Abstracts. 6, 2011 year
Malyshev K.V. (e-mail: malyshev@bmstu.ru)

Nanoparticles in a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Polarization of conducting nanoparticles on the substrate of a scanning tunnel-ing microscope depending on their size and positioning relative a probe was theoreti-cally investigated. With the Greens functions method was obtained, that mutual shielding of close particles with the characteristic size 10 nm reach approximately 10 % and decreases with the characteristic length 10 nm. Results of calculations will be applied in nanometrology and nanotechnology.

Keywords: scanning tunnel microscope, nanoparticle, electric potential, Laplace's equation, Green's function, polarization.

Zelikovskiy Z. (e-mail: zinovy.zelikovsky@gmail.com)

A Binary Balanced Bridge for Measuring Four-Terminal Resistors

When measuring resistance of a four-terminal resistor and comparing four-terminal electrical resistance measures using bridges, the main problem is to remove influence of the resistance of connection wires and resistor terminals from the measurement results. This problem is proposed to be solved using a binary balanced bridge. Advantages of binary balanced measuring bridge and binary balanced comparing bridge over classic Kelvin double bridge are shown.

Keywords: binary balanced bridge, resistance measurement, four-terminal resistor.

Scherban O.G., Krivosheev G.V., Golovan S.A. (e-mail: shcheri@mail.ru)

The commutation device of optical signals for construction of fully optical networks with partly using of free space optics

Modernization of contemporary infocommunication systems supposes construction of fully optical networks. The worked-out device for commutation of optical signals provides organization of optical linear routes on hardly-achievable, for using wire technologies, parts of fully optical networks. The block method of construction of this commutation device helps to use it during organization of necessary topologies of networks.

Keywords: free space optics, optical multiplecor, optical commutator.

Scherban I.V., Vdovjuk K.V., Vdovuk A.V. (e-mail: shcheri@mail.ru)

Block Of Information Processing And Control Of Stimulating Actions for special laboratory complex

Studying of questions of activity of neural systems is carried out in experiments on animals by means of use of specialized hardware-software complexes. The block of processing of the information and management of the tactile stimulating influences, providing high functionality of a laboratory complex and simultaneously reducing its total cost, was designed and implement. The block is created on the basis of modern digital electronic base with realization of problem-oriented system of real time.

Keywords: focalelectroencephalogram of animal, stimulating actions, microcontroller, bimorph.

Kosinsky D.V., Teleshevsky V.I. (e-mail: bjudge@mail.ru)

The polarizing heterodyne interferometer with diffraction grating for straightness measuring

The principle of new heterodyne interferometer for straightness measuring is being considered. It contains polarizing prisms and diffraction grating as beam-splitting and beam-combining element.

Keywords: heterodyne laser interferometer, diffraction grating, polarization, straightness.

Tchichagov A. (e-mail: mail2tchi@yandex.ru)

Spectral error assessment for DSP computational models

The spectral error assessment for digital signal processing computational models is suggested. It is discussed Hilbert transform computational model. The spectral error assessment for the test set of digital signals is reported.

Keywords: digital signal processing, Hilbert transform, digital filter, computational model, algorithm, criterion, computational experiment, mean square error, quantitative assessment.

Kovalev S.V. (e-mail: ksv.ipu@bk.ru)

Information and computer system management and evaluation of financial risk enterprise

Describes an integrated approach to assessment and management of financial risks on the basis of mathematical modelling techniques, evaluation and forecasting scenarios implemented in computing complex evaluation of financial risks under conditions of high volatility..

Keywords: technology, risk analysis and risk management in the financial sphere, development and implementation of hardware-software complex analysis, assessment, management and forecasting of financial risks, methods of mathematical simulatione.

Shilin A.N., Laveeva K.A. (e-mail: eltech@vstu.ru)

The calculation of the spectral parameters of noise signal at the output of opto-electronic transmitter

The method of calculating the variance and correlation function of the noise signal at the output of amplifier photocurrent with quasioptimal filter and anti-noise correction is considered in the article. While the approach, based on the Laplace transform, and theorems on the limit values of the original was used. The proposed method eliminates the calculation of the Khinchin-Wiener integral, which expands the range of the approach and simplifies the calculations.

Keywords: noise signal, variance, correlation function, Laplace transform, Khintchine-Wiener integral, a theorem on the initial value, quasi-optimal filter.

Malyshev Y.O. (e-mail: fgup@omsketalon.ru)

Furnace 1100-2 for realization of fixed point of ITS-90

In the article considered structure of 1100-2 furnace and results of realization cooper freeze point in that furnace.

Keywords: metrology, calibration, temperature, furnace, fixed points.

Shtennikov V. (e-mail: Shtennikov@uemz.ru)

Recommendations of the international standards under the soldering

According to the project Strategy of development of electronic branch for the period till 2025 till 2019 it is planned on the basis of the international standards IPC and IEC to Provide lobbying of the Russian technologies as the international standards . Maintenance of the set mode of the soldering has the big practical value for improvement of quality connections of electronic devices. In article the question of influence of sharpening of a soldering core on temperature of the contact soldering is considered.

Keywords: international standards, the device, quality, a soldering core, a contact soldering, temperature.

Vasilev E.V., Ignatov A.A. (e-mail: vasiliev@vniims.ru )

System and method of the efficient control of standard and precision thermometers stability in the process of their operation

Investigation results of mini-cells for of Ga and In reproduction melting curves in microprocessor-based temperature calibrators ATC and RTC series are given. The obtained results are revealing new possibilities for perspective usage of melting curves of well-known and new thermometrical substances for metrological assurance perfection of high-precision thermometry.

Keywords:melting curve, phase transition, stability, temperature calibrator, thermometrical substance.