Abstracts. № 8, 2014 year
Zakharenko V.A., Klikushin Y.N., Ponomarev D.B. (e-mail: zaha_vl@mail.ru)

Photodiode pyrometer of the spectral relation

Results of mathematical modeling and experimental research of a pyrometer of the spectral relation realized on one photodiode are given.

Keywords: photodiode, photocurrent, pyrometer of the spectral relation, spectral sensitivity, Planck's equation.

Ivanov V.E., Antonov R.A., Chye E.U. (e-mail: ivanov72@list.ru)

Haar wavelet filter to discrete-analog components

The concept of constructing Haar wavelet filter using discrete analog components for the signal detection tasks in real time. A variant of the circuit engineering implementation of filter banks based on discrete analog computing nodes, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed decision on the criteria of speed, hardware cost, flexibility and modularity of construction. The results of the two-level circuit simulation Haar wavelet filter. The results of the two-level circuit simulation Haar wavelet filter.

Keywords: discrete analog wavelet filter, Mallat algorithm, wavelet transform, sample and hold device, the accumulation adder.

Mordasov D.M., Mordasov M.M., Savenkov A.P. (e-mail: savencow@yandex.ru)

Non-contact aerohydrodynamic measurement oscillator

The processes occurring during the impingement of a gas jet on a liquid surface in oscillating mode are considered. It is found that the oscillations are relaxation. The results of experimental investigations of a fluidic aerohydrodynamic oscillator used to measure the viscosity of liquid are given. The experimental dependencies between parameters of two-phase system «gas jet – liquid» in oscillating mode were obtained.

Keywords: gas jet, liquid, viscosity, relaxation oscillations, self-oscillations, interaction, density, level, measurement, sensor.

Barinov I.N., Volkov V.S., Cypin B.V., Evdokimov S.P. (e-mail: mzungu@inbox.ru)

Temperature compensation of high temperature semiconductor pressure sensors

The article considers the bridge circuit of high-temperature pressure sensor comprising a semiconductor strain gages with a nonlinear temperature dependence of the resistance. The using of thermistors for temperature error compensation of the bridge circuit output is described. A mathematical model for determining the characteristics of the thermistor is proposed. It is shown that temperature dependence of the thermistor resistance close to linear for the given parameters of the bridge circuit.

Keywords: high-temperature strain gauge sensor, bridge circuit, temperature coefficient of resistance, nonlinear temperature dependence, thermistor, mathematical model.

Drobotenko K., Sofiev A. (e-mail: drob.konst@mail.ru)

Compressor control

Considered the principles of process control and protect the compressor from surging phenomenon, as well as the basic method of calculating a surge limit line and surge control line. Provides an example of the automated system of compressor control.

Keywords: axial compressor, centrifugal compressor surge, compressor map, surge limit line, surge control line.

Nikolayev O.M. (e-mail: marketing@elpribor.ru)

How to choose the transmitter?

The automatic control of technological processes in the grid and generating companies and industrial enterprises developed electricity system widely used information-measuring systems for collecting, processing, storage, transmission and presentation of a convenient way of measuring information. Getting information from the controlled object and its primary processing carried transducers.
This article focuses on those transducers, which are the means of measurements normalized metrological characteristics and are used for the conversion of electrical quantities in a standardized DC signal or a digital code used for transmission or display.
As a result, the author makes a comparative analysis of the characteristics of analog and digital transmitters, highlights the main advantages and gives recommendations on the choice of many types of converter on the market.
Focuses on the technical specifications (functional purpose, a method of transmitting the converted quantity, speed, accuracy of measurement, supply voltage, operating temperature range, initial verification) as the main criterion by which the transmitter can be selected.

Keywords: analog transmitter, digital transmitter, measuring, converters DC and AC current and voltage, transformers and reactive power AC.

Yasoveev V.K., Akhmetshin M.Y. (e-mail: ahmaratyan@rambler.ru)

Vibration testing diagnostics based on analysing of continuous wavelet spectrum

The methods used for processing of complex signals, in particular, signals vibration tasting. The method of diagnostics of parameters of vibration tasting on the basis of application of the mathematical apparatus of continuous wavelet transform.

Keywords: vibration, vibration test, vibration diagnostics, continuous wavelet transform, assessment of local maximums.

Kargapoltsev V., Mickiewicz A. (e-mail: rks-energo@bk.ru)

Metrological assurance of precision flow meters of water and other liquids

Park of measuring means of fluid flow and fluid quantity is constantly increasing due to the introduction of flow meters of different types for energy accounting. For devices that are used in the areas of state regulation of measurement traceability, mandatory procedures are primary and periodic muster. If the park of flow meters is a great, there is the question of improving the efficiency of testing works and ensuring the reliability of the results of muster. One way of resolving these questions is the use of automated muster pouring rigs.

Keywords: flow meter, muster, calibration, calibration pouring rig, heat meter, weighting method, method of collation.

Taymanov R., Chunovkina A., Sapozhnikova K. (e-mail: taymanov@vniim.ru)

Variation of Terminology, Methods of Data Processing, and Normative Documents as Reflection of Metrology Development

Variation of terminology, methods of data processing, as well as international and national documentary standards and guides is considered in the paper as the reflection of new measurement tasks characterizing development of metrology.

Keywords: metrology, measurement, terminology, data processing.

Popov Yu.V. (e-mail: tov_popov@rambler.ru)

Modern condition and prospects of development of onboard registrars abroad. Part 2

In article the complex of questions on creation of systems of registration of parameters of flight and negotiations of members of crew of foreign countries is considered. Classification of systems of registration is given. Systems of processing of the registered information are considered. Characteristics of modern registrars are submitted. Problems solved are specified at monitoring the flight data.

Keywords: the onboard registrar, the flight data, systems of processing of the flight data, monitoring.