Abstracts. 6, 2016 year
Shulga V., Lebedev A., Nazarov V., Sova A., Makarov A. (e-mail: nazarov@vniims.ru)

The device, measuring and modular design to fill the tanks of products with hydrogen peroxide

Within the frame of execution of work under the program of ISS (International Space Station) it were developed, produced and tested UVI device for the fulfillment of space shuttle fuel tanks by concentrated hydrogen peroxide.
UVI device is the mobile module which includes general elements of fulfillment system: weight measuring equipment, refill capacity, general panel, measuring instrument of temperature and pressure.
Specification in accordance to the device passport allowed fulfilling space shuttle fuel tanks by hydrogen peroxide with accuracy twice less than required in accordance to Technical Requirements of fulfillment of space shuttle fuel tanks. The results of realized investigation shows that there is possibility of further increase of fulfillment accuracy to 2-3 times.

Keywords: hydrogen peroxide, fulfillment, weight measuring equipment.

Koptev V.S., Prohorov A.V., Koptev S.V. (e-mail: SergejVK@rostest.ru)

The continuity of flow measurement and uncertainty calculations volume flow meters

The article analyzes the effect of the ratio of frequencies in the spectrum of the flow signal and the sampling frequency on the results of a calculation of the volume flow meter with digital signal processing. Also analyzed options for replacing the integral by a finite sum, and replacing the instantaneous values on the average values at any time interval.

Keywords: flowmeter, heatmeter, device for metering hot and cold water, the instability of the metrological characteristics of flowmeters, analysis of the properties of integral of bounded continuous functions on the interval, Mean value theorem, The rules of commercial accounting of heat energy and heat carrier.

Semenov .., Solopchenko G.N. (e-mail: semenov.k.k@iit.icc.spbstu.ru)

The metrological assurance modern state of the heat energy commercial record used in the housing stock

In the paper, the shortcomings are discussed of the heat-meters components metrological characteristics normalization and the maximum possible uncertainty characteristics estimation of the heat-energy commercial record used in the housing stocks that are generated by European standard EH1434 and are transferred in Russian metrological standards. The argumentation is outlined to the point of the exposed shortcomings. The software tools for the heat-meters are proposed that allow obtaining for the each calculation result the estimation of its uncertainty in the form of the most probable values interval. The computations results examples are presented.

Keywords: heat-meter, heat record, metrological assurance.

Kechiev L.N. (e-mail: kln1940@gmail.com)

Electromagnetic compatibility in instrument making: A condition and prospects

The problem electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of hardware, its role in maintenance of competitiveness of production is considered. Parameters EMC of production are subject to obligatory certification that puts forward this problem on a leading position at hardware creation. The short characteristic in area gives to standardization EMC, the increasing role of designing of equipment in connection with increase in its speed is marked, prospects of development EMC in connection with occurrence of the new directions connected with functional safety are considered. The main role of personnel maintenance of perspective workings out with the account EMC is marked.

Keywords: electromagnetic compatibility, means, standardization, a problem, designing, functional safety, prospects.

Grigoryants A.G., Funtikov V.A. (e-mail: vladislav.funt@gmail.com)

Improving the quality of surface parts obtained from powder materials by coaxial laser melting technology

The paper deals with a non-contact method of increasing the surface quality of parts produced laser additive technology of metal powder materials. Demonstrated additive machine for coaxial laser melting developed in Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Selected rational modes of laser processing of parts, opens prospects for the use of laser polishing technique during post-processing of products produced by additive manufacturing. The possibility of using laser polishing by remelting surface treatment of parts with complex geometry on the example of a fragment of the blade of a turbojet engine.

Keywords: additive manufacturing, coaxial laser melting, laser polishing, roughness.

Kovalev I.V., Kovalev D.I., Klimenko A.V., Parshakova K.K., Tueva E.V. (e-mail: kleniks@yandex.ru)

The issue of monitoring the effectiveness of organizational-technological complexes of processing enterprises

The article considers the technology of monitoring of organizational and technological systems and its model-algorithmic support, which allows you to build a system of analysis of efficiency of functioning of the processing enterprises on the basis of models of the DEA method and taking into account the vector of the structural condition of a separate enterprise. Monitoring is implemented in a single information space of the corporate joint ventures that provides shared access to the databases of control and measurement information of each enterprise. The monitoring system allows not only to provide the governing entities or decision-makers, information on the organizational and technological complex, but to develop a series of recommendations to improve its effectiveness.

Keywords: organizational and technological complex, monitoring efficiency, DEA method, the structural state vector.

Klyuev V.V., Artemiev B.V., Efimov A.G., Matveev V.I., Turobov B.V. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

International forum NDT-2016

The article provides a summary of the activities of the Forum Territory NDT including the exhibition of nondestructive testing, technical diagnostics of devices and tools, analytical and measuring equipment, which was held in the framework of the Forum on 2-4 March 2016 in Moscow (Russia) at the exhibition Expocentre center. A review of the most interesting instruments and controls in Russia and abroad.

Keywords: non-destructive testing, technical diagnostics, x-ray inspection, magnetic testing, ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, optical control, thermal control, radio-wave control, security.