Abstracts. № 6, 2013 year
Mironchenko V.I, Uvarova A.V. (e-mail: tigez@rambler.ru)

Readjusted devices for the control of the sizes of small details

The complex from operatively readjusted 6 devices of the control of geometrical parametres of details with the sizes on diameter from 4 to 65 mm and on height to 60 mm is presented. Devices allow to supervise external and internal diameters, heights, depths, thickness of a crosspiece of details with the sizes in the specified range. Metrological schemes of the control of the specified parametres are presented. Time of readjustment does not exceed 10 minutes.
Devices take an intermediate place between automatic machines of the control and universal calibres. Their use is expedient at frequent change of listed products in serial and small-scale manufacture.

Keywords: devices, the control, readjustment, the sizes.

Urakseev M.A., Akhmetshin M.Y. (e-mail: uma1941@mail.ru)

Design of sensors on electrooptical effect

Principles of construction of the voltage sensors and sensors of intensity on the electrooptical effect. Examples of existing devices and models, as well as the analysis of the components used.

Keywords: electrooptic, electrooptical effect, the electric field strength, design, a voltage meter on electrooptical effect.

Mulev Yu.V., Mulev A., Mulev M. (e-mail: mulev@mail.ru)

The differential manometer for measurement and control at high pressures

Manometer devices for measurement of small differential pressure (from 0,2 kPa) with high excessive pressures (to 40 MPa). Devices have executions: the showing; signaling, explosion-proof.

Keywords: pressure measurement, small differences, high excessive pressures, indicators, electrocontact, explosion-proof.

Medvedev V.A., Bolshev K.N., Ivanov V.A., Stepanov A.A., Eliseev A.B. (e-mail: ValeryAM@rostest.ru)

The application of the iBDL technology for soil temperature monitoring

The iBDL technology implementation experience for soil temperature monitoring is described in the paper. The results of two-year long soil temperature monitoring are presented.

Keywords: thermochrone, iBDL, season-dependent cooling device.

Kovalev I.V., Kuznetsov P.A., Zelenkov P.V., Shaidurov V.V., Bahmareva K.K. (e-mail: kleniks@yandex.ru)

On assessment of the reliability of ACS with blocking protection modules

We consider the operation in process control blocks that increase the overall reliability of the system. Illustrates the approach to the simulation of systems with blocking protection modules.

Keywords: automated control system, reliability, simulation, protection module.

Bessonov A. (e-mail: didugan4@mail.ru)

Choice of resonance curve processing algorithm on basis of computing experiment

Testing and comparative analysis of laser resonator losses measurement algorithms are considered. The modern information technologies and concrete program created for computing experiment realization are described.

Keywords: computer-based measuring system, ring laser resonator, losses measurement, data processing algorithm, computing experiment, graphic programming environment LabVIEW.

Gorobtsov A.S., Nefed’ev A.I. (e-mail: vm@vstu.ru)

Choice and Optimization of Moving System Suspension of Electrical Measuring Instruments

The construction of moving system suspension of electrical measurement instruments is considered. The mathematical model of moving system, describing work of system in presence vibration acts on measurement instrument in various directions, is present.

Keywords: moving system, taut band, beam, mathematical model, model-based analysis, equation.

Poroshin V.V., Bogomolov D.G. (e-mail: vproshin@mail.ru)

New interbational standard ISO 25178 for 3d parametric analysis of surface texture

Paper describes methodological approaches to the parametrical analysis of surface texture according to the new international standard ISO 25178introduced in 2012. Possible practical implementation of proposed in standard surface texture parameters is also discussed.

Keywords: surface texture, parametrical analysis, areal filtration, international standard.

Gorozheev M.U. (e-mail: gorojeev@gmail.com)

Parametric identification of measuring system errors from the current state sensor

This article describes the mathematical model of the errors of the measurement micromechanical system. Possibilities of improving the reliability and accuracy of the devices during a bench testing and operating in production.

Keywords: independent device, quality assurance, Kalman filter.

Kirnitskiy S. (e-mail: kirnickiy@mail.ru)

Modern calibration instrument. Operational experience

The given article deals with problems of necessary modernization of national standard system, sample base updating and development of modern ultra-reliable metrological equipment. It gives a summary on present day Russian researches with regard to metrological support and manufacturing of different calibration instruments.

Keywords: calibration instruments, weight comparator, sample weights (accuracy F2), scale test car, control weighing platform, automotive testing station, line load simulator, calibration instrument for hopper scales, weightless calibration system.

Klyuev V.V., Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

The problems of asteroids, comets, and nuclear security diagnostics. Session of the Scientific Council on automated and diagnostic test systems of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS)

Discussed are the problems of diagnostics, organization decisions, research and technology concepts providing prevention of the occurrence of environmental disasters and minimization of their pathogenic impacts on the noosphere.

Keywords: security, diagnostics, asteroid-comet and nuclear safety.