Abstracts. 2, 2017 year
Bogomolov Y.A. (e-mail: bogy7@yandex.ru)

Measures and measurement techniques in the Federal Law On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measures

The following article covers the issues of practical application of the Federal Law of 2008 On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measures. The Federal Law differs from its 1993 edition as it has a number of new provisions. In order to reduce the level of government regulations the Federal Law uses measurements that have set mandatory requirements. Measurements are being monitored by the Federal state metrological supervision. New provisions introduced some complexities in determining the range of measuring means that have to be verified. The conclusion of the article contains suggestions on how to solve the problem.

Keywords: measurement, measuring instrument, measurement result, error of a measuring instrument, measurement accuracy, accuracy class, uniformity of measurement.

Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Application of the P-theorem for analysis of the relationship obtained for Coriolis flowmeters

Method of Coriolis for measuring flow rate and quantity of gases and liquids are some of the promising methods that implement the playback unit mass flow. Therefore ways to increase their accuracy and reliability play an important role for science and technology. As part of this work presents the results of the use of P-theorem to analyze the relationships between flow transducer design parameters, as well as the derivation of relations that establish the relationship between these parameters and indicators that measure the flow. The paper also analyzed the material flow measurement uncertainties.

Keywords: Coriolis flowmeter, P-theorem, accuracy, quantity, flow rate.

Akhobadze G.N. (e-mail: ahogur@yandex.ru)

Measurement of Oxygen Concentration in Gas Mixture

Principles of designing devices for measuring oxygen concentration in a gas mixture are proposed. They are based on the heat exchanging process between a gas mixture and the environment. Interactions between sensing elements and a gas mixture are studied with account of mixture thermal conductivity and convection. Analytic dependences of the parameter controlled on the characteristics of a two-component gas mixture are shown. The field of application of the measuring devices is given.

Keywords: mixture, oxygen, thermal conductivity, heat exchange, component, measuring chamber, volume, convection.

Sherov A.G. (e-mail: d.ahmedjonov@mail.ru)

Water meter device

The article presents the analysis of the growing scarcity of water resources, with a view to economical and effective use of water, the authors developed water meter device for recording expenditures and volumes of water to control irrigation systems and farms.

Keywords: section, measuring tray, device, water meter, flow, pressure, level, precision, technique, batten, model, program, formula, controller, channel, fixed channel, weir, Chipoletti, Thomson.

Alchagirov B.B., Dyshekova F.F., Kokov Z.A. (e-mail: alchg@kbsu.ru)

Automated setup for measurement of rapid changes in surface tension of liquid metal alloys and their contact angle with solid surfaces

An automated setup with the original integrated device SigmaDrop was designed, implemented and tested for measuring rapid changes in surface tension of liquid metal alloys and their contact angles with structural materials in the presence of absorption processes and phase transitions, using the sessile drop method.

Keywords: liquid metal and alloys, structural steels, sessile drop method, surface tension, wettability, rapid changes, the automated experimental setup, temperature, vacuum, gaseous atmosphere, the digital image, computer.

Cheburakhin I.N., Timakov S.V. (e-mail: kiara99@inbox.ru)

Automated information-measuring system for batch pulse-current stabilization of thin-film strain gauges

The principles of construction of a fully automated system for batch pulse-current handling thin film resistors. Describes the block diagram and algorithm of the system. The sequence of operations for stabilizing and adjusting the resistance of the strain gages. The use of the developed system simplifies the setup of sensors increases their temperature stability and reduces the complexity of their manufacture.

Keywords: tensoresistor, stabilization, trimming, batch pulse-current handling.

Pautkin V.E., Abdullin F.A. (e-mail: farhad_58@mai.ru)

The effect of chemical pre-treatment on the morphology of etched silicon surface in potassium hydroxide solution

It describes the effect of chemical pretreatment on the quality of the plates etched silicon surface in an alkaline etchant solution of potassium hydroxide KOH. Application of chemical pretreatment of silicon wafers in the ammonia-peroxide mixture leads to quality improvement etched silicon surface, characterized by the absence of local etch surface of etching pits, which in turn leads to improved characteristics of the elastic elements are formed of micromechanical devices. Using an optical microscope photos of etched surfaces obtained samples wafer past various processing steps to prepare etching.

