Abstracts. № 9, 2011 year
Sapozhnikov S.Z., Mityakov V.Y., Mityakov A.V. (e-mail: serg.sapozhnikov@mail.ru)

Geterogenios gradient heat flux sensors

In the present paper the artificial anisotropic heat flux sensors described. They are made from different composites. The methodic for sensor’s optimization based on properties of used material is obtained. The results of sensor’s calibration are presented.

Keywords: heat flux, sensor, gauge, heat flux measurement.

Korablev V.A., Sokolov A.N., Suharev K.N., Kharlamov Y.A., Sharkov A.V. (e-mail: KVA@grv.ifmo.ru)

Heat flux device

The device for measure steady and transient heat flux from cryocooler is described. Transient heat flux is determined by transfer function.

Keywords: steady and transient heat flux, thermopile sensor, transfer function.

Alekseyev V.V., Tokarevsky P.A. (e-mail: VVAlekseyev@mail.ru)

Algorithm of the choice of structure of information support information-measuring system

The effectiveness of information-measuring systems (IMS) depends on several factors, one of which is effectiveness information ensuring (IE) for IMS. The improving the quality of IE IMS depends on the composition of IE. The authors analyze the composition of the IE IMS, focusing on the appointment of certain classes of IMS. To select an effective structure IE IMS particular class are encouraged to apply the modified method of sequential assignment.

Keywords: information ensuring, information-measuring systems, multi-factor analysis.

Braguta M.V, Bronetsky A.E., Islamov R.T., Klimenko S.V. (e-mail: braguta.maxim@gmail.com)

Electric Power Grid Visualization using virtual environment technology

The article describes the research results of development of an electric power grid visualization tool using virtual environment technology to enhance operator situation awareness and decision making in power grid operations.

Keywords: virtual environment, situation analysis, electric power grid.

Gureyev V.V., Rusanov S.G. (e-mail: gureevvv@mail.ru)

Method of eliminating errors due to self-heating effects in RTD based on a discrete time model

A new method of eliminating errors due to self-heating effects in RTDs is proposed and analyzed. Numerical and physical experiments were carried out.

Keywords: RTD, sensor, self-heating, discrete time model, least-squares method.

Zakharova V., Maiorov D. (e-mail: viktoriasju@newmail.ru)

Enthalpy for Flight Recorder Active Material Model

The problem of active material enthalpy determination during development of flight recorder computer simulation at high and low temperature fire influences is considered. The heat of phase change estimation technique in the presence of experimental data on multi-layer heat shielding action is given.

Keywords: thermal protection, optimization, heat of phase transition, enthalpy.

Velichko A., Ostrovskiy E. (e-mail: mgupipr5@mail.ru)

Differential methods for remote humidity sensing of atmosphere

The report proposes a method of processing the results of microwave and infrared radiometric measurements in order to determine the water vapor and moisture in the troposphere, as well as the height of cloud base. The method combines the gradient scanning and the spectral signal processing and is different from the previously used in that all information obtained during a series of measurements is used and that can significantly improve the information capabilities of radiometric equipment. Based on the mass of material taken from the radiosonde network, it is shown that for different conditions the range of angles may be reduced. Selecting an optimal range depends on the total absorption at the operating wavelength of the radiometer, which is influenced by the season of the year also.

Keywords: radiometrics, gradient scanning, remote humidity sensing.

Sokolov A.N. (e-mail: A.N.Sokolov@vniim.ru)

Definition of energy saving properties non-uniform protecting designs

Definition of energy saving properties of non-uniform designs with thermal conductivity inclusions in accordance with GOST 26254 and 26602.1 in certain cases yields results essentially differing among themselves. The computer modeling of measurements has allowed revealing a principal cause of the divergences, consisting that the specified standards differently consider surface coefficient of heat transfer which in the standard climatic chamber differ from normalized values, and the error gives GOST 26602.1. The changes are made in structure of the climatic chamber, allowing to measure parameters in accordance with GOST 26254 at normalized values of surface coefficient of heat transfer and by that to eliminate the revealed regular error.

Keywords: resistance to a heat transfer, protecting design, thermal conductivity inclusion, climatic chamber, computer modeling.

Karzhavin A.V., Karzhavin V.A. (e-mail: kip@tesey.com)

Life time tests of Pt10%Rh-Pt thermocouples

This article describes the results of life time tests of Type S thermocouples made of thermocouple conductors of three different manufacturers. Stability of the individual emf-temperature characteristics before and after 500 and 1000 hrs annealing was examined. The durability of thermocouple wires before and after annealing, the deviation from nominal diameter and the presence of surface defects were assessed.

Keywords: thermocouple, type S, life time, research.