Abstracts. 6, 2012 year
Golubyatnikov I.V., Kondratenko V.S., Tchernykch S.P., Bugrov V.E., Kovsh A.R., Odnoblyudov M.A. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

Research, development and industrial introduction of new designs and technologies in the field of manufacture LED of devices, devices and systems

The work is devoted to the new approaches, techniques and designs for led devices and systems. The results of the development of new dies separation technology by a method of laser controlled thermocracking (LCT) and the experimental results for the sapphire based led heterostructure wafers separation by means of two lasers (2-laser and UV-laser) are presented.

Keywords: laser controlled thermocracking (LCT), light-emitting diodes (LED), sapphire, 2-laser, UV-laser.

Velt I.D., Mikhaylova Yu.V. (e-mail: velt@rol.ru)

Electromagnetic Flowmeter of the New Type for the Liquid Metal

The magnetic flowmeter in which inductor represents an electromagnet creating a pulse variable low-frequency magnetic field in the channel of a pipe is described. As a result of the alternating magnetic field is completely excluded the influence of external noise power frequency, significantly reduced the influence of thermo-emf, virtually eliminated the influence of eddy currents, etc.

Keywords: electromagnetic flowmeter, the liquid metal, pulsed magnetic field.

Sabirov F.S. (e-mail: fanira5057@yandex.ru)

Three-component vibration sensors for machine tools diagnostics

Experimental studies of oscillations in metal-cutting machines using three-component vibration sensors are proposed. The utilization of the new type sensors is approved to increase measurement accuracy, significantly extend abilities of vibration analysis, enable the estimation of the trajectory of an oscillative motion, get attractors and based on this to diagnose the state of the frame construction of machines, rolling-contact bearings, cutting tool.

Keywords: machine health-monitoring system, three-component vibration sensors, the trajectory of an oscillative motion, phase trajectories, attractors.

Koroleva E.A., Baranov P.N. (e-mail: milena13@list.ru)

Features of modeling of information system of working out of universal balancing machines in instrumentation

In the article is considered the trends in the field of precision balancing instrument, the basic elements of universal balancing machines, the theoretical foundations of modeling complex objects. A database is worked out on the basis of classification of elements of universal balancing machines by software Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (USA).

Keywords: balancing, universal balancing machines, database.

Alekseev V.V, Shishkin I.A. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

Measuring system for monitoring of the condition of system of engineering protection of territory from flooding on the basis of GIS. The receive of estimations, support of acceptance of operating decisions

Questions of the organization of the algorithmic maintenance measuring system intended for carrying out of monitoring of a condition of technical constructions of system of engineering protection of territory from flooding, and also territories are considered. The especial attention is given questions of reception of simple and difficult estimations on the basis of control measurements and expert estimations on a uniform metrological basis. Methodical maintenance for ranging of technical constructions and territories in conformity and a received estimation of risk from flooding, support of acceptance of operating decision is considered.

Keywords: a measuring subsystem, a geoinformation subsystem, result of control measurements, an expert estimation, a simple estimation, a difficult estimation, an engineering construction, territory, a risk estimation.

Shchepetov A.G., Huhtikov N.A. (e-mail: av108410@comtv.ru)

On the influence of the form and signal parameters for the accuracy of this transformation of measuring nonlinear signal

The influence of the form and shape of the informative parameter measurement signal on the accuracy of the nonlinear inertialess transformation of this signal.

Keywords: accuracy, transmitter, signal information parameter, the static characteristics.

Kropachev D., Grishin A., Maslo A. (e-mail: kropachev-omsk@yandex.ru)

Methods for measuring the operating temperature of molten metal to the needs of machine building enterprises

This article discussed various options for temperature measurement of melts of ferrous and nonferrous metals, the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

Keywords: pyrometric measurement, control devices, thermocouple, the molten metal.

Nikolaev Y.L., Vishnekov A.V. (e-mail: pr-2@mgupi.ru)

Simulation and compensation of the creep process of piezoceramic executive elements of micromovings

It`s given the mathematical description of the creep process of piezoceramic executive elements, utilized as the drive of nano- and the micromovings of mobile sectional instrument and technological systems. It`s proposed the structure of control system of piezo-drive and determineted the values of its parameters, which the compensation for the creep process ensure.

Keywords: piezo-drive, creep, simulation, compensation.

Nefedev A.I. (e-mail: nefediev@rambler.ru)

Independent calibration of high voltage assembled capacitance voltage dividers

The new independent calibration method of high voltage assembled capacitance voltage dividers, design features and construction, that provided applying method of independent calibration (self-calibration), are considered. Sources of inaccuracy of conversion ratio are present.

Keywords: high voltage capacitance voltage divider, method of calibration, independent calibration, capacitor, conversion ratio.

Malyshev Y.O. (e-mail: fgup@omsketalon.ru)

Realization of fixed points of ITS-90 in furnace 50-500

In the article considered structure of furnace 50-500 and fixed point cells of tin and zinc and results of realization tin and zinc freeze points in that furnace.

Keywords: metrology, calibration, temperature, furnace, fixed points.