Abstracts. № 7, 2014 year
Zhdanov A. (e-mail: alezhd@mail.ru)

Noise resistant 3D monolithic piezoelectric transducer

The article describes the operation principles of simple noise resistant 3D piezoelectric transducer based on monolithic piezoelectric cell with differential outputs, measuring vibration vector at one point of interest.
It is shown that the proposed transducer has much more simple construction than the conventional 3D piezoelectric transducers. Coupled to a standard 3-channel preamplifier, it is quite sufficient for 3D vibration measurements with an accuracy depending mainly on transversal sensitivities. Working together with a special «orthogonizing» unit it can be used for precise noise resistant 3D vibration measurements without error due to the transversal sensitivities.

Keywords: piezoelectric transducer, 3D, sensitivity, vector, monolithic, piezoelectric, cell, vibration, orthogonizer, accuracy.

Mordasov D.M., Mordasov M.M. (e-mail: dmmordasov@rambler.ru)

Jet contactless point level switch

Construction details and principle of work of jet contactless point level switch are reported. Experimental characteristic have been obtained, which allowed to consider density influence on the level alarm status.

Keywords: point level switch, jet-sound, contactless, the turbulent amplifier, liquid.

Pugovkin A.V., Kuprekov S.V., Medvedev. V.A., Muslimova N.I., Stepnoy V.S. (e-mail: PugovkinAV@tor.tusur.ru)

Dynamic method of measuring the efficiency of heating instruments

The article is considered the dynamic method of measuring the efficiency of heating instruments. A comparative analysis of measurement results obtained by the two methods. Using a method based on the Newton-Richmann law, under certain heating capacity and temperature head. And using the method proposed by the authors with application non-stationary equation of heat balance of the heating instrument.

Keywords: power savings, efficiency of heating instruments, non-stationary equation of heat balance, heat-transfer coefficient, temperature head, mathematical model, experiment.

Lebedev A.G., Shulga V.M. (e-mail: nazarov@vniims.ru)

The method of fuel small-scale portions fulfillment to space shuttles fuel tanks

Gravimetric proportioning method is considering for fulfillment of small-scale portions of fuel to space shuttles fuel tanks of upper stage rocket. The description and scheme of test facility is indicated. Based on outcome of experiment it is proved that required accuracy of fulfillment is provided.

Keywords: space shuttle, accuracy, fulfillment technology, transport fulfillment container, fuel components, dose, weight terminal, refilling tank.

Khodunkov V.P. (e-mail: walkerearth@mail.ru)

Developing planar two-parameter converter for research thermophysics multiphase heterogeneous systems

We consider the combined planar transducer for the study of thermal processes in multiphase heterogeneous systems, based on the registration of changes of dielectric permittivity and temperature in the boundary layer of the incident on the transducer heterogeneous flow. Converter design provides a brief description and analysis of electronic circuits-converting device, and recommendations for its use.

Keywords: planar transducer, resistance thermometer, dielkometriya , heterogeneous multiphase system.

Belousova E.S., Lynkou L.M. (e-mail: elena1belousova@gmail.com)

Analysis reflection and transmission electromagnetic radiation characteristics of fire-resistant paint with conductive powders

Results of analysis reflection and transmission electromagnetic radiation characteristics in the frequency range of 0.7… 17 GHz of fire-resistant paint with conductive powders, such as shungite, titanomagnetite, silica, titanium dioxide in different combinations and proportions are presented. Constructions of electromagnetic radiation screens based on gradient and layered structures covered by fire-resistant paint with conductive powders are developed.

Keywords: reflection electromagnetic radiation coefficient, transmision electromagnetic radiation coefficient, fire-resistant paint, shungite, titanomagnetite, silica, titanium dioxide.

Firstov V.G., Rassamahin D.Yu. (e-mail: firstov.vg@yandex.ru)

Concept development metrology assurance of technology economy

The role and place of metrological assurance in the implementation of government programs and technological development and modernization of the economy. To improve the effectiveness of government programs examined the concept of building an integrated system of metrological assurance, including subsystem scientific and methodological information-analytical, normative technical and organizational and legal services.

Keywords: government programs metrological indicators metrological assurance.

Kozlov A.I., Stuchebnikov V.M. (e-mail: sasha@midaus.com)

Experimental determination of the strain distribution in a circular elastic membrane of piezoresistive pressure transducers

The article describes the method of experimental determination of the distribution of radial and tangential components of the deformation on the surface of circular membrane elastic elements of pressure sensor.

Keywords: pressure sensor, piezoresistant pressure transducer, elastic membrane element, strain distribution, adequacy of the mathematical model.

Popov Yu.V. (e-mail: tov_popov@rambler.ru)

Modern condition and prospects of development of onboard registrars abroad

In clause(article) the complex of questions on creation of systems of registration of parameters of flight and negotiations of members of crew of foreign countries is considered. Classification of systems of registration is given. Systems of processing of the registered information are considered. Characteristics of modern registrars are submitted. Problems(tasks) decided(solved) are specified at monitoring the flight data.

Keywords: the onboard registrar, the flight data, systems of processing of the flight data, monitoring.