Abstracts. № 3, 2013 year
Taymanov R., Sapozhnikova K. (e-mail: taymanov@vniim.ru)

«Measurement» and concepts related to it. Present State and Prospects of Development

Some proposals with regard to the development of a new edition of the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM) are given. They concern definitions of such terms as «measurement», «quantity», «nominal quantity», etc. included in the VIM3. A necessity to correct these concepts is justified.

Keywords: VIM, measurements, quantity, nominal quantity.

Fetisov A., Cherkashina G. (e-mail: Aleksandr.Fetisov@emerson.com)

Challenges of Pressure Measurement

The article provides an overview of current pressure transmitters design and prospects of further development.

Keywords: pressure transmitter, measuring unit, capacity cell, capsule, wireless communication protocols, new design for measuring unit.