Abstracts. № 5, 2011 year
Shepetov A.G., Stroganov D.A. (e-mail: stroganov@vsokolnikah.ru)

Structurally-mathematical models of inductive measuring devices

In this article the structurally-mathematical models of inductive measuring devices are considered. Optimum values of parameters of these models are defined and recommendations about designing of the inductive measuring devices are given.

Keywords: model, the inductive sensor, error, designing.

V.G. Krymsky, I.M. Zhalbekov (e-mail: vikrymsky@mail.ru)

Methods of sensor readings statistical processing for quantitative analysis of gas mixture proportion

The paper considers the problem of quantitative analysis of gas mixture proportion on the basis of readings brought from the totality (array) of the sensors, each of which possesses partial selectivity, i.e. increased sensitivity to one of the mixture ingredients. There are accomplished classification and overview of the statistical methods proposed during the last two decades for solving the above problem.

Keywords: multivariate data analysis, calibration, gas sensor array, gas mixture proportion.

Shilin A.N., Shilin A.A. (e-mail: eltech@vstu.ru)

The information-measuring system fault location overhead power line

The article describes an information-measuring system fault location overhead power line. The system works based on the detection of changes in the electromagnetic field around overhead power line under emergency conditions. Registration of change of the electromagnetic field takes place through the transmitter, which measures separately the electrical tension and the magnetic induction field. The measured signals are analyzed by a logic device that determines the kind of emergency mode. Information about the emergency mode is transferred to the control point.

Keywords: fault location, overhead power line, emergency operation, an electromagnetic field, transmitter, logic unit, data transmission, GSM / GPRS communication channel.

Chernykh S.V. (e-mail: schtks@list.ru)

The magnetic field sensor based on HTSC

Experimental investigations of interaction of variable and constant magnetic fields with YBa2Cu3O7-x superconducting ceramics are presented. The opportunity of the further increase of sensitivity magnetic field sensors on the basis of high-temperature superconducting ceramics is discussed.

Keywords: high-temperature superconductors, the nonlinear susceptibility, the second harmonic, a hysteresis, the magnetic field sensor.

Pavlov K.A., Selishchev S.V. (e-mail: konstant_pavlov@mail.ru)

Simulation of the electric field spatial distribution in communication system using the human body as a data transmission channel

In this paper, computer simulation results of using the human body as a data transmission channel for wearable devices are presented. Parameters of a transmission channel in the range of frequencies from 500 kHz to 2,4 GHz are researched. Frequencies providing optimum communication system parameters are defined.

Keywords: body area network; human body communication, computer simulation of electromagnetic waves propagation, dielectric properties of biological materials.

Gnezdov Y.N., Gnezdov N.Y., Kosenok V.A., Panov A.V., Tumanova A.V. (e-mail: gnezdov@tvp.ispu.ru)

Application peculiarities of autonomous process parameter recorder «Terem-4» for monitoring of pottery work drying

Application methods of autonomous process parameter recorder «Terem-4» for monitoring of pottery work dehumidification in tunnel driers is developed.

Keywords: monitoring of drying parameters, pottery work, brick drying, autonomous process parameter recorders.

Sevryuk A.N. (e-mail: sevryuk@marine.febras.ru)

The automatic classification mechanism of the clustered measuring anomalies for AUV onboard processing

The system of classification of measuring anomalies of any dimension is described in the article. Methods allowing are described to classify measuring anomalies onboard of the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) in real time. Work results appendices of methods allowing to classify the isolated objects on a photo images.

Keywords: measuring anomalies, data clustering, classification, identification, real-time systems, autonomous underwater robots.

Teleshevsky V.I., Emeljanov P.N., Shishkov D.N. (e-mail: vitel@stankin.ru)

The principles of construction of the computerized production metrological assurance system based on CALS-technology

The article considers the principles of construction of the computerized metrological production support system based on CALS-technology. In the first part of the article a version of the basic set of parameters and the necessary relations between these parameters are provided, that can be basis for construction of a computerized system of metrological registration of measuring instruments. In the second part of the article integrated infological model for computerized selection of measuring instruments is considered.

Keywords: computerized metrological production support system, CALS-technology, integrated infological model.