Abstracts. 5, 2013 year
Zuev A.V. (e-mail: av.zuev@mail.ru)

NPL METROPIR: with confidence in the future

NPL METROPIR portrait is presented. The characteristic of small enterprise is given, products, marketing policy and prospects of development are described.

Keywords: standard radiator, model of an absolutely black body, radiating thermometer, metrological maintenance.

Panov A.I., Yashin A.Ya., Echkalova P.A. (e-mail: yashinchrom@mail.ru)

The portable device for determination of fertility of soils

The development type of the portable chromatograph is developed, allowing to determine by ion chromatography with conductometric detector the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and by flow-injection method with amperometric detector to determine the total content of humus.

Keywords: humus, fertility of soils, amperometric detector, ion chromatography, flow-injection method.

Velt I.D., Mihaylova Yu.V., Terehina N.V. (e-mail: veltivand@gmail.com)

Physical bases of a method of imitating modelling of electromagnetic flowmeters

Physical bases of a method of imitating modelling of electromagnetic flowmeters of different function are considered. The simulars are described, which allow to check the flowmeters without application of down-pour plants.

Keywords: lectromagnetic flowmeter, volume weight function, superficial weight function, check, magnetic field converter.

Savelev Yu.V. (e-mail: radar@radar-mms.com)

Special particularized sensitive piezoresonanse pressure transducers

Results of working out of particularized sensitive quartz piezoresonanse pressure transducers of 0,08 and 0,02 classes with digital outpoot have been presented at Radar mms JSC.
For the purpose of providing opportunity for the transducers to be calibrated up to 60 MPascal, metrological laboratory with known good pressure devices of 0,01 and 0,005 classes from measurable quantity was organized.
Technology of placing of native barsensitive and temperature sensors as well as particularized microcircuit into the frame has been assimilated, hydro mechanical stableness is guaranteed.
Method of pictorial evaluating of accuracy rating of sensors in working temperature range with help of pie chart of sensors errors in accordance with modulus of their value and diagram of temperature hysteresis has been worked out.
For verification of piezoresonanse pressure transducers at the objects and submersible crafts plug-in modules of calibrators of 0,02 class have been worked out.

Keywords: particularized sensitive quartz piezoresonanse pressure transducers, pressure transducers.

Simonov M.A., Kondratenko V.S., Zarenbin A.V., Ignatev A.D., Lukin N.D., Kostenko V.G. (e-mail: ma89@yandex.ru)

Development of a fiber optic probe refractometer to measure the concentration of solids sugar solutions

Explain the rationale for the selection of the wavelength of the fiber-optic Refractometer. Developed and described the optical scheme and the design of fiber-optic refractometer FOR-411-VIS/2.1.
Research was carried out for measuring the content of dry substances of sucrose from 1 up to 70 % on refractometers R, URL, URF, and FOR. It is established, that testimony obtained on different devices close. Developed by a Refractometer FOR works on the wavelength of 589,3 nm and to improve the accuracy of developed tip with a larger refractive index of the optical element probe to 2,1745, as well as the increased effective diameter of the light beam up to 7.5 mm.
Made the model of the device and it was tested in laboratory conditions FORC-Photonics and GNU VNII of starch products.

Keywords: refractometer, refractive index, fiber optics, fiber-optical system, glucose, fructose, sucrose, wavelength.

Kondratenko V.S., Komov V.G., Milenky M.N., Tretiyakova O.N., Shevchenko G.U. (e-mail: VSK1950@mail.ru)

The development of application software for the creation of the laser processing equipment with auxiliary kinematic axes

The development of innovative laser technology requires the development of new effective software for the manufacturing equipment. The algorithm of synchronous multi-axis control technological systems, can significantly increase the speed of laser processing. Established a control program that implements the algorithm that is used in the design of equipment for laser cutting, LLC RPC Lasers and equipment TM.

Keywords: laser, control software, software environment, computer modeling.

Saushev A.V. (e-mail: saushev@bk.ru)

Automation of carrying out active experiment at research of electrotechnical systems

The principle, structure and technical solutions of creation of the device for automation of carrying out the active experiment which isn't demanding change of initial installation of studied electrotechnical system is considered.

Keywords: active experiment, current source, variation of resistance.

Kupriyanov A., stnikov A. (e-mail: laser_lab@bk.ru)

USB-SPI controller as a base for data aquisition and control system building

The data acquisition and control system based on the FTDI FT2232H_Mini_Module is presented. The FT2232H_Mini_Module provides USB to SPI bus interface from ADC, DAC IC's with SPI interface to the host computer. The developed library CyclicSPI supports firmware in LabView environment. The system is capable data exchange with 10 IC's with SPI interface in cycle mode within 1 ms cycle duration.

Keywords: automation, hardware and software platform, DAC, ADC, measurement tools, USB interface.

Malyshev Yu.O. (e-mail: fgup@omsketalon.ru)

Automation of state special standard of specific heat-conduction of solid frames in the range of temperatures 1337...1800 67-75 with equipment of

In the article shortly described arrangement and functioning of state special standard 67-75 and its calorimetric device. Shown the results of improvement temperature stability in the thermostats of the calorimetric device, achieved with the equipment of .

Keywords: specific heat, standard, liquid calorimeter, thermostat, temperature stability.