Abstracts. № 4, 2014 year
Pronin A., Sapozhnikiva K., Taymanov R. (e-mail: taymanov@vniim.ru)

Reliability of Measurement Resuls and Its Assurance

The paper deals with the reliability of measurement results obtained from embedded measurement instrument and problems concerning specification of verification and calibration intervals for such instruments. Ways for enhancing the reliability of measurement results are shown.

Keywords: reliability of measurement results, verification, calibration, verification interval, insurance, metrological self-check.

Korchagina E.N., Varganov V.P., Ermakova E.V., Kazartsev Y.V. (e-mail: E.N.Korchagina@vniim.ru)

Metrological base of combustion calorimetry of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels

The article describes a new complex of equipment, which was approved as the State Primary Standard of the units of heat of combustion, the specific heat of combustion and the volume heat of combustion in 2010. The results of the international comparisons of National Standards of the energy of combustion in the field of bomb and gas calorimetry are shown. There are reviewed the prospects of development of certified reference materials for metrological assurance of bomb and gas calorimetry, which are suitable for application at enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, petrochemical, coal, metallurgical and chemical industries. There are presented the conclusions on the results of interlaboratory comparison tests (IСT) which Calorimetric laboratory of VNIIM as a recognized provider of proficiency testing for test laboratories by ICT organizes in the field of analysis of the quality parameters of solid and liquid fuels already more than 10 years.

Keywords: the State Primary Standard, combustion calorimetry, heat (energy) of combustion, certified reference materials (CRM), interlaboratory comparisons tests (ICT).

Chelpanov I.B., Kochetkov A.V., Evstifeev M.I. (e-mail: igorchelp@yandex.ru)

Test methods of micromechanical sensors and devices

The cycle of articles is devoted to a statement of a perspective and a complex of questions of tests of the main independent sensors (primary converters) navigation devices, complexes and control systems of mobile objects, first of all gyroscopes, as sensors of angular speed, and also the linear accelerometers measuring components of gravitational and kinematic acceleration.

Keywords: micromechanical devices, tests, gages, sensors of angular speed, accelerometers.

Akhobadze G.N. (e-mail: ahogur@yandex.ru)

Application of Anisotropy in Dimension Measurement

The paper discusses principles for measuring geometrical dimensions of various objects on the basis of using the interaction between electromagnetic waves and anisotropic and isotropic substances. The process of electromagnetic wave propagation through a substance under control and forming of orthogonally polarized waves carrying information on the measured values is examined. Analytical dependences between patterns of orthogonally polarized waves that are related to geometrical dimensions of different objects are analyzed and explained.

Keywords: anisotropy, wave, electric field, correlation processing, polarized wave velocity, delay, field line, radiation.

Semchevsky A.K., Kuznetsov B.F. (e-mail: kuznetsovbf@gmail.com)

Theoretical basis of preparation method of oxygen-containing gas mixtures

We give a theoretical justification for the preparation oxygen-containing gas mixtures on the basis of solid electrolyte cells. The resulting equation relates the oxygen concentration along the length of a solid electrolyte cell with its design parameters.

Keywords: method of preparing a mixture of the solid cell, oxygen content.

Ivanov V.A., Bolshev K.N., Malyshev A.V. (e-mail: heat@iptpn.ysn.ru)

Automation of instrument for measuring the thermal conductivity of diamond and optimization of conditions of experiment

The short theory of the heat flow joining method for the definition of the diamonds thermal conductivity is brought and the automated installation for the thermal conductivity measuring by the given method is described. The installation, based on the device УKT-3 was automated using the computer-measuring system AK-6.25 and the personal computer, Turbo Pascal 7 was used as a working programming language. This device allows defining diamonds thermal conductivity with the inaccuracy, not exceeding 15 %. The program, which controls the experimental process and processes the results, is also described.

Keywords: thermal conductivity, difference temperature, computer measuring system, diamond sample, power amplifier, heat sink, thermal resistance.

Sleptsov V.V., Lunina G.V., Fedotov A.N. (e-mail: vsleptsov@gmail.com)

Higher performance of information-measurement and control system of industrial robots forresistance spot welding

This article is about of the increasing of the operating speed of information-measuring and control system of automatons for point transistor welding. The analysis is performed by mathematical modeling. There are graphics of working the regulator in standard setting and the regulator with corrective appliance (device).

Keywords: information-measuring and control system, industrial robots, spot welding.

Malay I.M., Shkurkin M.S. (e-mail: malay@vniiftri.ru)

Estimation of the near-field antenna measurement systems errors by the Monte Carlo method

This paper describes about a novel principle based on the Monte Carlo method that make possible to estimate planar near-field antenna measurement system accuracy parameters

Keywords: near-field, near-field antenna measurement system, near-field measurement error.

Kondratyev M.N., Polzunenkov G.O. (e-mail: mkondratyev85@mail.ru)

Digital geological compass and prospects of its using applying to structural geology in field

Developed a digital device for measuring the elements of bedding planes of rock – a digital geological compass (patent № RU121565U1). The device can automatically carry out routine procedure of measurement of plane attitude. Testing of a digital compass in the field has shown that it may be suitable as a replacement of traditional geological compass during several structural geological studies. The benefits of developed device: high rapidity and ease of use, performance measurements without layaring a compass to align the horizontal level, automatic storage of results, time to measure one plane – less than 5 seconds, the maximum measurement accuracy ± 2°, wich can help to distinguish between a plane with similar angles of incidence, a simple way of measuring the linear structures and visible of dip.

Keywords: compass, geologycal compass, digital compass, magnetometer, accelerometer, measurements of rock fractures.

Aristova N.I. (e-mail: avtprom@yandex.ru)

Controls the degree of automation in industry

It is shown that the catalyst for the development of mechanization and automation of production was the desire of the person to significantly reduce the share of manual labor and thereby increase the productivity of enterprises. And formulate the notion of the degree of automation of manufacturing robots. Proposed mathematical apparatus enables to determine the degree of automation of discrete manufacturing feedback on products and minimize the cost of human labour in the production process. Analyzed is the state policy of Japan in the field of automation and robotics.

Keywords: the degree of automation, robotics, feedback on products, public policy.