Abstracts. 5, 2012 year
Kaminsky Yu.D., Kuznetsov S.I., Proskurnev S.Yu., Serykh V.Ya. (e-mail: kaminjd@mail.ru)

Laser doppler water flow velocity meter

The paper studies the outlook for creating a new type of water flow velocimeter based on laser Doppler anemometry method, designs of main units laser Doppler transdusers, and Doppler signal processing systems. The test results of the experimental prototype (LIS-T) and the characteristics of the test bed are given.

Keywords: flow velocity, laser, Doppler transducer, processing system, measurement error.

Shangin V.V., Volosnikov D.V., Safonov V.N., Starostin A.A., Skripov P.V. (e-mail: dima_volosnikov@mail.ru)

Device of pulse thermal control over dangerous impurities at critical points of oil systems

The paper discusses a compact device which makes it possible to evaluate in real time the presence and the dynamics of changes in the concentration of volatile impurities (mainly moisture) in energy oils. The device combines a high sensitivity to the presence of limiting concentrations of impurities, speed of response, simplicity and operation safety, autonomy, a low cost of the device and a single measurement.

Keywords: pulse heating, turbine and transformer oils, volatile impurities, express control.

Spiridonov D.V. (e-mail: cpu8bit@yandex.ru)

Multimeter of the series Transmille 8000-R

Multimeter of the series Transmille 8000-R is the up-to-date generation of measuring instruments corresponding all requirements of the modern metrology laboratory.
These instruments have a large number of measurement parameters and functional possibilities as well as ergonomical design which combine classical execution with the up-to-date developments in this field.
Multimeters of this serie are ideal platform for providing of fulfiling of requirements for check-up of all ranges of measuring instruments ad in spectrological laboratories as in conditions of laboratories of large industrial enterprises.
Mustimeters 8000-R are perfect measuring instruments bringing into high quality with ideal expenses.

Keywords: multimeter, measuring instruments, check-up.

Alekseev V.V, Shishkin I.A. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

Measuring system for monitoring of the condition of system of engineering protection of territory from flooding on the basis of gis. The description of objects

Questions of the organization of the algorithmic maintenance measuring system intended for carrying out of monitoring of a condition of technical constructions of system of engineering protection of territory from flooding, and also territories are considered. The especial attention is given questions of reception of simple and difficult estimations on the basis of control measurements and expert estimations on a uniform metrological basis. Methodical maintenance for ranging of technical constructions and territories in conformity and a received estimation of risk from flooding is considered.

Keywords: a measuring subsystem, a geoinformation subsystem, result of control measurements, an expert estimation, a simple estimation, a difficult estimation, an engineering construction, territory, a risk estimation.

Kovalev S.V. (e-mail: ksv.ipu@bk.ru)

Design of information-analytical system of risk analysis and forecasting based on multi-criteria model

Describes the automated software and hardware information-analytical system of analysis and prediction of risks associated with different sources (factors) of risk in the economic and production activities on the basis of multi-criteria model to project the intellectual management system database-store corporate data risk for subsequent analysis and prediction.

Keywords: intelligent information-analytical system, hardware-software complex, factor model, Multicriteria decision analysis and prediction of risks.

Mukhitdinov D., Kalandarov P., Avazov Yu. (e-mail: tgtu-app@mail.ru)

Synthesis of adaptive automatic control system production of ethyl alcohol

We consider the adaptive system of automatic process control with a transport delay on the basis of predictor Smith.

Keywords: modeling, distillation, channel of control, optimization, transport delay.

Akhobadze G.N. (e-mail: ahogur@yandex.ru)

Some Aspects of Measuring Low Moisture Content in Oil Flows

The method of measuring low moisture content in an oil flow is examined using strengths of electromagnetic waves with different oscillating frequencies passed through the water-flooded oil flow. The results of theoretical and experimental research of interaction between the electromagnetic waves and the controlled environment are shown.

Keywords: moisture content, wave, frequency, inductive capacity, amplitude, oil flow.

Ivchenko N.K., Ivchenko A.V. (e-mail: professor55@rambler.ru)

Building of the analytical decision for spherical design, applicable in the instrumentation

Building of the analytical decision for spherical design, applicable in the instrumentation, is presented in article. To such design in first place pertain spherical designs of mirror of the telescope, radar antenna, artificially crystal of the sapphire, which form can change under action of field of power of gravity and other influences.

Keywords: spherical design, instrumentation, analytical decision, equation, boundary value problem, stress, deformation.

Slepcov V.V., Stroganov D.A. (e-mail: stroganov.da@gmail.com)

Improving the reliability of electric drive measuring control systems with asynchronous motor

In article means and methods of improving the reliability of electric drive measuring control systems with asynchronous motor are considered. Non-standard methods or controls or connecting of windings of asynchronous motors with specifying of merits and demerits of each of them are analyzed.

Keywords: improving the reliability, electric drive, asynchronous motor.

Khorikov P.A., Drozdov D.E., Mamonov S.N., Radkin A.N., Kopaleva N.V. (e-mail: pkhorikov@krastsvetmet.ru)

An Issue of S Type Thermocouple Wire certification

Platinum and platinum-rhodium alloy thermocouple wire certification features are discussed. The impact of imperfect methods for calculating standard thermocouple E.M.F. values for thermocouple wire certification is shown. The evaluation of alternative methods has been carried out and a proposal has been made to amend 611-2005 State Standards.

Keywords: precious metals, thermocouple wire, platinum, platinum-rhodium alloys, thermal transducer, methods for calculating E.M.F., 611 State Standards, the deviation of E.M.F.

Ermakov A.V., Studenok E.S., Erokhina L.N. (e-mail: elena.studenok@pm-ural.com)

Manufacture of thermocouples made of nano-disperse hardened (DH) platinum

It is offered to raise the quality of thermocouple wires (TW) by means of disperse hardening, using special technology which combines hardening effect and chemical structure averaging. The technology proposed in this article can improve the strength of the wire at 1000? in 3 times and reduce the inhomogeneity of thermoelectric motive force (TEMF) to a level not more than 2 microvolts.

Keywords: platinum reference thermocouples, chemical structure averaging, disperse hardening.

Alekhin V.A. (e-mail: alekhin@mirea.ru)

Bases of designing of thermal printers for the automated informational systems

Thermal printing finds wide application in the modern automated informational systems, fax machines, trading equipment, half tone and colour printers for medicine and an electronic photography. Only thermal printers for cash registers and some label and bar code thermal printers are made now in Russia. The extensive market of thermal printers is occupied by import electronics. In paper bases and actual questions of designing of label and bar code thermal printers are observed. Paper is intended for development engineers of the modern devices replacing import products.

Keywords: thermal printing, thermal printer, designing, labels, bar codes, thermal printhead, thermal printer mechanism, controller of thermal printer.