Abstracts. 10, 2011 year
Filinov V.V., Shaternkov V.E., Filinova A.V. (e-mail: mgupipr-4@mail.ru)

Development of the method of magnetic noise and working out of means of nondestructive control

The perspective using of magnetic and magnetic-acoustic noizes during the remagnetizing for stress testing of high - alloy steel products is presented in the paper. The research system for building of algorithms of control is represented.

Keywords: the magnetic and magnetic-acoustic noises, research system for control mechanical pressure.

Lukashkin V.G., Gordeeva G.V. (e-mail: G.V.Gordeeva@yandex.ru)

Increase of accuracy of measurements of the consumption of energy carriers in systems of power supply of industrial and household objects

The article deals with topical issues of automation of measurements of the expense of energy carriers at thermal stations for the purpose of increase of efficiency of its account are considered.

Keywords: energy carriers, natural gas, measuring complex, a consumption, a pressure, a temperature.

Nikonov K.P., Orlov V.P., Fomina M.V. (e-mail: ovp403@yandex.ru)

Sharing ECAD and MCAD systems at technical designing of the gauge of pressure

The technique of sharing of system of computer mathematics MATLAB, ECAD and MCAD systems for formation of a uniform information stream of the project on an example of technical designing of the gage of pressure with a differential capacitive cell is considered.

Keywords: ECAD systems, MCAD systems, designing of the gage of pressure.

Didin G.A., Arakelov P.G., Shkatov P.N. (e-mail: wargod_venom@mail.ru)

Eddy Current structurescop VS-7

The article presents structurescope intended for sorting of serial products different types of coatings on the interior surfaces. The principles and algorithms for configure the device.

Keywords: eddy current, structurescopy, sorting.

Rykalin V.V. (e-mail: vsleptsov@gmail.com)

Study of characteristics of silicon planar solid-state photomultipliers

The results of the study of MRS sensors, representing a new generation of photodetectors is presented.
A number of measurements that are needed when using planar sensors of new generation in various applications of the physical experiment technology are carried out.

Keywords: photomultipliers, MRS sensors, operating point, noise level, temperature measurements.

Shchepetov A.G., Huhtikov N.A. (e-mail: av108410@comtv.ru)

On the nonlinearity of the static characteristic measurement devices

The methods of calculation and accuracy properties of nonlinear static characteristics of measuring devices.

Keywords: devices, static characteristic, imperfection of nonlinear static characteristics.

Kondratenko V.S., Naumov A.S. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

New laser cutting technology of sapphire wafers on crystals

The work is devoted to development of new cutting technology of semiconductor wafers on crystals by a method of laser controlled thermocracking (LCT). There are results of experimental researches of the cut sapphire wafers on crystals for light-emitting diodes (LED) by means of two lasers (2-laser and UV-laser).

Keywords: laser controlled thermocracking (LCT), light-emitting diodes (LED), sapphire, 2-laser; UV-laser.

Zubarev A.S. (e-mail: vsleptsov@gmail.com)

Choosing the optimal scheme of UT testing of gas and water pipes with long operation life and passing through hidden divisions in apartment houses and buildings

In the given work for choice the optimum scheme of ultrasonic control of gas and water pipes passing through interfloor overlappings researches are conducted in residential buildings and having the big term of operation. It has been established that characteristic defect of pipes being in interfloor overlappings are corrosion damages and as consequence, strong reduction of a thickness of a wall and the optimum scheme of control of the given pipes is developed by waves of Lemba. Also the question on expediency of application of solid-state model of diffraction for ultrasonic control of thin-walled pipes in interfloor overlappings from application of waves of Lemba is considered.

Keywords: orrosion damage, echo-signal, Lamb waves, wall thinning, defect, ultrasonic testing, pipe, amplitude of echo-signal, piezoelectric transducer (PET).

Sumkin P.S. (e-mail: pavelsumkin@rambler.ru)

Metrological maintenance of leak testing control, standard leaks and their methods of calibration

In the present article types of standard (control) leaks, their methods of calibration, their applicability for sensitivity classes of leak testing control. The emphasis becomes on standard leaks at tests by a method an inside-out test since till now didn't exist the metrological certified standard leaks for such tests. The new type of standard leaks the combined diffusive-capillary standard leak KT-1 with possibility of its calibration bubble in water, as new metrological certified standard leaks by a method an inside-out test for helium leak testers control.

Keywords: nondestructive testing, leak testing, helium leak testers, a method an inside-out test, standard (control) leaks, diffusive-capillary standard leaks, a method calibration bubble in water.

Gordeyev J.V., Podbelsky .N. (e-mail: v_sleptsov@gmail.com)

Use is information-measuring and operating systems for improvement of quality of definition of heat physical properties metal flows

It is shown that now accuracy and speed of reception, processing and reproduction of results, that is reception of exact indicators is necessary for definition improvement of quality heat physical properties metal flows then flow in a mode of real time.
It is defined that such results are reached at the expense of application of the modern information-measuring and operating systems, allowing to carry out more and more fast and an effective control of the processes proceeding in steel-smelting units, and also processes of processing of a steel in units of extraoven processing.
New methods and technical decisions of industrial problems are offered.

Keywords: improvement of quality, information-measuring and operating systems, heat physical properties, measuring probe, metal flows.

Krymsky V.G., Kabashov Yu.S. (e-mail: vikrymsky@mail.ru)

Application of tau-model to integration of information from a few gas MEMS sensors

The paper considers methodology for integrating the information from a number of gas MEMS-sensors for accident probability assessment and decision support within the monitoring of the air inside the premises. The approach is based on the use of uncertainty tau model and allows increasing the credibility of the assessment of undesired event a posterior probability in course of treating a few sensors issues adjusted due to results of sensors sequential interrogation and accident probabilities conditioned on the above results.

Keywords: gas MEMS-sensor, integration of information, tau-model, probability assessment, decision support.