Abstracts. № 2, 2014 year
Shkatov P.N., Mostyaev I.V. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)

Eddy current flaw detection-non-magnetic conducting objects of complex shape with the use of magnetic fluid

The work is devoted to research possibilities of the eddy-current incorporate magnetic fluid to identify in nonmagnetic conducting complex-form objects, defects located on the back side on the surface being scanned.

Keywords: eddy current testing, magnetic liquid, defectoscopy.

Dmitriev A.V., Yurin A.I., Krasivskaya M.I. (e-mail: alikjan@yandex.ru)

Fiber-optical vibroacceleration sensor

Principles of construction of vibroacceleration sensors based on fiber-optical displacement transducers with external modulation. Designed the layout of fiber-optical accelerometer and tested according to the elaborated methodology.

Keywords: fiber optic sensor, vibroacceleration measurement, optical fiber.

Maiorov E.E., Prokopenko V.T., Ushveridze L.A. (e-mail: majorov_ee@mail.ru)

Study of ultraviolet spectrophotometer (λ = 200...400 nm) and its components

The ultraviolet spectrometer for the analysis of solid and liquid-phase objects is considered in this paper, and researches components of the device are performed as well. Cells for the study of liquid-phase objects in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum (λ = 200...400 nm) are selected, and their transmission spectra are obtained. The results of the calibration instrument wavelength scale by three characteristic lines are given. For calibration of the scale unit ultraviolet glass series UFS were investigated. Spectral characteristics of glasses UFS showed that the convergence of the experimental and calculated dependences of T(λ) is not worse than 0,05 %.

Keywords: spectrophotometer, polychromator, diffraction grating, cell, transmittance, Rowland circle.

Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Application of ring diffuser with a fairing as a transducer of gas flow

This paper shows the problem of application of the ring diffuser as a transducer of gas flow. This choice is due to the known characteristics of persistence and loss of any value of the relative length at different degrees of expansion for this device. In the paper, the characteristics of the discharge coefficient of flow meters for variable differential pressure expansion device of this type.

Keywords: flow meter, diffusor, flow rate, natural gas, quantity, accuracy.

Alexeev S., Danshin A., Reuk V. (e-mail: reukvg@mail.ru)

Position sensor

To ensure the efficient and safe operation of the plants, drilling platforms and pipelines, especially at high temperatures and under high pressure, a very important condition is to identify and display the position of moving parts designs and regulating devices.

Keywords: position indicator, linear movements, magnetic contact, control of movement.

Kiselev М.I., Pronyakin V.I. (e-mail: vip-u@yandex.ru)

Perspectives of power industry of Russia

The concept of increasing operational reliability of power industry of Russia step-by-step implementation the systems of precision measuring and computing predicting monitoring of technical condition and emergency protection generating and ancillary equipment at first on separate power plants, then – regional electrical power complexes and, at last, – National system of protection of power industry is offered.
The basis of a technical solution a problem is made developed in MSTU named after Bauman by embeddable phase-chronometric complexes.
This problem is typical for many developed countries, including in part by the United States, where the market reform of the national electricity industries has led to the widespread deterioration non-renewable equipment, including – and generating!
This problem is typical for many developed countries, including in part by the United States, where the market reform of the national electricity industries has led to the widespread deterioration non-renewable equipment, including – the generating!
So, only burst in the USA (the State of California, August 2003) the electrical power crisis which has entailed losses to 20 bln. dollars and the deficit of the electric power about 5-6 GW, forced the Administration of this country to enter the standards which are safely protecting national power industry from destructive market conversions.

Keywords: power industry, market, crisis, technical condition, forecast, accident, protection, phase-chronometry.

Mulev Yu.V., Mulev M.Yu., Mikhailin S.G., Yepikhina G.E. (e-mail: mulev@mail.ru)

Electrocontact (signalling) pressure gauges explosion-proof version

Presented electrocontact(signalling) gauge pressure measuring instruments in hazardous environments. Special attention in the article is devoted to intrinsically safe circuits.

Keywords: pressure measurement, electrocontact pressure gauge, intrinsically circuit, explosion protection, electrical equipment, alerter.

Podvigalkin V.Ya. (e-mail: podvigalkin@yandex.ru)

Modelling nanostructure of mediums tolstoys of films of passive devices of micromaking ups

In operation possibility of application of an analogue method of a small disturbing body for definition of differential performances of quasi-static (static) electric fields in nanosized mediums of thick-film resistors and electrical condensers of micromakingups is shown. Modelling nanostructure mediums of thick films of passive devices of micromakingups on the basis of boundary-value problems featured by means of the automodelling equation of Laplace is offered. It is revealed on a bottom предложеной theories of a method of a small disturbing body and the observational measurings that it is possible not only to calculate, but also to measure field builders by a frequency modulated expedient. The satisfactory consent of settlement and observational values is scored.

Keywords: an analogue method, modelling of physical fields, nanostructuremedium, a thick film, a disturbing body, differential performances, an electrodynamic field.

Ivannikov D.A. (e-mail: office@skbriap.ru)

Complexes radio control systems for the security of information channels and environmental monitoring

The urgency of creating systems for safety information channels and environmental monitoring. A brief overview of the products of JSC «SKB RIAP» – tools for measuring electromagnetic fields and complexes based on them.

Keywords: electromagnetic fields, electronic masking, electromagnetic compatibility, measurement of electromagnetic fields, emission, complex radio monitoring, environmental monitoring.

Mordasov D.M., Mordasov M.M. (e-mail: dmmordasov@rambler.ru)

Pneumometric control of specific volume of a solid phase of heterogeneous materials

The construction of pneumometric measurement device for solid phase heterogeneous materials density control considered. The static characteristic of device is obtained, in which excluding the influence the volume of the measuring chamber on the results. Given the results of experimental studies.

Keywords: heterogeneous material, pneumometric method, measurement device, the apparent density, specific volume.

Kondratiev E.M. (e-mail: ekon@rambler.ru)

Electrostatic fixing at division of semiconductor plates into crystals

The electrostatic table compatible to domestic installation of the cutting УР.ПДП-150 is designed. The electrostatic table is intended for replacement of a vacuum table in this installation.

Keywords: semiconductor plate, division, disk cutting, electrostatic fixing.