Abstracts. № 4, 2016 year
Akhobadze G.N. (e-mail: ahogur@yandex.ru)

Microwave Measurement of Interelectrode Gap in Vacuum Arc Furnace

A set of microwave methods for measuring length of arc of an interelectrode gap in a vacuum arc furnace are proposed. The methods are based on application of vibrational properties of oscillating circuit and open resonator. Dependences of data characteristics of sensing elements on a parameter being measured with account of the melting process in a vacuum arc furnace is analyzed. The influence of dielectric permittivity of ionized steam on characteristics of propagation of electromagnetic waves between cavity reflectors is examined. Analysis of errors in indirect arc measurement is given and ways of their minimization are shown. The field of application of the measurement methods is demonstrated.

Keywords: frequency, resonator, Q-factor, arc length, crystallizer, oscillating circuit, error, consumable electrode.

Egamberdiev B.E., Rakhmanov A.T., Norov A.M. (e-mail: bahrom_prof@mail.ru)

Microprocessor instrument on base thermosensor for remote control of the temperature

There has been developed and mastered. The industrial manufacturing technology of sensors with super big heat sensitivity on the basis of silicon allayed by nickel. There sensors allow to control the temperature of object remotely and continuously. The results show that sensors on the basis of Si < P, Ni > can be used in the conditions of increased radiation.

Keywords: a nanocluster, the alloyed silicon, the thermal sensor, technology, remote control, temperature, reliability sealing, stability the nominal resistance parameters.

Mamikonyan B.M., Mamikonyan Kh.B. (e-mail: bomam@yandex.ru)

Balancing conversion of resistance increment of resistive primary transducers with current output signal

A measuring circuit (MC) is developed, in which the resistance increment of resistive primary transducer (PT) is converted into a current output signal. The MC is balanced by a current feedback. Constructional features of MC are stated, its principal and structural schemes are presented and the mathematical model of conversion is obtained. The non compensation error analysis is carried out depending on the parameters of MC and characteristics of used OA. It is shown that with an appropriate choice of OA chip the non compensation error will not exceed the required value.

Keywords: primary transducer, resistance, measuring circuit, comparison resistor, current signal, balancing, non compensation error.

Savin A.A. (e-mail: savin@tusur.ru)

An Adaptive Accounting Mismatch Algorithm for the Precision Analyzer of the Navigation Signals Parameters

This article presents an adaptive signal processing algorithm for calibration of the navigation signals generators. The algorithm is based on using quasi-optimal unscented Kalman filter. The model of system contains two fixed terms. These terms describe the direct and reflected signals. The reflected signal arises because there is a mismatch of ports of the analyzer and generator. An amplitude and phase properties of the direct and reflected signals are unknown. Special software has been developed. This software was used to model and investigate the designed signal analyzing algorithm. Experimental results are given.

Keywords: adaptive algorithm, navigational signal, time delay, estimate, Kalman filter, mismatch.

Masharipov Sh.M. (e-mail: mss2014@rambler.ru)

Analysis of modern methods and technical meanshumidity measurement cotton material

The article describes the scientific, technical and regulatory issues moisture measurement of cotton materials. The analysis method is selected moisture measurement on the basis of which it is advisable to research and develop hygrometer cotton materials. The basis of the work is the issues that are devoted to improve the efficiency of metrological maintenance of measuring the moisture of cotton materials.

Keywords: method of measurement, measuring instruments, measuring humidity, cotton materials, stages humidity control, humidity, cotton, thermal method, chemical method, distillation method, mechanical method, a capacitive method, the metrological characteristics of moisture meters, metrological assurance, verification schedule, checking moisture meters grading moisture meters.

Rakhmanov A.T., Egamberdiev B.E., Rashidov A.A. (e-mail: bahrom_prof@mail.ru)

Improving the static characteristics linearity of disperse mediums probe parametric humidity converter

Statistic characteristics of mufti-functional probe parametric converter of disperse mediums are described. Also, non-linearity of statistic characteristic, sensitivity at constant and pulse voltage of probe parametric converter of humidity of disperse mediums was described. It was established that, at tramper from intermittent to pulse voltage, non-linearity of characteristics of conversion decreases more than six fold and this gives practical significance to the pulse voltage of circuit, ensuing additional possibilities of linearization of its characteristic of conversion.

Keywords: probe parametric converter, disperse medium, pulse interval, pulse voltage, multi-functional, linearization.

Popov Yu.V., Smirnov S.A. (e-mail: tov_popov@rambler.ru)

Automation of tests of the protected onboard store on fire resistance

In given article quantitative characteristics of adverse factors which the protected onboard store should maintain at aviation incident are given. On the basis of the statistical given reasons of the loss, the registered information at aviation incidents, it is shown, that a principal cause of loss of the information is influence of high temperature of a fire. By development of the protected onboard store the special attention is given thermal protection of a data carrier. Methods of an estimation of safety of the information are given at influence of high temperature. Development of computer facilities and constant perfection of devices for tests allows to create information-measuring systems for the automated tests. Components automated the test facility on fire resistance are shown and described. Results of test for fire resistance of the protected onboard store are submitted. Also the technique of construction регрессионной is submitted to model прогрева the store of the information. Results of automatic definition of boundary values of safety of the information are given.

Keywords: protected onboard store, adverse factors, aviation incident, high temperature, safety of the information, regression model.

Abdurakhmanov B.A., Bakhadirkhanov M.K., Valiev S.A., Tachilin S.A. (e-mail: bahazeb@yandex.ru)

Development of novel class of rectifiers on the basis of clusters of atoms of nickel-silicon structures

The technology for obtaining serially connected metal-semiconductor junctions, i.e., clusters of atoms of nickel – Si in the crystal lattice of silicon. It was determined that VAC of the structures corresponds to the VACs of rectifier stacks. It was determined that the single-crystalline silicon with clusters of impurity atoms of Ni is a perspective material for principally new class of high-voltage microelectronics devices.

Keywords: cluster, rectifier stack, Schottky barrier.