Abstracts. 2, 2013 year
Barinov I., Volkov V. (e-mail: mzungu@inbox.ru)

Pressure sensor element with polycrystalline silicone strain gages optimization

The article cites describes use of polycrystalline silicone mesa strain gages for pressure sensors. The new sensor element construction, improving characteristics, is described.

Keywords: pressure sensor, strain gauge, polycrystalline silicone, mesa structure.

Pokrovskiy A.D., Khvostov A.A. (e-mail: pokrovskiy@mail.com)

Microprocessor eddy-current device with a USB interface

The article describes the realization of microprocessor eddy-current device, which connects to the computer via USB and affordable. It is equipped with software that allows to select the operating frequency for eddy-current sensor, gain, as well as send output signals of eddy-current sensor to the computer screen in the complex plane.

Keywords: eddy-current sensor, microprocessor, USB, complex plane, frequency conversion, hodograph.

Volkov V.Y., Kleimenov .., Sakharov B.V., Vikharev Y.., Burashev V.V., Shabalin P.A. (e-mail: volkovobolensk@mail.ru)

NMR relaxometer-analyser Proton 20M. Part 2. New opportunities for process control and research

Method for measuring amplitudes of the FID and the echo signals in a single cycle of multi-pulse sequences like KPMG with increasing intervals between 180-pulses is proposed. This method reduces the total number of 180 pulses and avoids the heating of the sample and the saturation of the spin system by reducing the value of RF power absorbed by the sample during the experiment. This improves the accuracy of determining the relative amplitudes of the components by reducing the effects of the instability the resonance conditions, the gain of the receiver and the baseline drift that affect the result in the separate measurement and processing of the FID and echo signals.

Keywords: TD-NMR, relaxation, FID, spin-echo, CPMG multi-pulse sequence, Proton 20M.

Popov G. (e-mail: krugpg@yandex.ru)

The efficiency increase of the monitoring algorithms of the technical condition of the gas pipelines compressing stations

In article effective algorithms of processing of the measuring data collected during monitoring of the technical parameters of potentially-dangerous objects , on an example of the decision of a problem of timely detection of signs of preemergencies occurrence at the gas pipelines compressing stations are considered.

Keywords: monitoring, algorithms, compressing stations, gas pipelines, intelligence classifier, neural networks.

Ivanov V.E., Levenets A.V., Chye En Un (e-mail: ivanov72@list.ru)

Simple reconfigurable routing protocol for sensor networks for the limited computing resources

The paper describes the implementation of a simple routing protocol for wireless networks. The algorithm is optimized for the conditions of the limited hardware and software resources of the microcontroller device. This protocol can be used in wireless networks with a small number of stations and hard-coded user-route structure. The advantage of the protocol is the ease of implementation, reliability and flexibility to adapt to the task at hand.

Keywords: wireless network, route protocol.

Shveykin A.L. (e-mail: shveykin_al@meta.ua)

Possibility instrumental determination of temperatures of phase transitions of components of natural gas

The method of determination thermodynamics terms equilibrium is described phase transitions components entering in the complement of gases. Short-story description of construction of measuring device, realizing the offered method, and methods of lead through of measuring is presented.

Keywords: temperature of dew point hydrates of natural gas, condensation surface, phase equilibrium, narrowing a device.

Vostrukhin A.V., Vakhtina E.. (e-mail: avostrukhin@ya.ru)

Microcontroller Measurement Converter with using for an equilibration the Wheatstone Bridge by a method of Pulse-width Modulation

Resistances microcontroller measurement converter of the resistive sensor into a binary code is considered. An equilibration process of the Wheatstone bridge circuit with using the built into a microcontroller of the pulse-width modulator and the analogue comparator in the converter is realized.

Keywords: microcontroller, measuring converter, resistance, the resistive sensor, the pulse-width modulator, the analogue comparator, a binary code.

A.A. Minina, E.I. Tsvetkov (e-mail: aaminina@mail.ru)

Measuring length of local signals in the presence of additive noise

Considered features of local signals measurements. Formed general problem. Researched possibilities of the proposed approach to measuring the duration of the local signal. Illustrative examples are given to the implementation of metrological analysis using simulation.

Keywords: the local signal, the measurement of the duration of the signal, metrological analysis, simulation, measurement equations, the errors of the first and second kind, the signal-noise ratio.

Tsyss D.G., Shulepov A.V. (e-mail: dtsyss@gmail.com)

Methods and measuring instruments to control parameters of quality of adhesive thin polyethyleneterephthalate films

The article is considered the problem of quality control of adhesive joints of thin polietelentereftalate films. Particular attention is paid to the control of an industrial production by optical means. The problem of constructing a measuring system based on a computerized microscope is considered at the article.

Keywords: measurement, computerization microscope, method of control, polyethyleneterephthalate film, computer image processing.

Akhobadze G.N. (e-mail: aspir@ipu.rssi.ru)

Inspection of Powder Grain-Size Composition Based on Microcontroller Processing

Approach to determination of powder grain-size composition is proposed. Applicability of the centimeters radiation for estimation of particle diameter by using its scattering cross-section is demonstrated. Results obtained in experimental studies on behavior of the signal reflected from dielectric particles and electrically conductive ones are presented. Feasibility of using microcontroller processing of a particle information signal is shown.

Keywords: radiation, particle, frequency, reflected signal, polarization, size, modeling, amplitude

Potehin S.P., Zikov V.F. (e-mail: npketalon@mail.ru)

The use of platinum thermocouples in the glass industry

The article describes the experience of the development of platinum thermocouples and basic operational factors that must be considered in the production of modern high temperature measuring devices to improve the quality of measurements and increase product durability.

Keywords: platinum thermocouples , ceramic protective tube, thermoelectrodes.

Goncharov V.A., Volkova A.M. (e-mail: nio7@list.ru)

Metrological support for research of magnetodielectric characteristics of the absorbers ultrashort radiowaves

Theoretical basis of indirect measurements of the complex permittivity and magnetic permeability for any material are considered. Random and systematic measurement error of the parameters of magnetodielectric composites are analyzed. These composites as absorbers of radio waves for ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of microwave devices and appliances are used. Characteristics of the absorber radiowaves SKTN-80 on the basis silicone rubber are measured.

Keywords: composites, electromagnetic compatibility, algorithm Nicolson-Ross, material parameters, coefficient of the transmittance, measurement accuracy.