Abstracts. 5, 2015 year
Suvorov S.V. (e-mail: ssv-g1@mail.ru)

Systematic errors in measuring of small gas concentration by an absorption gas analyzer

Some features of systematic errors, which are being defined mainly by the temperature fluctuations and occur in the absorption type gas analyzer with a pyroradiation receiver, are considered. The operating parts of spectrum are selected by a set of interferential filters. The results of a verifying calculation as well as some general conclusions concerning the relative positions of the reference and light filters bandwidths on the wavelength scale are presented. There is a need of introducing proper correction coefficients into the calculation formula to compensate the influence of temperature fluctuations on the accuracy of gas analyzer measurements. It is shown that for the realization of an effective procedure of temperature compensation of systematic errors the gas analyzer should include some means of measuring the current temperature, with initial adjustment needed for clarifying and storing the correction coefficients. The results of calculating the temperature dependent system errors using the proposed method are presented. A principal possibility of achieving an acceptable accuracy (within a few percents) in a wide range of environment temperatures is shown. The presented materials could be used as initial in formation of a gas analyzer signal processing algorithm ensuring the validity of the measurement results.

Keywords: absorption gas analysis, measurement, systematic error, infrared range, special measurement features.

Akhobadze G.N. (e-mail: ahogur@yandex.ru)

Application of Characteristics of Polarized Electromagnetic Waves to Measurement of Material Properties

The paper discusses principles for measuring density of wood and humidity of oil products on the basis of using the polarity effect for electromagnetic waves in anisotropic and isotropic substances. Relationships between velocity of propagation of orthogonally polarized waves and permittivity of substances measured are examined. Information parameters of polarized waves and their dependences on parameters measured are identified. Errors in measurement results are analyzed and a method for controlling them is proposed.

Keywords: anisotropy, wave, electric field, permittivity, polarized wave velocity, wood density. field line, humidity, wave retraction index.

Bochkarev N.N. (e-mail: bonic@iao.ru)

Device for measuring the longitudinal evenness of roads

The description of the hardware and software device in which international index IRI longitudinal evenness of roads is calculated from the measured using accelerometers array ordinate microprofile pavement. Unlike measurers-tolchkomerov does not require calibration of the device according to the vertical movement of the reference road sections. When testing the device revealed the possibility of measuring the frequency of free oscillations of superstructures of road bridges.

Keywords: hardware and software device, vertical displacement, longitudinal evenness index, the equation of motion the two-mass model.

Popov Yu.V., Uvarov Iv.A. (e-mail: tov_popov@rambler.ru)

Assessment of suitability of methods to analyze the health state of an aircraft accident investigation

Article is devoted to the legal provisions, which are aimed at maintaining or increasing the level of flight safety. The State creates documentation for aircraft accident and incident investigation. This documentation contains methods and methodological recommendations. The proposed methods to reconstruct the accident or incident to the point of and diagnostics of all links in the aviation and transport system. To assess the suitability of these methods to the investigation of an aircraft accident is cluster analysis. For example, the methods of analysis of the health management system during the investigation of an aircraft accident classification and assessed the suitability. The results show that for modern aircraft control systems, new methods are needed.

Keywords: aviation incident, air a vessel, a control system, methods of the analysis of serviceability, cluster analysis, clusters.

Yasoveev V.H., Kalenyuk M.V., Gumerov A.R. (e-mail: yasov@mail.ru)

Features of a hardware implementation schemes of frequency, using the method of fast Fourier transform

Shows the implementation of fast Fourier transform algorithm. The main recommendations of the selection of chips and processors for FFT processing by measuring the frequency of the signal, given the input signal bandwidth, sampling rate and the required number of FFT points.

Keywords: FFT sampling frequency, butterfly, the processor.

Mordasov D.M., Mordasov M.M. (e-mail: dmmordasov@rambler.ru)

Pneumometric differential method of measurement of the specific volume of materials

The pneumometric differential method of measurement of the specific volume of the solid phase of materials is considered, the theoretical description of the processes happening in the course of measurement is provided, construction details and principle of work of the device realizing it is given.

Keywords: specific volume, pneumometric method, measurement, differential, solid phase.

Karyagin M.A., Lelyukhin A.S., Adzhieva M.D. (e-mail: maxtherion@yandex.ru)

Extension operating range of Radiation kilovoltmeter

The problem of extending the operating range of the radiation kilovoltmeter built under the scheme with the scattering phantom are considered. The simulation results in the form of dependency reduced scattering coefficients of the anode voltage and the total radiation filtration for different phantoms are presented. It is shown that with the increase of the effective atomic number of the material of the phantom calibration characteristic of the device shifts to higher anode voltage.

Keywords: X-ray radiation, non-invasive measurement, radiation kilovoltmeter, anode voltage, total filtration.

Klyuev V.V., Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

The territory of NDT-2015

The paper presents a summary of the activities of the forum The territory of NDT-2015, which was held from 3 to 6 March 2015 in Moscow (Russia). Exhibition of instruments and NDT at the exhibition center Expocentre accompanied the business program of the 18 roundtables, including the session of the Scientific Council of RAS on automated systems diagnostic and tests (Department of Energy, Engineering, Mechanics and Control RAS) and meeting TC 371 Non-destructive testing. Provides an overview of the most interesting instruments and controls.

Keywords: non-destructive testing, technical diagnostics, x-ray inspection, magnetic testing, ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, optical control, thermal control, radio-wave control, security, acoustic emission.