Abstracts. № 4, 2013 year
Nedelko A.Yu. (e-mail: marketing@omsketalon.ru)

Self-contained permafrost temperature logger

The present article concerns the description of the digital temperature sensors logger, designed for permafrost temperature geotechnical monitoring.

Keywords: logger, digital temperature sensor, geotechnical monitoring, thermometric borehole.

Mulev Yu.V., Epihina G.E., Mulev M.Yu. (e-mail: mulev@mail.ru)

Explosion-proof electrocontact (signalling) manometers

The article is devoted to the methods of organization-ex электроконтактных (signal) gauges. Special attention is paid to the explosion cases.

Keywords: pressure gauge with electric contact, explosion-proof, principles of organization, the basic requirements.

Baranov P.F., Borikov V.N. (e-mail: bpf@tpu.ru)

Lock-In Amplifier with a differential input for the metrological provision of inductive voltage dividers

The paper presents the results of development lock-In Amplifier with a differential input for the metrological provision of inductive voltage dividers. The assessment of the errors caused by elements of chosen structure is carried out, and the way of their reduction is offered.

Keywords: lock-In Amplifier, inductive voltage divider, differential method, AC voltage comparison, calibration.

Shkatov P.N., Elisov A.A. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)

The measurement of the depth of cracks on cylindrical surfaces and in the field of fillet transitions electric potential method

This paper analyzes the impact on the signals registered in the measuring электропотенциальным method of depth of surface cracks, the curvature of a convex and concave areas metal objects. The main regularities of change of registered signals in the measurement of the depth of surface cracks in the zone of fillet transitions. On the basis of calculations made by the method of finite elements, constructed the corresponding graduation characteristics.

Keywords: electric potential method, surface crack, cylindrical surface, the curvature.

Mukhurov N.I., Efrenov G.I., Ostapenko E.V. (e-mail: n.mukhurov@ifanbel.bas-net.by)

The capacitor sensor of the resonance of mobile elements in the electrostatic microrelay

In article the design and a principle of operation of the capacitor sensor of a resonance of mobile elements in the electrostatic microrelays, expanding functionalities of high-frequency microdevices is described. By the example of a plane-parallel design the basic ratio for engineering calculation are resulted.

Keywords: electrostatic microrelay, plane-parallel design, capacitor sensor of the resonance.

Slepsov V.V., Kostromin M.A. (e-mail: v_sleptsov@gmail.com)

Development of the technical demands made to information and measuring and operating systems of laser technological machines

It is shown that, the problem of use of laser technologies in modern production should be considered not only from the point of view of technical parameters directly the laser, but also taking into account characteristics of the equipment, the software which allow to use specific properties of the laser for the solution of separately taken technological task. Key parameters of the laser systems intended for dimensional processing of materials are determined. The generalized block diagram of laser technological machine is developed. On the basis of the carried-out analysis the technical demands made to information and measuring and operating systems of laser technological machines are formulated.

Keywords: information and measuring and managing directors of system, laser technological machines, electric drives, dimensional processing of materials.

Chelpanov I.B., Kochetkov A.V. (e-mail: igorchelp@yandex.ru)

Analysis of efficiency of application of variation of Allan as algorithm of single-channel data processing

It is proved that the algorithm of a variation of Allan can't be considered at all as universal, it can be used only along with others, checked up and mastered. Recommendations containing in a number of the American standards IEEE about its use can't be accepted without the careful preliminary analysis about applicability in concrete appendices.

Keywords: micromechanical devices, tests, gages, gages of angular speed, acceleration gages.

Shilin A.N., Resnyanskaya A.A. (e-mail: eltech@vstu.ru)

Determination coordinates of placing temperature sensors tundish for continuous casting of steel

A mathematical model of temperature field of bucket works out for continuous casting of steel. This model allows us to determine the coordinates of the sensors of temperature, in order to ensure minimum error in determining the temperature of the melt.

Keywords: bucket for steel casting, temperature, contact temperature sensors, indirect methods of measuring temperature.

Guliyev F.A., Agayev F.G. (e-mail: Falakh2005@rambler.ru)

On possibility of development of economic Laser measuring instrument for landscape study for irrigational purposes

It is shown, that the existing expenses of known system of laser measurements realized as a lidar installed on UAV are not true due to non accounting for wet delay of GPS measurements.
Theoretically proved, that upon realization of suggested technical solutions for accounting of the “wet” delay, the economically optimal functioning regime is formed, which is featured by close interrelation of major economic parameters of the system.
Two variants of modified systems of remote vertical measurements are suggested and the criterion for choosing of most prefilled one is formulated.

Kalandarov P.I., Iskandarov B.P., Hodjaev D.P. (e-mail: Polvon_1955@yahoo.com)

Functional analysis of schemes dielcometric measuring system

The problems of constructing information-measuring system, consisting of measurement and transformative path in cyclic Clapp collected under the scheme, with a sequential processing of information circulating in the measuring and reference channels.

Keywords: control, moisture, solid particulate bulk materials, dielcometric method dielcometric measuring systems.

Huhtikov N.A. (e-mail: nkhhukhtikov@mail.ru)

Analysis of the Compensatory Structure Error

The ways of compensatory structure accuracy improvement are analysed. The invariance of the relative error expression form is found.
The compensatory structure effectiveness is evaluated.

Keywords: compensatory structure, conversion coefficient, multiplicative and relative error.

Akilin V.I., Izmailov A.E., Denisov S.J. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Increasing the accuracy of accelerometers by algorithmic compensation of temperature errors

The principle of action of dry quartz accelerometer sensor is used as the primary information in a number of strapdown inertial navigation systems. The results of studies of the effect of ambient temperature on the change in the value of the zero signal accelerometer. The method of compensation of this error, can significantly improve the accuracy of serial devices.

Keywords: accelerometer, temperature errors, algorithmic compensation.

Latonov I.V., Shulepov A.V. (e-mail: icecold87@mail.ru)

Application of the fractal theory for evaluation of the focusing quality of the measuring microscope optical system on the rough surface

The consideration of current criteria for focusing of optical systems on the rough surface is provided. New criteria for focusing are developed on the base of fractal theory. Comparative analysis of current and developed criteria is conducted.

Keywords: optical microscopy, three-dimensional measurements with microscope, focusing, fractal dimension.