Abstracts. № 9, 2013 year
Khodunkov V.P. (e-mail: walkerearth@mail.ru)

Precision analog thermoregulator for the three-zone termostat

Shows the electronic circuit controller and a constructive solution for the three-zone thermostat. Given the basic design relations for determining the tuning parameters.

Keywords: thermostat, PI control, three-zone thermostat, thermal converter resistance.

Fatullayev A.A. (e-mail: asadzade@rambler.ru)

Three-wavelengths sun photometer with increased ratio of signal/noise at the output

The new modification of construction of three wavelengths sun photometer with increased ratio of signal/noise at the output is suggested. It is shown, that existing variants of realization of idea of three-wavelengths photometry there is possibility for meaningful increase of signal/noise ratio in account of carrying out of measurements at low values of optical air mass if the previous measurements were held at higher value of latter. The proposed method has a limited use, because the optical air mass is always more or equal to one, and in last case the suggested method loses its positive value.

Keywords: sun photometer, optical air mass, atmosphere, aerosol, signal-noise ratio, absorbtion, wavelength.

Barinov I.N., Volkov V.S. (e-mail: mzungu@inbox.ru)

Application and development features of semiconductor polycrystalline diamond pressure sensors for harsh environments

The application urgency and summarized characteristics of semico nductor pressure sensor for harsh environments are presented. The pressure sensors on basis of polycrystalline diamond are proposed. The simulations which approve an availability the polycrystalline diamond pressure sensors for harsh environments are cited.

Keywords: polycrystalline diamond, harsh environments, sensor element, strain gauges, fabrication method, simulation.

Ovcharuk V.N., Chye En Un (e-mail: ovaler@ya.ru)

The hardware-software complex for the registration and analysis acoustic emission signals

This paper describes a hardware and software analytical complex of analysis the spectral characteristics. The complex includes the study of the signals with the ability to create a database for identification. Presents the results of the evaluation of scientific and practical significance of the software developed.

Keywords: acoustic emission, spectral analysis, nondestructive testing, frequency response, hardware-software complex.

Zotov M.G. (e-mail: zotova35@mail.ru)

Algorithm for optimal regulator's parameters correction to provide the system with robust stability capability

The article describes an algorithm which allows to adjust parameters of an optimal controller without significant sliding in criterion of optimality value but brings robust stability into the system.

Keywords: robust stability, degree of stability, quality criterion, optimal controller, robust controller.

Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Reaserching of expansion coefficient of invarient information-measuring system of flow and quantity of gas on simulation package «VisSim»

During the movement of gas through the flow transducers it throttling and its density is changing after the transducer. These changes accounted with a correction factor for the expansion of the gas. This paper examines the influence of expansion coefficient on work of invariant information-measuring systems for measuring the flow rate and the amount of gas. Research of influence of this factor in the measurement process was carried out in the package of dynamic simulation «VisSim». This paper shows the results of research of expansion coefficient of invariant systems for measuring the flow rate and the amount of gas.

Keywords: flow meters, measuring systems, invariance, gas, expansion.

Timofeev B.P., Novikov D.V. (e-mail: dima_novikov.spb@mail.ru)

Improvement of gears quality by developing new standards

This paper deals with a problem of improving the quality of gears. The paper focuses on accuracy as one of the indicators of quality.
Development of new standards of quality unified with ISO is to become an important step towards the solution of the problem.

Keywords: gear, accuracy, standard.

Chelpanov I.B., Evstifeev M.I., Kochetkov A.V. (e-mail: igorchelp@yandex.ru)

Definition of threshold of sensitivity and dynamic error for micromechanical sensors of speeds and accelerations

Algorithms of definition of a threshold of sensitivity for micromechanical sensors of speeds and accelerations are considered. For example, at calibration on a model measure of test have to be carried out at the precision stand considered as a model measure and capable to set sinusoidal laws of change of angular speed with rather high precision.

Keywords: micromechanical devices, tests, gages, sensors of angular speed, accelerometers.

Slepcov V.V., Stroganov D.A. (e-mail: vsleptsov@gmail.com)

Reliability increasing of controlled electric drive (practical implementation)

The article presents the practical realization results of reliability increasing of controlled electric drive by changing the power switches of the power amplifier with simultaneous engine modification.

Keywords: reliability increasing, electric drive, practical realization.

Studitskiy A., Kekin A. (e-mail: Alexandr.Studitskiy@gmail.com)

Ways to increase efficiency of integrated multi-channel surveillance systems

The article deals with multi-channel observation system with different structure of physical and data integration. The basic advantages of integrated systems compared to the single-channel devices or sets of discrete single-channel devices.

Keywords: multisensor integration, MSI, data fusion.

Qalandarov P.I., Masharipov S.M., Iskandarov B., Shamsuddinova V.H. (e-mail: Polvon_1955@yahoo.com)

Analysis of development control devices moisture content, whether based on capacitive converters

The theoretical and experimental results of the humidity control, when the object of the study is the quality parameters of cotton, some that have an impact on atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity of the processed raw materials. The whole process raw cotton processing includes the steps, starting from the harvest and ending with the release of its products. This raw moisture – one of the main parameters that characterize the efficiency of technological operations at all stages of production. This paper describes the mathematical model of the process, examines the state, moisture metering, provides recommendations for instrumentation control humidity of raw cotton for the entire process chain of industrial processing of raw materials.

Keywords: humidity of raw materials, moisture control, accuracy, sensor, moisture meter, hygrometry, raw cotton, drying of raw cotton.

Romanova E. (e-mail: marketing@elpribor.ru)

Evolution of electrical appliances with deal indicators

The article is designed to help users understand the range of modern electrical appliances with deal indicators. it describes the history of switchboard instrument making, recommendations how to avoid buying used appliances, and contains answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Keywords: instrumentation, appliances with deal indicators, panel electric appliances, means of measurement, ammeter, voltmeter, Elektropribor.