Abstracts. № 3, 2015 year
Velt I.D., Mikhailova Y.V. (e-mail: veltivand@gmail.com)

The measurement of the water big flow by an electromagnetic method

Possibilities of an measurement of the water big flow in pipes with diameters 10 m and above and in open channels by electromagnetic method are discussed. Metrological maintenance of flowmeters by means of flow-measuring plants of the big productivity and by means of simulation methods is considered.

Keywords: electromagnetic method of flow, еlectromagnetic flowmeter, simulation model, flow-measuring plants.

Pirog V.P., Semchevsky A.K., Kuznecov B.F. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Measurement of moisture content in petroleum oil

The article deals with the coulometric method for measuring the moisture content of transformer oil. Set out the description and the analysis of the results of the measurements of moisture content moisture meters cyclic action of VTM-2 and VTM-MK.

Keywords: transformer oil, the mass fraction of moisture measurement cycle, coulometric moisture meter, the carrier gas.

Wendt G., Nigmatullin R., Tukhvatullin R. (e-mail: rustam_vniir@bk.ru)

New method for laboratory research of the behavior of measuring instruments of liquid flow rate and amount at dynamically changing flow rate

The article raises a question of flow meters behavior under actual operating conditions (at dynamically variable flow rates). It includes an analysis of research works on this subject performed in leading foreign metrological centers. A new method for the research of this subject is proposed which has been tested at the Federal Physical and Technical Institute (PTB) test base.

Keywords: domestic flow rate meters, dynamically changing flow rate, cavitation nozzle, research of metrological characteristics, research facility.

Urakseev M.A., Kalenyuk M.V. (e-mail: blackmore92@mail.ru)

Information-measuring device movement control using magnetic labels and scales

This article describes the common patent decisions displacement measuring device using magnetic labels. Given their structural diagrams, functional descriptions, the main advantages and disadvantages.

Keywords: magnetic markers, measuring displacement, magnetic head, a magnetic flux.

Shishlov A.V., Sagatelyan H.R. (e-mail: gayk.sagatelyan@mail.ru)

The method of calculation of thickness of coating at various points on the workpiece surface during the magnetron sputtering on devices with planetary gear

The method of calculation of a plot of an expected thickness distribution of thin film coating on the flat surface of substrate, performing a planetary motion in the plane perpendicular to the covering surface during the ion-plasma deposition with magnetron assisted sputtering of targets is proposed. The software, created on the basis of the proposed method, allows choosing the most efficient combination of kinematic and geometric factors of the deposition process for both existing and projected systems of magnetron sputtering.

Keywords: sputter deposition, magnetron sputtering, thin-film coating, thickness, unevenness, planetary gearing, evaporation rate.

Kulakov F.A. (e-mail: fedot60@yandex.ru)

A method for non-contact position control of phased array antenna

The article discusses the possibility of using ultrasonic sensors for non-contact angle phased array antenna. Given the necessary calculations.

Keywords: non-contact, controls, ultrasound, angle, position, measurement.

Kondratenko V.S., Naumov A.S., Zobov A.K. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

Optimizing the parameters of laser controlled thermocracking when cutting glass by a non-rectilinear contour

The work is devoted to the choice of optimal parameters of laser controlled thermocracking (LСT) when cutting products with a complex curvilinear contour. With this purpose the LCT mathematical model is considered when a laser beam and coolant transfer from a rectilinear site to a non-rectilinear contour with given radius R. The obtained findings allow proper adjustment of LCT modes to ensure a higher quality of cutting the glass.

Keywords: laser controlled thermocracking (LCT), CO2-laser.