Abstracts. № 5, 2014 year
Karyagin M.A., Lelyukhin A.S. (e-mail: maxtherion@yandex.ru)

Radiation kilovoltmeter for Control System of X-ray diagnostic equipment

Radiation kilovoltmeter for measuring of anode voltage and total filtration by the reduced scattering coefficients method is considered. Calibration of experimental stand is described. The measurement results are presented.

Keywords: X-ray radiation, non-invasive measurement, radiation kilovoltmeter, anode voltage, total filtration of the radiation, the reduced scattering coefficient method.

Svinolupov Yu.G., Timoshenkov N.A., Konoshenkin A.V., Kuleshov V.K. (e-mail: sjg@manotom-tmz.ru)

Encoder devices. Promising trend in manometry

The article solves the problem of determining the position of the gauge needle without interfering with the calibrated measuring unit that allows to realize the integration of dial gauge into SCADA and to provide an indicating pressure gauge with system functions.

Keywords: electrical contact liquid filled pressure gauge e ncoder unit, angle sensor, electrical contact low pressure gauge.

Berezhko I.A., Gostyukhin O.S., Komshin A.S. (e-mail: kozyr.ru@mail.ru)

Information measuring phase-chronometric systems for diagnostics in the field of power industry

In article is shown the example of development and deployment the information phase chronometric systems of measurement a parameters of functioning of turbine units of thermal power plants for creation of systems of diagnostics in the field of power engineering. Implementation of dual-channel phase chronometric instrumentation system on the basis of optoelectronic means on a turbine unit of the TVV-200-2-K-200-130 type is for the first time provided.

Keywords: measurement system, mathematical modeling, turbine unit, generator, diagnostics, phase chronometric, power engineering.

Potapov K., Syritsky A. (e-mail: syritsky@yandex.ru)

Realization of measurement phasechronometric system for technical state diagnostic of lathes

The article describes the diagnostic system lathes based on phasechronometric method. The basic principles of the system have defined, variants of installation of sensors on the machine have described and also the test results have showed.

Keywords: diagnostic system, lathe, reliability, phasechronometric method.

Ataullin F.R., Yasoveev V.H. (e-mail: fanzil@inbox.ru)

Remote testing instrument nuclear logging

The results of research in the field of nuclear logging devices. Developed a method and device for remote testing devices gamma and neutron - gamma logging.

Keywords: wi-fi, remote testing of nuclear logging devices.

N.M. Ushakov, V.Ya. Podvigalkin, I.D. Kosobudsky (e-mail: nmu@bk.ru)

Silicon photovoltaic converters with nanocomposite thick coatings

A perspective design for the photoelectric converter with the thick-film antireflection polymer composite material coatings based on silver in the matrix of polymethyl methacrylate is shown. The way of increasing the efficiency of photoconversion, the essence of which is the use of additional phototransducer usable space and scattering back to the border for the incident photons. The role of size effect in increasing the efficiency of solar cell is shown by 8...10 % when using composite coatings with silver nanoparticles size of 25...30 nm and 30...35 % using coatings with silver microparticles 150...200 microns.

Keywords: photoelectric conversion cell, composite materials, nanocomposite antireflection coating.

Bobkov P.V., Mogilnay T.Yu. (e-mail: Mogilnay@mail.ru)

Investigation of the device noises in the fiber-optic system for monitoring patohenic microorganisms

In this article we have considered the problem of minimizing the error associated with the noise in the optical channel. This is required to automate the method of the optical control of pathogenic microorganisms in water flow. We investigated errors associated with the loss of power of the optical signal and with the diffraction in the waveguide. We studied form of the parasitic optical modes and their wavelengths. We have identified informative parameters that allow distinguishing between the useful signal and error.

Keywords: optical scattering, liquid medium, rapid analysis, pathogenic microorganisms in flow of water.

Zelikovskiy Z.I. (e-mail: zinovy.zelikovsky@gmail.com)

Minimizing Temperature Dependency of Electrical Resistance Standards

It is proposed to manufacture electrical resistance standards in the range of 1 Ohm...10 kOhm using resistive temperature transducers. The resulted first-order temperature coefficient of resistance of each resistance standard is reduced to a level of 0,01 ppm/K. Minimization TCR allows improving of accuracy of the calibration of electrical resistance standards without any specific temperature control.

Keywords: electrical resistance standards, temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), first-order temperature coefficient, second-order temperature coefficient, minimization TCR, resistive temperature transducers.

Gurevich M. (e-mail: mlgurevich@mail.ru)

Errors`s analysis of AC voltage standard, which based on integrated circuit differential thin film thermocouple in mode comparison high frequency AC voltage and DC voltage

Errors’s analysis of AC voltage standard, which based on integrated circuit of differential thin film thermocouple in mode comparison high frequency AC voltage and DC voltage, and methods to decrease errors, describes.

Keywords: standard, voltage, DC voltage standard, AC voltage standard, transfer standard, measurement transducer, thermal converter, thermal comparator, instrument, voltmeter, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range.

Pirog V.P., Kuznecov B.F. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Accuracy of measurements oxygen volume fraction of the hardelecctrolyte diffusion sensor

In the paper the analysis of measurement errors of volume fraction of oxygen amperometric method in the range of 98...100 %.

Keywords: microprocessor devices, the metrological characteristics, hardelecctrolyte diffusion cell, sensor.