Abstracts. 3, 2014 year
Kropachev D.Y., Gavrilov I.I. (e-mail: marketing@omsketalon.ru)

Methods for monitoring temperature of objects in frozen soils

For the safety of the operation of the oil and gas facilities, and construction of facilities in the northern regions of Russia, It was proposed to monitor the temperature of objects in order to identify (detect) and remove emergency areas in permafrost soil regions by means of the temperature monitoring system.

Keywords: permafrost, long-term changes, monitoring, soil temperature, trend, multizonal gage, controller, system.

Nemirov M.S., Ibragimov R.R., Evdokimov Y.K. (e-mail: gnmc@nefteavtomatika.ru)

Testing rig for test water cut meters of oil

The article discusses the laboratory test rig designed for research of the metrological characteristics of oil water cut meters. Describes laboratory testing rig, composition, operating principle. Results of experimental researches of technical characteristics of the testing rig. Research results of additional errors optical oil water cut meters from free gas in oil content and flow changes in the structure water oil mixture.

Keywords: testing rig, metrological characteristics, flow water cut analyzer, water cut in oil, water oil mixture, influencing factors, free gas, structure water oil mixture.

Khatsevich T.N., Parfyonova T.V. (e-mail: khatsevich@rambler.ru)

Optical design of dual-band infrared lens

The article describes the features of the design of dual-band infrared optical lenses designed for infrared devices with cooled and non-cooled (bolometric) matrix radiation detectors;shows the results of dual-band infrared lenses designed for infrared devices based on matrix bolometric detectors and working as an average of 3...5 m, and far 812 m spectral range with a fixed position of the plane optimal installation, are the specifications of the lenses, confirming the receipt of high-quality images.

Keywords: dual-band IR lens, dual-band IR receiver, thermal imaging device.

Demidovich O. (e-mail: marketing@omsketalon.ru)

Temperature sensors JSC Scientific-Production Enterprise Etalon and their practical application

Considered various designs of thermocouples and thermometers produced JSC Scientific-Production Enterprise Etalon for measuring the temperature of objects in various industries.

Keywords: temperature, Reference measuring tools, RTD, thermocouple.

Gudkov Yu.I, Tuv A.L. (e-mail: ygudkov@hse.ru)

Active infrared sensor for monitoring synchronous rotation of the drive

The analysis of the main factors affecting the accuracy of registration of moving an object with an optical sensor with the help of external modulation of the radiation flux is made. The block diagram, operation and measurement data processing algorithm of the contactless infrared sensor registering the passage of time of the reflective mark is shown. Variants of using the developed sensor in control systems of synchronous drive of technology equipment are discussed.

Keywords: infrared sensor, tools of control system, synchronous drive.

Krivov A.S. (e-mail: ask@dipaul.ru)

The test methods for ESD control items to protection of electronic devices

The requirements of modern standards for the organization and test procedures of antistatic materials and products are summarized on the base of the analysis of development methods tendencies of antistatic protection in electronic manufacture. Methodical bases of test preparation and testing are considered on the examples of evaluating the properties of conductive and scattering materials and antistatic footwear. The main sources of measurement uncertainty are shown.

Keywords: electrostatic discharge, antistatic material, antistatic set, the test method.

Konysheva N.A., Churikov A.A., Shishkina G.V. (e-mail: nata-burenina@mail.ru)

One-stage method and automated monitoring system of thermophysical properties of anisotropic materials

One-stage method of nondestructive control of the full complex of thermophysical properties of anisotropic materials is shown. The method is carried out by means of heating square part of surface of the investigated sample, obtaining information about the distribution of temperature field of the surface along two perpendicular axes and the density of heat flow, calculating integral characteristics of measured temperatures and the density of heat flow with the help of which thermophysical properties are found.
The algorithm of carrying out the experiment and calculation of thermophysical properties is presented. The description of the automated monitoring system realizing the developed method is given.

Keywords: nondestructive control, anisotropic material, integral characteristics of temperature and heat flow, complex of thermophysical properties, heat flow.

Kapelkina L.P., Bardina T.V., Chugunova M.V., Bakina L.G., Gerasimov A.O., Bardina V.I., Malyshkina L.A. (e-mail: kapelkina@mail.ru)

Ecotoxicological assessment of the oilfield drilled sludges by biological methods

Ecotoxicological assessment of the oilfield drilled sludges was carried out by substrate and eluate biotesting methods. The instrument from Biotester range was used to estimate the infusoria pollutant response. It was shown that the majority of studied oilfield drilled sludges were nontoxic and slightly toxic. It was concluded that biological methods of drilled sludges eco-toxicity control are important supplement to instrumental chemical research methods.

Keywords: drilled sludges, ecotoxicity, biotesting, class of hazard, pollutants.