Abstracts. № 3, 2012 year
Nosenko L.F., Gaba A.M., Pirog V.P., Semchevsky A.K. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Experience of coulometric hygrometers on the main natural gas pipeline

Results of operation coulometric hygrometers «Baikal-2VM» with the block of gas conditioning БПГ-2 on the main pipeline of natural gas are presented. Possibility of application of the specified products for measurement of humidity of natural gas is confirmed at pressure from 3,0 to 5,0 MPa and dew-point on water from a –10 to a –40 °С.

Keywords: coulometric hygrometer, a moisture volume fraction, dew-point temperature on water, combustible natural gas, a moisture content.

Abramov K.V., Sophieva U.N. (e-mail: kabramov@mail.ru)

The development of invariant control system of distillation process

The absence of continuous analyzers of compositions, the complexity of configuring systems containing analyzers in their control loops, multiply and the large inertia of distillation process makes it almost impossible to use autonomous systems for control of industrial objects and it require using of open-loop process control systems. In this article was considering the problem of designing of invariant control systems of distillation column with the actual conditions of work and the indirect method of controlling the mass transfer on regime parameters.

Keywords: distillation, control, design, invariant system.

Timoshenkov S.P., Anchutin S.A., Kochurina E.S., Golovan A.S., Maksimov V.N., Timoshenkov A.S. (e-mail: kochurinaes@gmail.com)

Automated micromechanical angular rate sensor test rig design

The article introduces a description of the automated micromechanical angular rate sensor test rig. Specimen characteristics, obtained by testing on the rig, are given.

Keywords: microsystem technics, micromechanical angular rate sensor, testing, automated test rig design.

Novikov I.I., RoshchupkinV.V., Pokrasin M.A., Lyakhovitskiy M.M., Chernov A.I., Penkin A.G., Sobol N.L., A.G. Koltsov (e-mail: pokrasin@gmail.com)

The acoustic and acoustic-emission methods for structural steels physico-mechanical properties research

The description of original methods and experimental setups to study the vtlocity and ultrasonic attenuation in solids over a wide temperature range, as well as acoustic-emission studies, is given. The capacibilites of these methods to study the physical and mechanical properties are shown on the example of structural steels.

Keywords: ultrasonic velocity, attenuation coefficient, relative thermal expansion, acoustic emission.

Shilin A.N., Strijichenko A.V. (e-mail: eltech@vstu.ru)

Lumber humidity control device, based on optical and dielcometrical modes of operation

Lumber humidity control device on production line with digital indication is proposed. The device is based on optical and dielcometrical humidity measurement methods. Irregularity of humidity by material depth determines indirectly by measuring results.

Keywords: humidity control, optical and dielcometrical measurement methods.