Abstracts. № 8, 2012 year
Elinson V.M., Lyamin A.N., Neghmetdinova R.A., Smirnov V.I., Petrov V.A., Kholodenko V.P. (e-mail: vm_e@mail.ru)

Possibilities for use of ion-plasma technologies in the field of biological and technical safety

Possibilities for application of two approaches to inactivation of polymers surface are considered. First approach is connected with surface inactivation by means of the source of cold plasma based on special discharge of atmospheric pressure which may be used for surface treatment. The second one is connected with creation of 2D nanocomposite materials on polymers surface with the use of ion-plasma treatment , which possess antimicrobial activity and prevent the microorganism proliferation and colonias production. The influence of cold plasma source onto viability of vegetative and sporous forms of cells were studied. Approaches under discussion are the base for production of new generation of technologies , providing biological and technical safety and stability of materials and wares, which may be used, for example, for space technology and aircrafts.

Keywords: ion-plasma technology, polymers, nanostructured surface, 2D nanocomposite materials, antimicrobial properties, source of cold plasma of atmospheric pressure, vegetative and sporous forms of cells.

Golubev V., Sleptsov V., Tyanginskiy A., Revenok T. (e-mail: 522007@yandex.ru)

Electro methods of synthesis of nano metal hydrosols for biology, medicine and electronics

This article describes how to obtain nanoscale metal particles in the water. Displaying equipment, examples of metal hydrosols, biocidal properties of nano silver hydrosol.

Keywords: nanoscale metal particles in the water, metal hydrosols, biocidal properties of nano silver hydrosol.

Zheltukhin R.V., Krit B.L., Serov M.M. (e-mail: manchoonian@mail.ru)

Application of innovative development in material science for heat power devices

In article the way of receiving a material for ceramic fire nozzles to the high-effective infra-red heat power generators offered by scientist of MATI named after K.E.Tsiolkovsky is described. Receiving preforms of porous materials from metal fibers (for example, from Al and Zr alloys) by the method of pendant drop melt extraction (PDME) with the subsequent processing by the method of (MDO) is supposed.

Keywords: fire nozzles, infra-red heat power generators, pendant drop melt extraction, fiber, microarc discharge oxidizing.

(e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)


The work is devoted to study of the properties of modified water, which was obtained by laser radiation. Мodified water is water in which there are clusters with the crystalline structure.
As a result of these studies, it was devise the new method for rapid analysis of the water structure based on an analysis of stimulated Brillouin scattering spectra. It was found that the optical density, both the Stokes and anti-Stokes component are linearly depended of the concentration of the clusters. These studies were confirmed by measurements of electrical resistivity of solutions of water-ice-like clusters.

Keywords: modified water, laser radiation, new method for rapid analysis of the water structure.

Suminov V.M., Baranov P.N., Koroleva E.A. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Research and development of methods and devices for removal of erosion products in the laser rotor balancing

In this article are considered designed by author the combined systems of removal erosion products in laser balancing of rotors.

Keywords: balancing, erosion.

Cheburakhin I.F. (e-mail: cybernetics@mati.ru)

Mathematical models for minimization and automations of the syntheses discrete controlling systems

In aircraft the syntheses instrument. stands out some directions, for instance, electronic managerial system aircraft engine, in which occurs the improvements on-board instrument on base of the achievements in the field of mechatronics, microelectronics and computing machinery.

Keywords: The On-board instruments, the digital automatons, the mathematical models, information technologies, the boolean function.

Malyshev K.V. (e-mail: malyshev@bmstu.ru)

Multicolor terahertz laser based on figurate superlattices

The application of figurate AlGaAs-superlattices as an active element of the multicolor terahertz quantum cascade laser is offered and is theoretically investigated.
The multicolor radiation consisting of 3-6 peaks of the photon amplification coefficient is revealed in electric fields 11...13 kV/cm in a frequency band 2...4 THz. The peaks linearly depend on an electric field, maintain height more than 20 cm–1, and strongly depend on thickness of AlGaAs-layers. Such multicolor figurate superlattice lasers are perspective for remote detection of ultrasmall quantities of various organic molecules at once on coincidence to several spectral lines.

Keywords: terahertz technology, quantum cascade laser, quasiperiodic structure, figurate number, superlattice.

Belenky I.Y., Ostroverkhov V.V., Timirgaliev R.A. (e-mail: beligyak@mail.ru)

Measurement of network apparent power and its components in three-phase electrical networks with unbalanced nonlinear load

IEEE 1459-2010 method network apparent power calculation in three-phase networks with unbalanced nonlinear loads is considered. IEEE 1459-2010 method and classical method network apparent power calculation where compared. Drawbacks of classical method network apparent power calculation in networks with unbalanced nonlinear loads are shown. Measuring transducer ФЕ1888.2-АД, that apply IEEE 1459-2010 method network apparent power and its components calculation, is described.

Keywords: network apparent power, network reactive power, network nonactive power, IEEE 1459-2010.

Nemirov M.S., Silkina T.G., Ibragimov R.R., Evdokimov J.K. (e-mail: gnmc@nefteavtomatika.ru)

The reference laboratory prepared oil moisture EUDVN-1l

In this article considered with methods and tools for precision measurement of the moisture content of oil used in verification of stream moisture meters of oil. Presented investigation results results of investigations of serial moisture meter UDVN-1L. This investigations result, can be used to increase accuracy of the measurements. Tested and commissioned in reference moisture prepared oil meters EUDVN-1L with improved metrological characteristics.

Keywords: stream moisture meters of oil, moisture content of oil, oil-water mixture, verification, microwave-method, calibration characteristic, reference moisture, control of the metrological characteristics.