Abstracts. № 7, 2012 year
Nedelko A.Y. (e-mail: auned@yandex.ru)

The system of registration temperature field extended in space objects

The present article concerns the description of the digital temperature sensors controllers. Describes the ability of service software for data acquisition system, as well as rules and principles the controllers network creation.

Keywords: controller, digital temperature sensor, data acquisition system, RS-485 network.

Didin G.A., Ezdakov V.A., Shkatov P.N. (e-mail: 362@mail.ru)

Eddy current inspection of cracks in walls of apertures of disks of aviation engines

The article focuses on the identification of longitudinal cracks in the walls of cylindrical holes in the plates of heat-resistant steels used in aircraft engines.

Keywords: eddy current testing, disk labyrinth, crack detection.

Volkov V.S., Barinov I.N. (e-mail: mzungu@inbox.ru)

Semiconductor resonance pressure transducer

The article describes modern pressure resonance transducer performances. The new resonance transducer construction is proposed.

Keywords: pressure sensor, silicone resonance converter, strain gauge, feedback, Lorentz force.

Mordasov M.M., Shishkina G.V., Postnikova A.E. (e-mail: galina_tstu@mail.ru)

The pneumatic device for automatic control of density of liquid

The hydrostatic method of measurement of density of liquids is considered. The design and a principle of operation of the automatic control unit of the density executed from elements of industrial pneumoautomatic equipment are described.

Keywords: hydrostatic method, density measurement, measuring tube, pneumatic device.

Kalandarov P.I., Iskandarov B. (e-mail: Polvon_1955@yahoo.com)

Humidity measurements in technological process with correction on a thickness of a layer of a material

Designing of microwave system on the basis of a superhigh-frequency method where the microwave module provides use of continuous control and humidity regulation is considered.

Keywords: control, humidity, a superhigh-frequency method, air-material, passing wave, reflected wave, easing, phase shift.

Majorov E.E., Prokopenko V.T., Ushveridze L.A. (e-mail: majorov_ee@mail.ru)

The calculation of scanning parameters of the interferometric control system of the form of diffusely reflecting objects

The case of relatively slow transverse component of the random modulation of the object signal is considered. The version of the optical system with spatial micro scanning by a probing ray of the test surface is proposed. Requirements to the elements and parameters of scanning are formulated.

Keywords: interferometric system, diffusely reflecting object, speckle, micro lens.

Svetushkov N.N., Balyberdin Yu.A. (e-mail: svt.n.n@mail.ru)

Thermal effectiveness of geoprobes for self-contained systems working on low level Earth’s heat

This paper provides a brief analysis of the current state of research on the design and definition of earth probe thermal efficiency for heating of buildings and structures on the basis of geothermal heat. It is concluded that the need for a comprehensive study of the problem of constructing earth probe through greater use of mathematical modeling to optimize design and reduce costs in creating energy-autonomous systems. It is proposed to use new methods of calculation with a guaranteed accuracy of the estimate calculations, which will give the opportunity to develop strong specialized software designed for calculating the parameters of the design and output characteristics of heat pumps for their operation in specific climatic and geological conditions.

Keywords: energy conservation, renewable sources of heat, earth probe, heat pumps, mathematical modeling, numerical methods, partial differential equations, integral equations, the accuracy of calculations.

Cvetkov E.I. (e-mail: er-cvetkov@mail.ru)

The algorithmic adaptation measurements with filtration and correction

The use of algorithmic adaptation measurements can improve their accuracy in changing conditions and input influences. Compares two methods of algorithmic adaptation: on the basis of unconditional probabilistic characteristics and using the maximum likelihood method. The results are illustrated by examples.

Keywords: measurement, adaptation, algorithm, accuracy.

Shilin A.N., Laveeva K.A. (e-mail: eltech@vstu.ru)

The analysis of digital simulation errors of the noise signal correlation

In this article the technique of digital simulation of the correlation function of noise signal at the output of a typical dynamic elements was considered. Z-transform is the theoretical base of modeling. An analysis of modeling errors, depending on the approximation of the transition from continuous to discrete models, the relative of the sampling period and the damping parameter of the oscillatory process was represented. On the basis of the research a method for choosing the form of approximation and sampling period was proposed.

Keywords: noise signal, error, correlation function, sampling period, damping parameter, Laplace transform, Z-transform.

Esaulenko V.N., Shevchenko M.A. (e-mail: atp@astu.org)

Research of jet device for measuring horizontal angle of crooked wells

The use of jet devices for tele-control in drilling process is discussed. The design of a horizontal angle jet device is described. The construction of the model of the horizontal angle device is given. The scheme, geometrical sizes of the model and conditions of the experiment are presented. The empirical characteristic is given.

Keywords: horizontal angle, hole deviation, sensor, jet device, mechanical resonator, inclinometer, communication channel.

Mustafaev G.A., Mustafaeva D.G. (e-mail: dzhamilya79@yandex.ru)

Some problems and features technological solutions for the formation device structures insulating substrate

Demonstrated the possibility of forming a semiconductor structure with high reliability requirements. Finds an interconnection between the processes of formation of the structures and the parameters the acting factors.

Keywords: structure, construction, technology, radiation, the substrate, forming, reliability, process.

Frunze A. (e-mail: alex.fru@mtu-net.ru)

About the further ways of pyrometry evolution

The necessary of creation of the new kind of measuring instruments is substantiated. This kind is the spectral radiant emittance meters. Also is necessary the Primary Standard of radiant emittance, working standards and measurement chains.
The reasons of the irretraceability to the Primary Standard of temperature unit of energy pyrometers and the spectral range pyrometers with ratio regulators is described. Shown that the main reason is the uncontrolled by the user algorithms of the emissivity corrections, including the spectral emissivity corrections. Shown that without the Primary Standard of radiant emittance the recovery of traceability is impossible.

Keywords: radiant emittance, spectral radiant emittance meters, Primary Standard of temperature unit, Primary Standard of radiant emittance, traceability, pyrometers.