Abstracts. ╣ 8, 2011 year
Kuznetsov S.I., General director of The state center of science of the Russian Federation of Opened Joint-stock company źNIITeplopribor╗ (e-mail: info@niiteplopribor.ru)

65 years on service to fatherland


Kuznetsov S.I., Bronetsky A.E., Klimenko S.V. (e-mail: Stanislav.Klimenko@gmail.com)

Actual problems of visualization and virtual environment: experience and prospects of interdisciplinary cooperation

In article problems of visualization and the virtual environment, connected with creation of difficult objects when designers deal with a large quantity of the data which are difficult for understanding and interpreting are considered, without resorting to preliminary visual research by means of active interaction with the computer. The most general information about an origin of visualization systems and a virtual environment is supplied, scopes of such systems are listed. Arguments about utility of the interdisciplinary approach are led to the decision of challenges at which the creative collectives including experts of the most different disciplines are created. On an example of interaction of źNIITeplopribor╗ and base chairs MFTI experience of successful performance of some important projects is presented. Prospects of development of innovative technologies in źNIITeplopribor╗ subjects are defined.

Keywords: virtualization systems and a virtual environment, interdiscipline, supercomputers, perception of three-dimensional space, display of the dispatching and technological information, 3D-documents, the situational centers, integrated information-analytical system.

Zvenigorodski E.G., Kaminski J.D., Martinova V.I., Proskurnev S.J., Rogov P.V., Turin J.A. (e-mail: ehduardz@yandex.ru)

Laser measuring instruments of the expense and speed of a liquid

In article are presented results of researches and the workings out spent to JSC źNIITeplopribor╗ on creation of a new class of contactless high-precision measuring instruments of the expense and speed of liquids on the basis of one of perspective directions of laser measuring technologies ľ methods laser doppler anemometry.

Keywords: the expense, speed, liquid, epure, an error, the laser.

Welt I.D. (e-mail: vellt@rol.ru)

Electromagnetic research NIITeplopribor

Reviews the achievements of the Institute for the study of the electromagnetic method of measurement and the creation of electromagnetic flowmeters for various purposes. We present the results of the development of metrological provision of electromagnetic flowmeters on the basis of simulation devices.

Keywords: electromagnetic flowmeter, magnetic field, simulation check, liquid metal.

Zvenigorodski E.G. (e-mail: ehduardz@yandex.ru)

Metrological researches and workings out in NIITeplopribor

Within more than 50 years at institute are conducted researches and workings out for the purpose of creation of new methods of measurement and devices for measurement of pressure, the expense and level of section of liquid and gaseous environments in the most different service conditions.

Keywords: devices, measurements, tests, the expense, level, pressure.

Danilichev. J.D., Kuznetsov S.I., Pevzner V.V. (e-mail: danilichev@niiteplopribor.ru)

Opened Joint-stock company źNIITeplopribor╗. Innovative achievements in DCS for power stations.

In work the history of creation of means for automation of processes of power system is considered. Process of creation and development of the Russian program-technical complex is in detail presented.

Keywords: means, a program-technical complex, the controller, the communication device with object.

Klimenko S.V., Ogurtsov A.I., Tyurin Yu.A., Frolov P.V. (e-mail: Stanislav.Klimenko@gmail.com)

Program-technical complex of SRC źNIITeplopribor╗ for solving 3D design, modeling, and visualization devices and systems for power generation facilities

This paper presents a software-hardware complex of SRC źNIITeplopribor╗, including a supercomputer based on nVIDIA Tesla graphics processors (GPU) and VEonPC virtual environment system. A unique complex designed to meet the challenges of three-dimensional design, modeling and visualization of devices and systems for power generation facilities.

Keywords: visualization, virtual environment, supercomputer, GPU, cluster.

Zalevskiy V.A., Kuznetsov A.S., Muhometshin A.A. (e-mail: info@niiteplopribor.ru)

The decision of modern problems of power savings and power efficiency in JSC źNIITeplopribor╗

In given article are considered the basic lines of activity of institute in the field of power savings and power efficiency to which it is possible to carry working out and introduction of the automated information-measuring systems of the commercial account of power resources, systems dispatcherising and monitoring of parameters, systems of telemechanics and communication of difficult objects of management. Also it is underlined that the collective of institute on the basis of scientific, methodical both technical pilot projects and results of introduction is capable to realize any on complexity the project in area energy conservation in deadlines at the minimum financial investments according to applied in institute to quality management system.

Keywords: the power savings, power efficiency, automation, scheduling, the commercial account, power resources, indemnification, power audit, monitoring.

Arakelin E.K., Mezin S.V., Simagin D.A. (e-mail: Edik_arakelyan@inbox.ru)

Technique of expert comparison of characteristics PTC based on the concept of the analysis of hierarchies

Within the limits of model of the multilevel stratified description program-technical complexes PTC ACS TP thermal power station and the atomic power station is resulted are offered a design procedure of characteristics of preference PTC and also simple and constructive procedures of correction and optimization of the characteristics, considering conceptual positions of methods and procedures of the analysis of hierarchies. The technique is tested for an estimation of preference by experts with reference to three the most widespread full-scale PTC: (Siemens SPPA T3000) (SI Fifths) and (Emerson Ovation).

Keywords: characteristics of program-technical complexes, an expert estimation, preference, criteria of an estimation, methods and procedures of the analysis of hierarchies.