Abstracts. 10, 2014 year
Velt I.D. (e-mail: veltivand@gmail.com)

The conductive level gauge of liquid metal

The conductive method of measurement of level of liquid sodium without penetration in the basin of members of a level gauge is observed.

Keywords: liquid metal, sodium, the conductive level gauge, the basin.

Zakharenko V.A., Klikushin Y.N. (e-mail: zaha_vl@mail.ru)

Thermometer with built-in virtual scale

The principle of action of the thermometer, the structure of which contains three virtual scale, one of which corresponds to the International Temperature Scale (ITS-90), the second non-linear calibration curves of the temperature sensor. The third scale is used for comparison with the measured value. It is shown that although non-linearity of scales are available, the static characteristic is a linear bulb in a predetermined temperature range, up to an allowable error value conversion.

Keywords: virtual scale, secondary sampling, measurement of temperature, linearity error, thermometer.

Lavrov V.A. (e-mail: valer.lawrov@yandex.ru)

Measuring device of electromotive force of self-induction low-current electromagnetic relays

The device for measuring the amplitude of EMF of the self-induction generated by the low-current coils of electromagnetic relays was described. The method for measuring hardware implementation and the operation algorithms was proposed.

Keywords: measurement of the EMF of self-inductance, relay coil, diode, Zener diode-assembly.

Arkhangelskaya M.A., Vermel V.D., Zabaluev V.F., Nikolaev P.M. (e-mail: marhang1@gmail.com)

Hardware-software package to evaluate the manufacturing accuracy of wind tunnel models

Special mathematical processing of measuring data from coordinate-measuring machines is required to evaluate controlled geometric parameters of produced wind tunnel model such as accuracy of model locating in wind tunnel, units position in assembly, units axes and control sections attitude reproduction, profile reproduction. With that end in view the hardware-software package to evaluate the manufacturing accuracy that includes park of measuring machines and special software is developed. The software package source data, results of work and functionality are described in the article. Technique of measuring data processing using the software package to evaluate all required parameters determining the manufacturing accuracy of wind tunnel model is under consideration.

Keywords: manufacturing accuracy, wind tunnel model, coordinate-measuring machine, mathematical model.

Rozhentsev V.S., Prokopenko D.Y., Bulekov V.I. (e-mail: skbim@mail.ru)

Automatizid plants for control of technical characteristics of atomic power plants hydro shock-absorbers

In this article the plant and technical characteristics for testing of hydro shock-absorber used in the atomic power stations for protection of technological machinery and circulating contour piping against depressurization during station operation and by influence of seismic or accident dynamical loads are described.

Keywords: atomic power station, antiseismic hydro shock-absorber, hydro shock-absorbers testing.

Perechesova A.D., Kalapyshina I.I. (e-mail: perechesova@gmail.com)

Peculiarity of the actual Test Methods for tensile testing of aramid yarns

The suspension of the magnetosensitive element of torsion magnetometer, which is a part of the geophysical complex GI-MTS-1 (SPbF IZMIRAN), obtained by means of device are made of three microfilaments of aramid yarn with a diameter of 0.016 mm. The improvement of such devices is necessary to know of the torsion physical-mechanical characteristics: tensile, shear and torsion moduli. Object of study is an elastic torsion bar in a form of braid. Purpose of work describe the preparatory phase for the experimental determination of the aramid torsion physical-mechanical characteristics, in particular, selection of the actual Test Methods for tensile testing of aramid yarns, presentation of the designed grips, description the scheme of videoregistration noncontact data receiving for calculation of torsional and shear moduli of torsion bar. The torsion bar has a helical anisotropy elastic properties. This paper proposes the optical-calculating method of the physical-mechanical characteristics evaluating of the helical elements of the Helically Anisotropic Rod. This method is based on experimental data from tensile testing of microfilament aramid yarns. The data for this study will be received by the high-speed camera CamRecord CR450x3 Optronis. Authors proposed a specific scheme of video recording with a microscope lens, since object has a micron size. For pattern recognition will be written the software, which based on the Segmentation method. Tensile tests of the microfilament aramid yarns was produced at the Department of echatronicsof ITMO University on the test machine SHIMADZU AGS500NX. In Russia testing of aramid yarns are held per the GOST 6611. This GOST was developed (1973), when aramid yarns in the USSR was not. In the paper, search of active standards, which are used to tensile testing of aramid yarns, was made. Invited to make a series of experiments to determining of physical-mechanical characteristics of the aramid torsion bar (Standard Test Methods for Tensile Testing) according to GOST 6611.2-73 and ASTM D7269 / D7269M - 11, then compare the results.

Keywords: mikrofilament aramid yarns, Helically Anisotropic Rod, torsion, tensile test high-speed camera, image recognition, torsional modulus, shear modulus.

Belokonova N.A., Antropova O.A. (e-mail: 89221503087@mail.ru)

Operational control of the process kindling boiler of average pressure

Proposed and tested in the industrial conditions the method of operative control of the composition of the wash water at start-up boiler of average pressure. The method is based on measurement of transmittance in the visible region of the spectrum with the help of instruments CFK or AGT-94/4C.

Keywords: flush water, boilers of average pressure, control light transmission.

Gurevich M., Gorshkov A., Kudrjavsev O., Kurakin A., Ruseikin P., Cheremokhin A. (e-mail: gurevitch@inbox.ru)

The new standard -36 for compare AC and DC voltages

This article dedicates technical characteristics, scheme, construction and application's peculiarity of new AC-DC standard -36, which contains of electronic measurement units, thermal converters, and employs under calibrators and voltmeters verification, as thermal comparators for measurement true rms voltage from 1 mV to 1000 V in frequence range 10 Hz to1 MHz with erors from 0,0015 % to 0,3 %.

Keywords: standard, voltage, DC voltage standard, AC voltage standard, transfer standard, measurement transducer, thermal converter, thermal comparator, instrument, voltmeter, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range.

Yurin A.I., Neborsky A.Yu, Kartsev E.A., Kokin N.N. (e-mail: ayurin@hse.ru)

Inductive measuring transducers temperature error minimization

Considered the features of the influence of temperature on the error of inductive transducers. Proposed a method and algorithm for additional temperature error of inductive transducers minimization. Experimental confirmation of the effectiveness of the algorithm for the differential inductive transducer of linear displacement.

Keywords: measuring transducer, sensor, an additional error.

Vishnevsky A.M., Gorodetsky B.N., Petrov S.V. (e-mail: amvspb@yandex.ru)

Special experimental multipurpose installation for design of electronic equipment protection methods against high power electromagnetic pulse action

Special experimental multipurpose installation for simulation of high power electromagnetic pulses are considered. Purpose, design and main specifications of this experimental multipurpose installation are shown.

Keywords: electronic equipment, electromagnetic pulses, experimental multipurpose installation, anechoic chamber.