Abstracts. 7, 2016 year
Prokhorov N.L., Znaiko G.G., Krasovsky V.E. (e-mail: prokhorov_n@ineum.ru)

The new generation of technical means for medical rehabilitation

The article considers a number of different approaches used in state-of-the-art intelligent technical means of medical rehabilitation in application to the matter of registration of a persons physiological signals for people with disabilities. Based on development of technical means of medical rehabilitation at PJSC INEUM named after I.S. Brook.

Keywords: neurointerface, microprocessor controlled prosthetic device, brain-computer interface, medical rehabilitation.

Paramonov N.., Egorov G.A., Semenikhin S.V. (e-mail: paramonov_n_b@rambler.ru)

Predesign modelling of control systems of land robots on Elbrus computer systems

Approaches to modeling of complex control systems to support image systems and testing. A method for assessing the impact of individual features on the system. For example, robotic complexes the opportunity of application of the single hardware-software platform Elbrus both at the stage of predesign analysis and as a means of on-board computing robotic complexes.

Keywords: robotic systems, control systems, computational tools.

Bychkov I.N., Ryabtsev Y.S., Khaliullin Y.Kh. (e-mail: bychkov_i@ineum.ru)

Methods of motherboards iterative design for multiprocessor server

This paper describes proposed methods of motherboards iterative design to ensure servers maintainability and reliability with increased amount of multi-core processors, DRAMs and peripheral interfaces. These methods were applied for design of server processors with Elbrus architecture.

Keywords: iterative design, multi-core processor, multi-objective optimization, FPGA based prototyping, chip examination.

Ermolaev. A. N., Melnichuk O.V. (e-mail: MelnichukOV@mail.ru)

State-of-the-art photometric instruments used in turbidity measurements by example of the Sigrist-Photometer AG production

The authors analyzed photometric turbidity measurement instruments of Sigrist-Photometer AG company. Five produced lines of photometers (AquaScat, DualScat, LabScat, TurbiGuard, TurbiScat) are described and corresponding comparative characteristics are given. Distinctive features, applications and advantages of these series of turbidimeters are considered. As an example of application wastewater purification scheme with photometers AquaScat are proposed.

Keywords: photometer, turbidimeter, water treatment, sedimentation, waste treatment, liquid dispersed medium.

Purisev Y.A., Ovcharuk V.N., Chye En Un (e-mail: agent-duh@mail.ru)

Research complex for registration acoustic emission signals with unfixed duration

The article describes the problems of registration acoustic emission signals applied to modern systems of acoustic emission diagnostics. The problems of the loss history of acoustic emission signals and the maximum time limit for registration of acoustic emission events. Proposed the algorithmic variant for solving the problem based on non-threshold signals recording with unfixed duration. Describes the hardware and software system for the registration of AE signals that implements the proposed registration algorithms.

Keywords: acoustic emission, nondestructive testing, hardware-software complex, non- threshold recording.

Milyaev I.M., Yusupov V.S., Stelmashok S.I., Milyaev A.I. (e-mail: imilyaev@mail.ru)

Magnetic and mechanical properties of powder hard magnetic alloys 22Cr15Co, 30Cr8Co2Mo and 30Cr20Co2Mo2W

Investigations of magnetic hysteresis and mechanical properties of the powder deformable hard magnetic alloys 22Cr15Co, 30Cr8Co2Mo and 30Cr20Co2Mo2W after sintering at temperatures 1150...1300 and hot rolling in calibers at a temperature 1130...1150 . It is shown that by hot plastic deformation of sintered powder billet hard magnetic FeCrCo alloys with a reduction rate of 15...16 % can be reduced to the optimum sintering temperature 150...200 without degradation of their magnetic hysteresis properties.

Keywords: magnetic properties, the coercive force, residual induction, the maximum energy product, powder metallurgy, sintering, hot deformation.

Reut V.I., Fedorova J.M. (e-mail: mingaleeva91@mail.ru)

New solutions in the construction of ball flowmeters

The article features the operating principle of ball flowmeters and a brief summary of new solutions aimed at the rectification of faults in the known structures of ball transducers occurring during the conversion of liquid flowrate into a pulse electric output signal. Electric ball primary flowrate transducer is being developed, whose operating principle consists in the use of a ferromagnet ball and a magnetic induction sensor.

Keywords: ball flowmeter, ball transducer, electric ball primary flowrate transducer, liquid volume, volumetric liquid flowrate, error, turbine, ferromagnet ball, magnetic induction sensor.

Nevskaya E.E. (e-mail: Nevskaya_EE@nrcki.ru)

The software for estimation of the measurement instruments a posteriori reliability of calibration

The software for estimation the measurement instruments a posteriori reliability of calibration in terms of unequal accuracy is considered. The mathematical toolset used during its development is given and examples of its application in the sphere of measurement of characteristics of ionizing radiation are shown.

Keywords: contours estimation, error of measurements, measurements in terms of unequal accuracy, software, a posteriori reliability of calibration, measurements of ionizing radiation.