Abstracts. 7, 2015 year
Gurevich M. (e-mail: gurevitch@inbox.ru)

Metods for improvement metrology characteristics of AC-DC high voltage termocomparators

Evaluation of metrology characteristics of measurement AC-DC high voltage (3...103 V) termocomparators for frequency range 2...105 Hz, that employ, as high accuracy standard comparators (tolerance 0,001...0,01 %) for verification voltmeters and calibrators, describes. New schems and construction technology solutions to improve metrology characteristics suggests.

Keywords: standard, voltage, DC voltage standard, AC voltage standard, transfer standard, measurement transducer, thermal converter, thermal comparator, instrument, voltmeter, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range.

Mamikonian B.M., Mamikonian Kh.B. (e-mail: bomam@yandex.ru)

The Measuring Circuits of Inductive and Capacitive Primary Converters with phase output signals

In the article it is described the new scheming solutions of measuring circuit, intended for invariant measuring of inductive and capacitive primary transducers parameters on alternating current. In elaborations there are used the structural and algorithmic methods of measuring accuracy improving. As the output of the measuring circuit it is used the phase shift angle between the voltages of its two sections. Measurement process control and processing of measuring results are carried out by programmable microcontroller.

Keywords: inductive transducer, capacitive transducer, invariant measuring, informative parameter, phase signal.

Zelikovsky Z. (e-mail: zinovy.zelikovsky@gmail.com)

A 3-resistor decimal transfer and resistance standards scaling

To transfer the single-value resistance standards from 1 ? to 100 k? it is offered a series-parallel decimal transfer, consisting of three resistors. This transfer is simpler as compared to the series-parallel transfer standard 1 - 100 Ohm [B.V. Hamon, 1954]. A calibration method for R - 10R transfer of uses a special binary bridge.

Keywords: transfer resistance standard, the resistance standard scaling, decimal series-parallel transfer, transfer calibration, binary bridge.

Nakin A. (e-mail: andrey.nakin@gmail.com)

Hardware Adapter for V7-28 Digital Voltmeter Powered by Arduino Mega 2560 Board

A firmware for Arduino Mega 2560 is developed that manages the V7-28 digital voltmeter. The voltmeter is controlled by SCPI commands. The board is connected to any PC through USB interface.

Keywords: V7-28, Arduino, SCPI, automated measurements.

Goncharov V.B., Ivchenko V.D. (e-mail: prosto-vlad@rambler.ru)

Precision gage propellant launch vehicles with liquid engines

The article describes the principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages used in today's launch vehicles (LV) capacitive and inductive gauges. The task required the development of a new precision level sensor fuel components for modern LV using the action of microwave waveguide. Were calculated characteristics and dimensions of the waveguide and selected the most suitable for the task. Developed functional and circuit diagrams of the high-frequency sensor measuring the level of fuel components using modern domestic microcontroller.

Keywords: level transmitter, capacitive level sensor, inductive sensor level, wave-water sensor, waveguide, microwave waves, liquid propellant rocket engine.

Azimov R.K., Babayev G.G., Masharipov Sh.M. (e-mail: mss2014@rambler.ru)

Features of receiving measuring information capacitor primary converter

In article it is considered the principle of work capacitor primary the measuring converter and its advantages for obtaining measuring information. Movement and dielectric permeability for measurement of parameters is given metrological characteristics and designs of capacitor primary converters, and also functions of transformation linear and angular.

Keywords: capacity, converter, primary converter, measurements, error, dielectric, humidity.

Shulepko N.M., Sheryshev A.E., Mogilnaya T.Y. (e-mail: n25406@gmail.com)

The statistical analysis of informative parameters for the nanoparticles and biological objects in water and colloidal solutions

In this article approach to the analysis of pathogenic microorganisms in colloidal liquid by spectroscopy with the combined VRMB and a autolyuminisention methods.

Keywords: spectroscopy, data processing, spectrs, pathogens, autoluminescence.

Malyschev Y.O. (e-mail: fgup@omsketalon.ru)

Furnaces 50-700 and 600-1100 for realization of fixed points of ITS-90

Defined need of using fixed points of ITS-90 for calibration reference thermometers. Described construction of fixed points furnace 50-700 for temperature range +50+700 and fixed points furnace 600-1100 for temperature range +600+1100 . The results of realization of fixed points in this furnace are presented.

Keywords: metrology, calibration, temperature, furnace, fixed points.

Bikkulov V.S., Kondakov A.V., Ramazanova L.R. (e-mail: vniir.nio-7@yandex.ru)

Calculation of amendments to the State special etalon of the length unit (level) 1-th digit in the range from 0.01 to 20 m given the buoyancy forces liquid and air

The calculation of the correction for State special standard unit of length (level) of the 1st grade in the range of 0.01-20 m, taking buoyancy forces fluid and air, depending on the mass of the measuring tape, environmental parameters and calibration fluid.

Keywords: etalon, level measurement, liquid level, water, verification, calibration , level gauge, float, density, buoyancy.