Abstracts. № 6, 2014 year
Ionov A.B., Chernysheva N.S., Ionov B.P., Plotkin E.V. (e-mail: antionov@mail.ru)

A Device Intellectualization as a Method of Minimizing of Human Factor Influence in Non-Contact Temperature Measurements

The main drawbacks of current pyrometers are shown in the article. In particular, it is shown that reliability of measurement result depends upon the quality of data supplied by the operator to the device with the aim of correction. In order to improve the quality of temperature estimating, it is suggested to apply the concept of intelligent measuring devices that includes internal calculation of validity index for result. As we input supplementary measuring optical channels into the intelligent pyrometer scheme, external correction is not needed, therefore this approach minimizes human factor.

Keywords: temperature, pyrometer, thermal radiation, intelligent measuring device, human factor.

Gurevich M. (e-mail: mlgurevich@mail.ru)

Errors`s analysis of AC voltage standard, which based on integrated circuit differential thin film thermocouple in mode comparison high frequency AC voltage and DC voltage. Part 2

Errors’s analysis of AC voltage standard, which based on integrated circuit of differential thin film thermocouple in mode comparison high frequency AC voltage and DC voltage, and methods to decrease errors, describes.

Keywords: standard, voltage, DC voltage standard, AC voltage standard, transfer standard, measurement transducer, thermal converter, thermal comparator, instrument, voltmeter, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range.

Nedelko A.Yu. (e-mail: marketing@omsketalon.ru)

Self-contained instrument for temperature monitoring

The present article concerns the description of the battery supplied loggers, which collecting data from digital temperature sensors, with radio and microSD data transfer interfaces.

Keywords: logger, wireless, digital temperature sensor, geotechnical monitoring, thermometric borehole.

Salko D.V., Bornyakov S.A. (e-mail: bornyak@crust.irk.ru)

The automated tool system for monitoring of geophysical parametres on geodynamic polygons

The detailed description of the created tool system for monitoring of various geophysical parameters on geodynamic polygons is presented. The tool system includes the device-registrar, analogue-digital converters, analogue sensors both server and client programs of management. Work of tool system is carried out in an independent mode with data transmission to the base server in a mode on-line. This system surpasses available serially let out analogues in set of functional and technical and economic indicators. Its basic advantages consist in the compact sizes, low levels of power consumption, the low cost price of manufacturing and cost of data transmission from the device-registrar.

Keywords: monitoring of geophysical parameters, tool system, the device-registrar, analogue-digital converters, sensors.

V.P. Khodunkov, T.V. Bereznyak (e-mail: walkerearth@mail.ru)

A software tool for thermal analysis of the state multicomponent objects

We propose a method of computer processing of thermal images, comprising filtering the original data matrix and the partition object of research on quasi-isothermal temperature zones. A short description of the program and some of the results of its use.

Keywords: thermal imaging, thermography, smoothing, decomposition, temperature zone, measuring.

Sleptsov V.V., Oleinicov N.A., Ablaeva A.E. (e-mail: vsleptsov@gmail.com)

Investigation of stability of the information-measuring and control systems of complex technological machines with a single source of supply

Highlights issues of sustainability information, measurement and control systems, the effect of parametric and power servo drives on mutual IMCS. The description of the mathematical model of the electric servo in block diagram form.

Keywords: information-measuring and control system (IMCS), technological machine, information measurement and control system of the technological machine, electric servo, stability.

Mustafaev G.A., Mustafaev M.G. (e-mail: dzhamilya79@yandex.ru)

Some problems and technological features to ensure quality and reliability of dielectric coatings in the process formation of device structures

Considered the questions of providing high quality and reliability of dielectric coatings in device structures.

Keywords: structure, dielectric, the film, the process, heat treatment, reliability.

Malushin D.S., Chernov L.A. (e-mail: box_of_mail@mail.ru)

Method of measuring parameters of magnetic deposits on industrial tubes surface

The article describes the decision of problem of determining the thickness and magnetic properties of the magnetic deposit, which forms on the surface of thin-walled tubes in the process of their operation. The solution of this problem provides information on the operational status of structures, made on the basis of thin-walled tubes.
This objective is realized through the use of eddy current inspection method.
Pulsed excitation of eddy current probes has several advantages over a harmonic excitation. The signal of the eddy current transducer under pulsed excitation contains more information, due to the gradual penetration of eddy currents into the object.

Keywords: pulsed eddy current method, magnetic deposition, thin-walled tube.

Kulikov V.A., Novoevsky T.V., Zagarskikh A.S., Nosov A.N. (e-mail: metrol@ssga.ru)

Standard installation EU-2 for calibration the theodolites

This standard installation concerns metrological field and is used in geodesy sphere for determining measurement errors of both horizontal and vertical angles with practically all types of surveying goniometers.

Keywords: calibration scheme, standard installation, error, polyhedral prism, autocollimator.