Keywords: elastic element, a photomask, anisotropic etching, thermal oxidation, segregation of impurity, strain energy.

Reut A.I., Korneev R.A., Ataeva A.I. (e-mail: reutvi@yandex.ru)

Device for flow distribution though an outlet pipe bundle

The article features a technical solution proposed by FGUP VNIIR for the suppression of pressure fluctuations in a compressible or incompressible liquid flow and pressure stabilization which result in a stable flow rate along the flow section constituting a prerequisite for homogeneous flow distribution under pressure along an outlet pipe bundle in pipeline transportation systems in various sectors of national economy, particularly flow metering, where it is used for verification of working measuring instruments for liquid or gas flow rate in the process of input flow distribution into several flows with an individual flow meter provided for each flow, and transfer of the total reference flow rate value to a flow meter verified by input flow rate.

Keywords: fluctuation suppressor, stabilizer, stabilization, pressure, flow rate.

Kondakov A.V., Ismailova R.N., Akhmetshina I.I., Bikkulov V.Sh., Frometa Planche I. (e-mail: avkondakov@rambler.ru)

The influence of water quality on the metrological characteristics of the State special etalon of the length unit (level) 1-th digit in the range from 0,01 to 20 m

The description of the structure and metrological characteristics of the State special standard unit of length (level) of the 1st grade in the range of 0,01...20 m.

Keywords: standard, level measurement, water, verification.

Firstov V.G. (e-mail: firstov.vg@yandex.ru)

Monitoring, cataloguing and management of measuring equipment for scientific issledovaniy

The analysis of the programs of modernization and innovative development of technological economy, which showed that their target efficiency and economic are largely determined by the condition of the park of measuring equipment and the validity of the selection of modern measuring technology. It is shown that for this problem, the developed information-analytical system of cataloging products for scientific research. The main characteristics and capabilities of this system. It is shown that with the help of information-analytical system of management, (network-centric system), can use the global computer network for communication of developers and users with a database of information about the exploited, manufactured and developed tools to measure, control and measuring devices, testing and diagnostic equipment. It is expected that the use of such a system of management in the selection, development, examination of instruments for scientific studies will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of economic efficiency and target effectiveness of technological economy.

Keywords: instruments, information-analytical systems, network-centric management, the metrological and normative guarantee.

Kargapol'tsev V., Mickiewicz A., Kargapol'tsev V. (e-mail: rks-energo@bk.ru)

New requirements for verification of liquids flowmeters

Normative documents that define requirements for the verification of measuring instruments before and after 2015 Regulations for Metrology PR 50.2.006-94 and Order 1815 of Industry and Trade Ministry on July 2, 2015 differ significantly in terms of the definition of measuring ranges, which should be carried out verification. Stricter requirements for verification leads to the need to increase the maximum reproducible consumptions of calibration rigs used in the verification of flow meters and liquid counters as the volume flow gauges. Available in most regions of Russia calibration rigs for the most part do not provide the requirements of the Order 1815, therefore important task of instrumentation industry has development and production of large-capacity calibration rigs.

Keywords: metrology, verification, flow meter, liquid counter, measurement.

Kluyev V.V., Matveev V.I., Artemyev I.B. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

International forum and exhibition All-over-IP

The article is devoted to a brief description of the exhibition by means of CCTV technology and All-over-IP, widely used in practice, especially in the areas of safety and security. A comparative analysis of the proposed major equipment companies-participants of the event and examples of progressive technical solutions. The tendency of development of services for the transmission, storage and analysis of video data, including cloud computing. The main trend of the exhibition was a massive rejection of the analog video and the transition to digital technology. Many participants in working towards improving the anti-terrorist protection, to prevent theft and to ensure technological security created and presented on the stands of integrated systems including video surveillance, storage, archiving, analysis and alerting personnel of unusual activities on protected sites.

Keywords: exhibition, participants, video surveillance, advanced solutions, integrated systems, the IP technology network.