Abstracts. № 10, 2012 year
Vihareva N.A., Zonova A.D., Trotsenko D.P., Cherepanov V.Ya., Yamshanov V.A. (e-mail: kaf.metrol@ssga.ru)

Development and research of new methods and reference means of the metrological maintenance heat measurements method

In the article the results of research and development of new methods and means of reproduction and transmission unit of surface heat flux. Schemes established plants and describe their operating principles.

Keywords: a radiator, a heat flux, heat flux sensors, conductive installation, radiation-convection installation, convective heat measurements installation, flow installation.

Svet D.Ya. (e-mail: svet_dya@netbynet.ru)

A new method of thermal radiation thermometry under unknown emissivity and transmission of the intervening medium

It is shown that, the true temperature of thermal radiation with unknown and changing emissivity can be measured with accordance with Wien’s law using three spectral components where their spacing is determined from required accuracy of measuring temperature.

Keywords: true temperature, emissivity, temperature logging.

Chelpanov I.B., Kochetkov A.V. (e-mail: igorchelp@yandex.ru)

Questions of use and standardization of micromechanical gauges of angular speed and accelerations

The circle of questions of planning, the organization and carrying out of tests of micromechanical gages and devices, first of all the micromechanical gyroscopes which are a part of navigating systems and complexes of mobile objects, and also a choice and designing of some means for mechanical tests is considered. In selection of initial materials the emphasis is laid on normative and technical documents, first of all the state standards, stating the general approaches and the positions which have received wide recognition, and also containing most laconic concrete recommendations.

Keywords: micromechanical devices, tests, gages, gages of angular speed, acceleration gages.

Rylov M., Sofiev A. (e-mail: rulmike@mail.ru)

Creation of model of production quality on the basis of data from common enterprise information space

In this article it is considered questions of creation of model of production quality on the basis of data from common enterprise information space. Problems of simulation systems creation at the enterprises, as well as method of their overcoming are considered. The common information space diagram is provided.

Keywords: system of simulation of quality, common information space, MES, PI System.

Virovets M.A., Yaganov R.M. (e-mail: virovets@kvintsystem.ru)

Realization and development of technology of virtualization at creation of automated control system on the basis of imitating simulation tools as a part of PTC KVINT

For increase of efficiency of design and quality of debugging full-scale automated control system, constructed on the basis of modern PTC, is necessary development and application of complex technology which consists in use of imitating simulation tools of real control units, sensors and executive mechanisms in the virtual environment. In article is presented the description of new approaches and modeling principles when using technology of virtualization in the new version of PTC Kvint 7 thanks to what at creation of automated control system is provided the uniform approach to design, programming of problems of management, realization of settlement tasks and problems of modeling.

Keywords: automated control systems, program and technical complex, simulation study, virtual environment.

Boykachev V.N., Chernyshev M.S. (e-mail: Techcom.space@gmail.com)

Automation of the electronic devices testing procedure

The software of the automation of the electronic devices testing procedure, allowing to cut down the labor cost in the testing phase, is described. The designed software and ways of its customizing are presented. The interaction of the user (operator) with the developed software in the course of testing is described.

Keywords: automation, testing, automation of testing, electronic devices, operator manual, magistral interface, Manchester II.

Boykachev V.N., Chernyshev M.S. (e-mail: Techcom.space@gmail.com)

Electronic devices testing procedure visualization software

The Background approaches to develop the electronic devices automation and testing procedure visualization software are covered. The scheme of data displaying in the course of testing the device is given in the mnemonic. The function of each of the elements of the mnemonic is specified. The way of customizing of the software and the method of testing electronic devices are described.

Keywords: testing procedure visualization, testing electronic devices, mnemonic, testing, operator manual.