Abstracts. № 2, 2011 year
Akhobadze G.N. (e-mail: ahogur@yandex.ru)

Utilization of Centimeter and Millimeter Radiation for Measurement of Moisture Content in Petroleum Products

The principles for construction of devices for measuring high moisture content in petroleum products are proposed. The devices are based on using characteristics of the centimeter and millimeter wavelength bands. The comparison between experimental results and theoretical ones of moisture content studies is given.

Keywords: moisture content, petroleum product, wave, reflection, amplitude, attenuation, stream, radiation power.

Taburov D.Y. (e-mail: vsleptsjv@gmail.com)
The basic mathematical problems of increase of efficiency of information-measuring and operating systems of the flexible automated manufactures

In article questions of optimization of distribution of information resources of information-measuring and operating systems of the flexible automated manufacture by various criteria of quality – a maximum of probability of the decision of all problems, a minimum of time of the decision of all problems and a minimum of the information circulating in system are considered.

Keywords: optimization, information-measuring and operating systems, the flexible automated manufacture, probability, model, network.

Kovalev S.V. (e-mail: ksv.ipu@bk.ru)
Information-analytical methods for quality control and production processes and systems company

This article focuses on the integrated use of management of technological and production processes include the following: the primary information collection, aggregation, estimation process stability and, where appropriate, the formation and the Trustees.

Keywords: information and analytical methods of management, management of technological processes, production management and quality systems products.

Semenov E.I., Sedletskaya S.E., Kizimov A.T., Chernikov V.D. (e-mail: root@rgata.ru)
Model of deposition rate control system in electron beam evaporation process

In article is reported model of electron beam deposition control system including evapora-tion channel model, electron impact emission spectroscopy sensor and discrete regulator. Model operates at MATLAB/Simulink system and make possible to find a proper deposition rate control law for any material by input material’s characteristics in model. Model control curves and really evaporation process data are presented.

Keywords: electron-beam evaporation, control, deposition rate, electron impact emission spectroscopy sensor.

Kondratenko V. S., Borissovsky V.Y., Sorokin A.V. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)
New technology laser parallel thermocracking of fragile materials

The work is devoted to development of new technology laser parallel termocracking (LPT) of fragile not metal materials. The mathematical model of process LPT is described. The results of experimental researches allowing to establish interrelation between the basic parameters of process LPT are resulted.

Keywords: laser parallel thermocracking, glass, temperature pressure.