Abstracts. 9, 2012 year
Davidov A.I., Mukhamadiev A.A., Urakseev M.A. (e-mail: andrey87ufa@yandex.ru)

Information-measuring systems' acousto-optical switches' classification

Acousto-optical switches classification is developed. Work principles, block skeleton diagrams given in classification are considered.

Keywords: acousto-optic switch, classification, information-measuring system, deflector, transducer, optic fiber, fiber-optic array.

Kalandarov P., Iskandarov B., Abdraimov F., Maksudova S. (e-mail: Polvon_1955@yahoo.com)

Use horn antenna in microwave information technology control parameters

The possibility of using the horn antennas in the control of information in the process parameters of microwave technology.

Keywords: horn antennas, lenses, opening the horn axis, optical, manual, profile, focus lenses, illuminator, phase.

Baranov D.A., Latysenko K.P., Smirnov V.N., Trang Ung Long (e-mail: kplat@mail.ru)

Automatic monitoring of compound of sewage

In the present article considered the properties of chromium Cr+6, described the operation of chromium indicator -2 and presented the results it its operation in the system of purification of sewage in the surbub of Ho Chi Minh city.

Keywords: automation, monitoring, chrome 6, sewage treatment, signaling device -2.

Chkhetiani P.D. (e-mail: S021020@yandex.ru)

Precision friction machine with test Schemes thrust sliding bearing and thrust rolling bearing

The machine is assigned for precision evaluation of tribological characteristics of thrust sliding and rolling bearings, specimens of different structural and lube materials coatings etc, as well as diesel and jet-propelled fuels.

Keywords: friction, wear, friction coefficient, thrust sliding bearing, thrust rolling bearing.

Albagachiev A., Kushnir A. (e-mail: albagachiev@yandex.ru)

Forecasting of results of measurement of inertial parameters on the basis of mathematical modelling

The technique of measurement and imitating model is offered in this article. It allows to raise accuracy of measurement of the devices, possessing the raised lag effect. The settlement dependences describing process of accelerated measurements are received. The offered technique allows to raise accuracy of measurements.

Keywords: the instrument, inertia, accuracy of measurement, the thermocouple, blow, imitating modeling, Matlab Simulink.

Barinov I., Volkov V. (e-mail: mzungu@inbox.ru)

Assurance of long-term stability high-temperature semiconductor strain-gauge absolute pressure sensors parameters

The causes decreasing vacuum in abutment pressure high temperature absolute pressure sensors cavity are described. Solutions makes it possible to obtain designated vacuum level are proposed.

Keywords: high-temperature semiconductor strain-gauge absolute pressure sensor, reference cavity, gas permeability, diffusion bonding.

Mustafaev G.A., Mustafaeva D.G. (e-mail: dzhamilya79@yandex.ru)

Problems of selection of materials and technologymetallization interconnection device structures and solutions

The possibilities of obtaining high-quality metallization interconnect structures, requirements and selection of materials for a multilevel system.

Keywords: metallization, multi-tiered system, material, technology, stability.

Zuykov A.A., Shulepov A.V. (e-mail: dvoetut@mail.ru)

Improve the accuracy of measurements of small-sized objects, with special viewing systems in computerized measuring microscope

The existing methods and tools for measuring the parameters of the geometric accuracy of small-sized objects. We describe optoelectronic measurement system for measurement of small objects on the basis of the measuring microscope with a miniature fiber optic probe in the sight. The circuit and working principle of this system. The algorithms and methods for measuring the digital image processing in the area of sight, which can reduce the error in determining the boundaries of objects in the measurement of the coordinate method.

Keywords: measurement of small objects, measuring microscope, digital image processing, fiber optic probe, computer vision.

Kirpichev A.A., Simchuk A.A., Novoselov M.U., Smirnov V.Y., Smirnov A.Y., Shkatov P.N., Schulz F., Begoff P., Brucke M., Iwanczik M. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)

The analysis of reproducibility of measurements of accelerometer's metrological characteristics in various calibration systems

The article presents test results of piezoelectric acceleration transducers produced by LLC GlobalTest in the calibration laboratory of the company SPEKTRA (Dresden), accredited in the DKD (Deutschen Kalibrierdienstes) system by the German Standards Institute (PTB). Test objects are the low-frequency piezoelectric transducers with the built - in electronics AP08, AP09 and also the standard vibration transducer 10 and the shock vibration transducer AP12. Calibration results in the company SPEKTRA confirmed the consistency of comparison with the calibration results The Russian metrological State centers (Federal State Unitary Enterprise VNIIM. Mendeleyev, FSI Test-St.-Petersburg) and in the metrological service of the Company GlobalTest. Mutual technical and business interest in developing partnerships developers and manufacturers of measurement and calibration equipment, as well as metrology services of Russia and Germany.

Keywords: piezoelectric vibrator, calibration equipment, calibration, collation, consistency.

Bochkarev N.N. (e-mail: bonic@iao.ru)

Reference acoustic radiator based on the modulation principle of one-electrode flare discharge

The developed and manufactured plasma radiator of acoustic waves is described. The radiator, which operates on the principle of one-electrode high-frequency flare discharge in temperature ~ 4500 K, has a high fidelity of broadband acoustic signal, unattainable for electrodynamic radiators. The radiator frequency response function is absolutely smooth in the frequency range up to several MHz. It allows for the generator to be considered as a reference one.

Keywords: acoustic waves, generator, modulation, one-electrode discharge, plasma.