Abstracts. 6, 2015 year
Bogomolov Yu. (e-mail: bogy7@yandex.ru)

Measures and measurement: the legislative frameworks

This paper looks at the articles of the Federal Law On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements. The purpose of the paper is to note the issues of the Law. Suggestions are made on how to improve the assurance of uniformity of measurements.

Keywords: metrology, metrological supervision, assurance of uniformity of measurements, measurements, measurement result, accurate measurement result, measuring equipment.

Chernyaev I., Pirog V., Zolotoreva L. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

55 years of Experimental design bureau of Angarsk: Research, making and the introduction of analytical control devices

The experimental design bureau was created in 1960 and organization main activity is instruments making and automation. Devices research and automation are used in academic, trade and scientific research institutes, in defense complex enterprises, chemical industry, power engineering, cosmonautics and also in mechanical engineering complexes.

Keywords: software complexes, hygrometer, gas analyser, dielkometrie, analytical control device.

Chernyaev I.G., Pirog V.P., Kondratiev I.A. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Development of analytical control devices

Questions of development of analytical control devices are considered. The structure of devices components is shown, the general principles of devices development are formulated.

Keywords: microprocessor devices, metrological characteristics, primary converter, sensor block, block of measurements.

Cherniayev I., Pirog V., Kondtatiev I. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Hard electrolytes application in gas analysis

Oxygen measurement methods using hard electrolytes and instruments types based on these methods

Keywords: oxygen, hard electrolyte cells.

Brodnikov A.F., Cherepanov V.Ya. (e-mail: A.F.Brodnikov@inp.nsk.su)

Cryogenic installation for measurements of heat conductivity of constructional materials

Developed measuring instrument for determining the thermal conductivity of materials stationary method in the temperature range between the boiling point of helium and nitrogen. The samples of the materials of discs diameter of 30 mm and a height of 5 to 12 mm. Studies have shown that the thermal conductivity measurement error does not exceed 5 %.

Keywords: measuring instrument, thermal conductivity, adiabatic screen, stationary measurement method, measurement error, cryogenic temperatures.

Bolshukhin M.A., Fomichyov V.I., Budnikov A.V., Meshkov S.I., Znamenskaya I.A. (e-mail: meshkovser@yandex.ru)

Experience of the temperature fields thermal imaging measurements performed in the hydrodynamic laboratory of the JSC AFRIKANTOV OKBM

The article highlights the results of experimental and computational studies of the temperature fields obtained through a contact free procedure in the hydrodynamic laboratory of the JSC Afrikantov OKBM. FLIR SC 7700 thermal imager was used for this purpose. The use of thermal imager as a measuring instrument enabled not to disturb the flow, thus providing the actual pattern of the flow without distortions, and to obtain the spatial distribution of the temperature fields.
Apart from the specified benefits of thermal imaging studies, there is a number of problems associated with registration of some specific measurement features when using the thermal imager. During the tests, the specific problems of using the thermal imager as a measuring instrument of temperature fields have been solved. Design and materials to be used for manufacturing of the experimental models have been identified.
Encouraging results have been obtained through the use FLIR SC 7700 thermal imager while studying temperature fields at the unsteady non-isothermal water flow in the inclined channel model.
Based on the verification calculation results, one can draw a conclusion that there is a good agreement between the calculated and experimental data of the temperature profiles.

Keywords: temperature fields, thermal imager, surface temperature, isothermal fluid, emissivity coefficient, inclined channel, velocity fields, laser system.

Yashin A.Ya., Michailova T.A., Titov V.N., Syskova V.S., Gabrielyan N.I., Syskova S.I., Koslova M.N., Yashin Ya.I. (e-mail: yashin@interlab.ru)

The method and instrument for express determination of antioxidant status of human

Analytical and diagnostic possibilities of flow-injection system Blizar for the express determination of total antioxidant capacity (TAC) at practically healthy people and patients with a different pathology on the basis of determination of the content of antioxidants in blood serum, saliva, urine, a gastric juice, bile in different medical institutions are generalized.
Values of total antioxidant capacity (TAC) biological liquids at patients with gastroenteric, cardiovascular, oncologic diseases, and also at ills of diabetes, at patients before and after a heart transplantation, kidneys and a liver part are determined. Comparison of sizes TAC at healthy people with different group of blood is lead. Sizes TAC have been determined at more than 900 ills and healthy people. Many measurements are executed for the first time. Results of these measurements show, that amperometric method and device Blizar on its basis can be used for express, scrinning determinations of a condition of antioxidative system of the person, estimate gravity of a current of diseases and increase efficiency of preventive and treatment-and-reabilitation actions.

Keywords: antioxidant status, amperometric method, free radicals, serum, urine, saliva, bile, gastric juice.

Egamberdiyev B.E., Rakhmanov A.T., Rashidov A.A., Abdurahmonov A.A. (e-mail: bahrom_prof@mail.ru)

Study of parameters of reliability of probe parametric transducers as per the technique of characteristic functions

The paper reports the results of experimental research of parameters of reliability of probe parametric transducers as pen the technique of characteristically functions If has been proved that if the determined expression of time till at breakdown or other element of probe parametric transducer, as well as parameters (temperature, concentration and humidity) of distribution laws of values in this expression, then assuming that its a priory known the type of function of density of distribution of parameters of transducers . It is possible to determine parameters of this law as per the technique of characteristic functions.

Keywords: probe parametric converters, reliability, sedimentation, physical and chemical properties, parametric reliability, characteristic function, electric strength.

Vybyvanets V.V., Kravetsky D. Ya., Konarev S.A. (e-mail: lab220244@yandex.ru)

Shaped leucosaphire single crystals advanced material for instrument engineering

Shaped leucosaphire having a collection of unique technical characteristics, on a number of occasions is the only material allowing high-efficient instrumentation and devices to be developed on its base which operate under extreme conditions.

Keywords: leucosaphire (single crystal aluminum oxide, shape-former, profiled crystals, crystals sizes, fields of application, thermocouple caps and straws.

Klyuev V.V., Artemiev B.V., Artemyev I.B., Matveev V.I. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

International Exhibition Analytics Expo 2015

The paper presents a summary of the International Exhibition Analytics Expo 2015, which took place from 14 to 17 April 2015 in the Sokolniki Moscow (Russia). Business program consisted of several well-known companies and workshops held simultaneously with the exhibition. A review of the most interesting analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and complex, exhibited at the show was submitted.

Keywords: nondestructive testing, analytical equipment, safety, technical diagnostics, information security, gas analyzers, microscopy, spectroscopy, laboratory equipment.