Abstracts. 2, 2015 year
Pastukhov E.G., Chernov L.A. (e-mail: tabulyator@rambler.ru)

Selective Eddy-Current Metal-Detector

There was developed selective eddy-current metal-detector with optimized excitation impulse field, being able not only to detect electro conductive objects, but to evaluate the following properties with minute influence of environment: object material, magnetic properties, geometrical dimensions and relational placement.

Keywords: conductive object, eddy-current metal-detector, trapezoid excitation, magnetic properties.

Mukhurov N.I., Denisuk S.V., Kudanovich A.M., Kolesnik E.E. (e-mail: n.mukhurov@ifanbel.bas-net.by)

The chemical sensor with two work areas

Construction the chemical sensor with two work areas formed on a substrate of anodic alumina. Work areas separated from the array substrate by openings, and are heated to different temperatures from a single source voltage. Having two local areas with different operating temperatures allows thin-film sensors with same composition detect different gases. Construction is characterized by low power consumption and improved thermomechanical stability. The sensor allows selective detection of gases using temperature peaks of sensitivity.

Keywords: chemical gas sensor, the sensitive element, two work areas, anodic alumina, selectivity.

Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Isothermical errors of gas flow measurement

The paper considers the model of isothermal flow of natural gas and the transformation function of differential pressure flow meter caused by this kind of flow. Derivation of the equations for the coefficient of expansion of the orifice device. Calculated the value of the measurement error flow rate when not adiabatic flow.

Keywords: accuracy, flow, differential pressure, flow meters.

Bychkov I.N., Ryabtsev Y.S., Vorobyev .S. (e-mail: bychkov_i@ineum.ru)

Test bench for examination and rating of multi-core processors

This paper describes well approved design solutions implemented in the proposed test bench for examination and rating of multi-core processors. Such test bench is designed for eight-core processor with power consumption more than 100 W. The main component of the test bench is a motherboard which supports up to four processors with non-uniform memory access (NUMA). Each processor is installed in a socket which based on elastomer.

Keywords: multi-core processor, multiprocessor system, IC rating, IC test bench.

Skatov P.N., Myakushev K.V. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)

Computer simulation eddy current magnetic defectoscopy of steel objects with real properties inspection metal

Eddy current magnetic defectoscopy method based on the change of magnetic properties of ferromagnetic metal in the zone of the defect under the influence of a constant magnetic field and the registration of these changes on the scanned surface of the eddy current probe. For correct simulation of the electromagnetic interaction of the eddy current probe with metal, magnetic constant-ness of the magnetic field must be set according to changes affecting eddy current signal of the magnetic properties of the metal from the magnetizing field strength. In this work we present the results of theoretical and experimental studies relevant dependencies and shows an example of computer simulation using them for eddy current-magnetic inspection of the pipes.

Keywords: eddy current testing, magnetic testing, combined method, the magnetic properties of the metal.

Savchenko E.G., Stuchebnikov V.M., Ustinov A.A. (e-mail: seg@midaus.com)

Hysteresis in pressure transducers based on structures Silicon-on-Sapphire

Some hysteresis phenomena in pressure transducers based on structures Silicon on Sapphire are considered and methods of their reduction are discussed. The comparison of hysteresis effects from pressure and temperature in standard pressure transdusers and devices in which the sensitive element is connected with titanium membrane by amorphous titanium-based solder is carried out. Benefits of this technology are shown.

Keywords: pressure transducer, structure Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS), amorphous solder, pressure hysteresis, temperature hysteresis, X-ray fluorescence analysis, microhardness.

Gurin S.A. (e-mail: teslananoel@rambler.ru)

Processing methods of increasing pressure sensors thin film stability

The technology of obtaining a sensitive element of a pressure sensor based on thin film heterogeneous structures has been examined. The main causes of internal residual thermomechanical stresses and their impact on the stability of metrological parameters of sensor in the process of manufacturing and use have been determined. Constructive-technological solutions on elimination of the influence of thermal stresses arising in the process of manufacturing and testing have been presented.

Keywords: thermomechanical stresses, thin film structure, manufacturing technology, sensitive elements, stability.

Larionov V.A. (e-mail: larionov1953@mail.ru)

The optimal choice of temperature for the calibration of the sensor

A method of determining the optimal set of temperature sensor calibration with an embedded microcontroller. The method is based on the use of weighted uniform approximation of the inverse transform function of the sensor.

Keywords: calibration, sensor, uniform approximation, inverse transformation function.

Popov Yu.V. (e-mail: tov_popov@rambler.ru)

Processing of the flight information registered by onboard devices of registration

Clause is devoted to consideration of system of processing of the flight information registered by onboard registrars. Problems which are solved with the help of the flight information are given. It is shown, that intellectual processing is the basic. At intellectual processing by the flight information occurs increases of volume and a variety of the information.

Keywords: the onboard registrar, the flight information, the parametrical information, the sound information, the videoinformation, processing of the information.