Abstracts. 4, 2011 year
Salmin S.A., Shevarakov K.K. (e-mail: shevarakov@nrdc.ru)

About working out of the measuring instrument of the module of elasticity of the carbon fibres, realizing the acoustic method

The article describes the steps to create a modern computer measuring system designed to control the module of elasticity of hi-tech construction materials carbon fiber the acoustic method.
As a rule, working out of the measuring device consists of following stages: studying of object of control, including mathematical modeling of significant aspects of its behavior, a choice of a rational method of measure, working out of software of a method, synthesis of a hardware platform for method realization, working out metrological and information support.
The above-stated stages reveal in article on an example of working out of a measuring instrument of the module of elasticity of carbon fibres and the threads which principle of construction is identical to modern computer measuring system

Keywords: carbon fiber, module of elasticity, acoustic control, mathematical modeling, computer measuring system.

Kabashov Yu.S., Krymsky V.G. (e-mail: kabashov@ufamail.ru)

Designing the structured mathematical model of gas capacitive MEMS microsensor

The paper proposes methodology of designing structured mathematical model of capacitive MEMS- microsensors for measuring the concentrations of dangerous gases in the ambient air. Universality of the model is achieved due to its representation in the form of composition of standard modules, and each module accomplishes a certain stage of the information processing. The model is easy-to-use in computer experiments which aim at investigation of performances of such a type sensor within the monitoring systems.

Keywords: MEMS microsensor, microcapacitor, mathematical model, dangerous gas concentration.

Vorobyev A.V., Zigangirov L.R. (e-mail: cpu8bit@yandex.ru)

Automated control system bias of precision magnetoresistive sensor

The variant schematic implementation of the magnetizing current pulse generator, providing improved performance and the threshold voltage sensitivity of magnetoresistive sensors.

Keywords: magnitorezistor, the sensitivity of magnetoresistive sensors, generator magnetizing current pulses.

Teleshevskiy V.I., Dokelin S.M., Soukharev E.N. (e-mail: SuharevEvgeny@yandex.ru)

Development of CAD of measuring instruments for internal diameters

Comparative analysis of methods of specialized CAD development and analysis of development environments are given. Features of development of expert system for automated design of measurement tools are described.

Keywords: computer aided design system, measurement instrument.

Andreev V.P. (e-mail: andreev@npptema.ru)

The specially designed processor for vision system using of optomechanical scanning, carrying out adaptive correction of video signal

This in real time specially designed processor provides compensation of the influence of parameter spread of sensitive elements of the IR-photocell array on the output signal. The device realizes a method based on statistical image properties and does not require embedding into the system of optomechanical scanning of reference radiation sources. The compensation with respect to sensitivity and dark components of photosensor signals is performed. Variants of function charts of the device are resulted.

Keywords: photocell array, video signal, compensation, parameter spread, statistical image properties, optomechanical scanning, sensitivity.

Frid A.I., Kudrjavtsev A.V., Davletshina O.I. (e-mail: arkfrid@mail.ru)

One-chip microcomputer fault-tolerance increase at the expense of internal redundancy

The method of one-chip microcomputer ATmega32 fault tolerance increase at the expense of internal redundancy is developed. The method of nonfailure operation probability estimation by example of digit-analog transformation for pulse-length modulation is shown.

Keywords: fault tolerance, firmware, reliability estimation, inside reserve.

Ivanov Y.N., Tsibry I.C., Shutova E.V. (e-mail: lenka_61_rus@mail.ru)

Design procedure of inductive displacement sensor

In the article designing results of design procedure of inductive displacement sensor are submitted.

Keywords: inductive displacement sensor, algorithm, design procedure.

Nazarov E.A. (e-mail: nazarov@spektr.ru)

Working out of mathematical modeling of process of magnetic coagulation suspension particles

In article is considered the process of magnetic coagulation of particles in the liquid dispersive environment. There are a mathematical model of process of coagulation. We have been received results of experimental definition of a field around of a firm body, magnetized by a constant magnetic field. As a result of approximation of results of experiments we have been received analytical expression of field around magnetized particles.

Keywords: magnetic coagulation, mathematical model, magnetic field.

Sapozhnikova K., Taymanov R. (e-mail: k.v.s@vniim.ru)

Sensor Devices and Measuring Systems with Elements of Artificial Intelligence. Main Terms and Their Definitions

Interest in development of sensor devices and measuring systems with elements of artificial intelligence requires to develop technical language in this field. Ambiguity and inconsistency of existing terminology are demonstrated in the paper. It is shown that application of an evolutionary method made it possible to form a concept of artificial intelligence of measuring instruments and develop the state standard State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Intelligent Sensors and Intelligent Measuring Systems. Basic Terms and Definitions. The most significant terms and their definitions used in the standard are given.

Keywords: intelligent sensor device, intelligent measuring system, metrological self-check, metrological serviceability.