., Tsareva A.V. (e-mail: pgkorolev@gmail.com)

Timetable assembling for measuring and control systems

The aims of optimization IICS determine. The way of setting objectives for measuring experiment consider. The conditions necessary for scheduling work IICS it formulates. The possibility of finding an optimal solution the scheduling problem of incomplete enumeration algorithm explained.

Keywords: measuring experiment, measuring system, timetable measuring system, penalty function, the computational complexity.

Mamikonian B.M., Mamikonian Kh.B. (e-mail: bomam@yandex.ru)

To the choice of measurement method and measuring circuit scheme of wood moisture meter

In the article it is considered the problem of wood moisture measuring, briefly viewed the conductometric and dielcometric measurement methods, conducted the comparative analysis of their metrological characteristics. It is described a new schematic of the measuring circuit of wood’s dielcometric moisture meter, founded out its functionality features. In the described wood moisture meter the measuring process control and processing the measurements results are performed by programmable microcontroller.

Keywords: wood, moisture, capacitive transducer, separate measurement, measuring circuit, phase shift angle.

Prilepko M.Yu. (e-mail: prilepko@vniims.ru)

Metrological analysis to budget uncertainties calibration of variable forces by dual-mass method

A brief analysis of the components of the budget metrological uncertainty of the calibration of variable forces dual-mass method. The contribution and influence of the individual components of the total uncertainty. Presented kinematic model of variable pover mode harmonic oscillations. Presented brief mathematical expressions that describe the calibration process.

Keywords: variable forces, conversion factor, sinusoidal excitation, force transducer, weight load, laser interferometer, calibration uncertainty.

Azimov R.K., Boboev G.G., Masharipov Sh.M. (e-mail: mss2014@rambler.ru)

Analysis of the interaction of moist materials with high-frequency electromagnetic field

The article describes the electrical characteristics of heterogeneous wet systems and ways to improve the reliability and accuracy of materials humidity control dielcometric method. The dependence of the dielectric constant of free water on the frequency of the external field, the analytical expression for calculating the dielectric constant of various component mixtures are reflected proposals to use dielcometric means of process control parameters of heterogeneous systems, as well as the dielectric constant for multi-component materials, which takes into account the temperature, the mother that provides a measure of and the nature of the impact of each factor on the overall accuracy of the measurement of its moisture.

Keywords: the electrical characteristics of the controlled object, humidity, hygrometry, actual capacity, equivalent circuit, uninformative parameter, and heterogeneous multi-component material.

Goncharov V.A. (e-mail: nio7@list.ru)

Research of the formulas and technology of manufacturing nanostructural magnetodielectrics mixes

Most known equations of the analysis dielectric permeability of chaotic multicomponent mixtures of the substances with different physical properties are considered. Procedure of the calculation of radiophysical characteristics of nanostructured fillers magnetodielectrics is developed. Examples of a nanostructured powder of carbonyl iron and manufactured on its basis ferromagnetic material are shows. Main stages of technological process of the manufacturing such materials are shows.

Keywords: decrease in visibility, magnetodielectric, concentration of the filler, equation of the Lihtenekker, nanostructured particles, technology of the manufacturing.

Gaysin A.A., Kondakov A.V. (e-mail: prog.art.116@yandex.ru)

Investigation of the dependence of error of determination capacity of steel horizontal cylindrical tanks from error of degree slope

The work includes a calculation of the dependence of error of determination capacity of tanks from geometrical parameters of degree slope.

Keywords: tank, error, degree of slope.