Abstracts. 7, 2011 year
Andrey G Zubov, Vladimir A Nikonenko (e-mail: aaazzz111@mail.ru)

Temperature measurement means market development in outlooks of coming ten years

The article contains Russian Federation temperature measurement means market review with actual problems. There are development prospects for the nearest 10 years including a negative scenario. In the conclusion, there are the proposals for relevant bodies to reinforce Russian temperature measurement means manufacturers positions on the market.

Keywords: market, sensors, process automation, competitiveness, imported articles replacement, efficiency, temperature.

Lakh O.I., Mykytyn M.I., Mykytyn I.P., Stadnyk B.I. (e-mail: thermo@mail.lviv.ua)

Intelligent thermometer which works by the principle of technology Plug and play

Considered the opportunity of making intelligent measurement devices using the technology of plug and play, whose work is based on mathematical fuzzy logic. Performed the investigations of recreating the complicated functional dependences of fuzzy logic methods (Sugeno, Mamdani). In the case where the functional dependence is known, it is preferable to use a method Sugeno, which allows to reproduce the transformation function with the same number of rules more accurately. In the case when you know only the character of functional dependence, it is preferable to use the method of Mamdani, where the rules are created in more than a simple algorithm with using the same type of membership functions.

Keywords: temperature, measurement error, method Mamdani, method Sugeno.

Rusin S.P. (e-mail: sprusin@rambler.ru)

On determination of true temperature via thermal radiation spectrum of opaque heated bodies: search for simple dependences of emittance on wavelength

Computer simulation measurements occurred in a narrow spectral window, which moved along the spectrum with the given step. In this way it searches for spectral ranges at which the dependence of the emissivity (or its logarithm) on the wavelength was simple and fairly accurate in particular linear. In the case of a successful search for the specified spectral range desired temperature was determined for the spectral window on the method of least squares. If the emissivity (or its logarithm) is linearly dependent on the wavelength, it is possible for an alternative assessment of the desired temperature. In this case, the desired temperature was determined to change the convexity of the spectral emissivity dependence in the process of selecting its numerical value from the values smaller than the true temperature value to values higher than the true temperature value. It is also proposed to choose the desired temperature at the lower length of the spectral emittance curve. This methods are simple, does not require the solution of the system of equations and can significantly narrow temperature range to which belongs to the desired temperature.

Keywords: true temperature, emittance, thermal radiation spectrum, spectral window.

(e-mail: info@metrology.kharkov.ua)

The results of experimental investigations of metrological characteristics self-calibrationg temperature probe (STP) on basic two reference of metal are obtained. Impossible versions of using STP are shown.

Keywords: self-calibrationg temperature probe, phase transition, minicell, stability, calibration.

Belevcev A.V., Karzhavin A.V., Karzhavin V.A. (e-mail: kip@tesey.com)

Uncertainty of temperature measurements held by cable thermocouples type N and RTD in temperature range from 300 to 600 C

In this article authors tried to determine most suitable measurement units for range from 300 to 600 Celsium degrees, taking uncertainty of measurement as minimization criteria. Expanded uncertainty budget and its results for thermocouples and RTDs measurement are described in article. As cable thercocouple type N (CTN) are very stable and have low drift, to minimize measurement uncertainty we recommend to use it for temperature measurements in range from 300C to 600C.

Keywords: thermocouples, RTD, measurement uncertainty.

Moiseeva N.P. (e-mail: n.p.moiseeva@vniim.ru)

Metrological traceability and uncertainty

In this paper the process of transfering the temperature unit from the State Standard to working thermometers is considered. Examples of the tables of measurement uncertainty at each stage of the transfer are presented.

Keywords: measurement uncertainty, traceability, error.

Podgorny Y.V., Seregin D.S., Vorotilov K.A. (e-mail: podgorny@mirea.ru)

Accurate measurements of permittivity of thin insulating films on semiconductor substrates

Methods of precise measurements of permittivity dielectric films with nanometer thickness in a MIS structure are given. This technique is based on a nonlinear approximation of the equivalent capacitance of the MIS structure on the frequency. Four-element Model reflects well the complex impedance of the MIS structure in the accumulation in the frequency range. Influence of edge capacitance is taken into account. Metrological characteristics of the technique are confirmed by measurements permittivity of thermal oxide film (thickness ~ 80 nm) on silicon. The obtained value is 3,825 with an error of 1,2 % and the random component of 0,13 %.

Keywords: back contact, capacitance, edge effect, insulating films, thermal oxide, ?-value, MIS structure, Low-? materials, ohmic contacts.

Ismatullaev P.R., Kalandarov P.I. (e-mail: polvon_1955@yahoo.com)

Microwave moisture metering and problems of metrological software

One of the major conditions of improvement of quality of production is receptions of the authentic measuring information on parameters, characteristics and properties of the finished goods, completing products, technological processes, raw materials and materials. As a guarantee of reliability of the measuring information maintenance of unity of measurements serves. In article it is considered SVCH a method of measurement of humidity, results of an experimental estimation, and also the developed actions the unities of measurements directed on metrological maintenance and testing schemes for developed devices and a quality monitoring for various materials.

Keywords: the humidity measurements, not destroying method, SVCH method, SVCH hydrometer, metrological maintenance, graduation of hydrometers, exemplary gauges, hydrometer checking.

Alekseyev V.V., Boronachin A.M., Zakemovskaya J.Y., Korolev P.G., Romantsova N.V. (e-mail: VVAlekseyev@mail.ru)

Scheduling problem of multichannel automatic measurement-and-compensation system. Criteria of efficiency

In the article are observed conditions for scheduling problem of measurement-computing system modules with a built-in metrological control system with hard requirements of speed. Criteria of efficiency by means of penalty function for increasing the number of measurements obtained with dating error, which is bigger, than the minimum error caused by the working time of measuring module are propose.

Keywords: measuring equipment, measuring system, computer-aided design, scheduling theory, criteria of efficiency.

Barinov I., Volkov V. (e-mail: mzungu@inbox.ru)

Use of Simulink tool for the high temperature semiconductor pressure sensors simulation

Need of modelling for the high temperature semiconductor pressure sensors is showed. Simulink tool is suggested as a mean for this goal achievement. The simulation data are reviewed.

Keywords: simulation, high temperature semiconductor pressure sensors, temperature coefficient of resistance.

Marinko S.V. (e-mail: marinko66@mail.ru)

Thermodynamics of the measuring processes

It is shown equivalence of the systems ensemble object, characteristic, values and units of the values. The considered process of the reception to measuring information within the framework of information cycle Carnot. It is shown possibility of the using the laws of the thermodynamics at decision of the problem of management quality measurements not as quotient of the laws of the separate type of the measurements, but as the general laws to metrologies.

Keywords: measurement, theory of sets, system ensemble, potential information, actual information, thermodynamics, information cycle Carnot, management quality measurements.